Xiaomi Portable Blenders Affordable Rechargeable & Effective | 2022

Do you want to know how cool Xiaomi portable blenders lineup is? Let me explain with the help of a detailed review article featuring portable blenders lineup. In this article, we have reviewed the popular most blenders from Xiaomi lineup.

Fresh fruits and vegetable juices are best for detoxification and anti-ageing. Fruits and vegetables intake in any form helps a lot to boost immunity. The easiest way to consume fruits and vegetables is in the form of juices. So a good juicer can help you get healthy. Good immunity can help a lot to fight pandemics.

Fruits and vegetable intake is an easy and best way to purify the whole body. It gets boring to have salads and fruits all the time. However, it’s easy to consume fruits and vegetables in the form of fresh juices. Juices and shakes are vitamin-rich, delicious, and makes us feel healthy and energetic. With the help of a good portable blender, we can try many delicious and healthy recipes.

Xiaomi smart blender series is a perfect choice for making instant juices. It can be very useful for fitness geeks and bodybuilders. If you want to get rid of eating tasteless boiled chicken and vegetables then find a healthy and tasty alternative.

How useful Xiaomi portable blenders are?

Juices, shakes and smoothies are the best alternatives to tasteless low-calorie diet. There is a lengthy list of portable blenders but we have picked the ones with best reviews. Xiaomi blenders sits perfect in good performance personal blender category. It’s easier than ever to make frozen fruit smoothies at your workplace within 30-40 seconds. Thanks to the compact design and innovative technology that enables us to enjoy salad dressings, juices, sauces and shakes at outdoors.

You’ll find good quality material, smart technology, compact design, and portability in the latest compact blenders. The blenders enable great portability because of non-edgy compact design that fits anywhere. Instead of pouring the shake just replace the lid and enjoy without further delay. One can easily enjoy shakes from bottle container during driving as they nicely fit in cup holders.

Heavy-duty full-size blenders nicely fit in our Kitchens but for office cabin we need a compact solution. The kitchen blender’s cumbersome design doesn’t allow us to use them for personal use. That’s why we need a portable design. We can make our favorite smoothie recipes while relaxing on the beach or during office break. We can place them in car cup holders. Thanks to the precisely tight cup lids that don’t cause any spillage.

We have tried to enlist the blenders with the best reviews and affordable price tags. Indeed the portable blender lineup is a blessing for fitness enthusiasts. They can enjoy silky-smooth bubble-free pre and post-workout protein shakes in the gym. Let’s dive deep and learn valuable specs in this review article.

Image Product Name Features Price
1-XIAOMI-MIJIA-VIOMI-Blender-Electric-Kitchen-Mixer-Juicer-Fruit-Cup-Small-Portable-mini-Food-Processor-45.jpg_q50 XIAOMI MIJIA VIOMI Blender
Out of the box design, Perfect for gym, BPA free plastic, High RPM motor
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2-Xiaomi-Viomi-350ml-Portable-Electric-Juicer XIAOMI MIJIA QCOOKER CD-BL01
Premium build, Metallic finishing, easy to clean, Raw power
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3-XIAOMI-MIJIA-17PIN-Star-Fruit-Cup-Small-Portable-blender-Juicer-mixer-food-processor-400ML-Magnetic-charging.jpg_q50 XIAOMI MIJIA 17PIN Star Fruit Cup Small Portable blender
Metallic charging port, extremely portable, High quality promised, long lasting material
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4-XIAOMI-MIJIA-Pinlo-Blender XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender USB charging, Smart technology, Easy to wash, Power failure protection system Check Price
5-Xiaomi-Viomi-350ml-Portable-Electric-Juicer Xiaomi Viomi 350ml Portable Electric Juicer high RPM, Best for office use, good Long lasting battery, Works efficiently. Check Price



  1. Compact and feather light
  2. Robust Motor and battery
  3. Best quality material
  4. Stainless steel blades assembly
  5. One button mechanism and smart technology

compact yet capable

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Compact and feather light

Enjoy vitamin-rich drinks in office cabin with super-compact Viomi blender. Make your favorite juice just within 45 seconds. Lightweight and compact design makes it an easy fit for small places. It weighs around 350 grams which is very light for a blender. It has 200×70 mm height and width so you can easily take it in your purse or bag. Xiaomi Miljia Viomi has 86% five-star reviews. Because of compact design and good features we can call it one of the best among Xiaomi portable blenders. The cup container contains 350 ml capacity.

Motor and battery

A 2000 mAh battery powers Mijia compact blender that produces enough torque to shred the fruits in bits. A single recharge can prepare 15 cups of juice which is an impressive number. Mijia blender is perfect for preparing soft baby food. The blender motor doesn’t feel to be less powerful as it generates 14500 RPMs. The blender contains USB charging that makes it easy to charge. USB charging sets you free from finding electric plugs. It enables to charge the blender in car.

Best quality material

The bottom console contains high-quality plastic ensuring good service life. The cup container contains Tritan plastic which is strong and nontoxic. It means we can prepare baby food without any issue. Tritan plastic is BPA free so it poses no threat to health. Good quality makes it the best portable blender to rely on.

Blades Assembly

The blades assembly contains high quality 304 stainless steel which is safe to make daily smoothies. 304 stainless steel contains no magnetic interference with the motor’s magnetic field while making it ideal for fast spinning. 4 leaf blades contain 2 types of blades shape to handle a variety of stuff. The sharp blades are best for cutting and chopping soft ingredients. On the other hand pointed edges blades are best for breaking, crushing, and grinding.

One button mechanism and smart tech

The blender contains a single button operation while making it very easy to operate. The button contains an LED color ring that denotes safety status. Smart technology enables maximum safety. In case the bottle container is not properly locked with the cup container then the motor will not start running. If you are blending and suddenly open the cup container then the motor will stop working automatically while ensuring safety.


  • Compact design.
  • 14500 RPM..
  • 2000 mAh battery.
  • Quiet blending.
  • Long lasting material.
  • Tritan container cup.
  • Maximum safety.


  • Try to avoid filling a container with hot water.
  • Small capacity.



  1. Powerful and portable
  2. Long-lasting build
  3. Omni role capability
  4. Triple interlocking
  5. An extra cup container

xiaomi portable blender

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Powerful portable solution

Xiaomi Miljia mixer and blender is a good choice in a portable size. It weighs 1.32 kg and comes with 2 glass containers with 300 and 600 ml capacity. The quick 8 second blending is the standout feature of the blender. Miljia Q cooker has 91 percent 5 star reviews. Thanks to the robust motor that makes it easy to crush ice and tough ingredients. Four leaf sharp edge stainless steel blades are perfect for ice powdering.

Turbo mode ability enables to make delicious juice in less as 8 seconds. Turbo mode is good for crushing ice and making frozen fruit smoothies. The motor contains less than 750-watt power but it gets the job done. It can easily squeeze your favorite fruit to a fine and vitamin-rich juice. The attributes of Miljia Qcooker makes it a best Xiaomi portable blender for protein shakes in gym.

Long-lasting quality

Thanks to the premium build that doesn’t look old even with frequent use. Thick copper wind motor produces adequate torque and power that shreds and squeeze your favorite fruit to find juice. A premium quality stainless steel body with an elegant surface doesn’t catch the fingerprint that gives premium look. The blades head contains 304 stainless steel that doesn’t bother to crush and hard ingredients like black pepper seeds.

Omni role capability

The blender’s powerful motor in the compact design makes it one of the best among other Xiaomi portable blenders. Normally portable size blenders serve best to make smoothies, kale, and salad dressings. It sounds good that we don’t expect them to make powdery fine grinding because of a small motor. Surprisingly this beast can pulverize hard materials while making it a perfect player for the Omni role. It promises diversity that can handle hard soft and medium ingredients.  It comes with 2 cup containers and we can use the smaller one for grinding and chopping purposes.

Triple interlocking

Triple interlocking technology ensures leak-free locking that creates a perfect lock while anchoring the bottom. Interlocking technology ensures complete safety. If the cup container is not properly locked then the motor won’t spin. Similarly, if someone unlocks the cup container by mistake the blades will stop promptly. Better the lock technology better is the locking and anchoring providing better power delivery to the blades.

The package contains

The package contains a premium motor console that lets the magic happen. Along with the motor, there are 2 cup containers with 300 and 600 ml capacity.  The cup containers diversify the usage scope of the blender. The jars come with 2 lids. Replace the lid and you can easily use the container like a bottle. A thorough manual guide is also present in the package if anyone is curious enough to know more.


  • Smart design.
  • Premium build, anti-slip metal finishing.
  • 2x cup containers.
  • BPA free plastic containers.
  • One key switch design.
  • Easy to wash and clean.
  • 1.2 m long cable.


  • Narrow cup containers.
  • We need to cut ingredients into small pieces due to narrowness.

3 XIAOMI MIJIA 17PIN Star Fruit Cup Small Portable blender 


  1. Innovative technology
  2. Compact
  3. Magnetic charging port
  4. Nimble design
  5. Easy to clean

smart tech xiaomi blender
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Innovation promised

Xiaomi has taken portable blending up to the next level. Mijia 17 mixer contains hidden blades that make it safer during cleaning. With 86% positive 5 stars reviews Xiaomi Miljia is a perfect candidate for portable blender. The design is futuristic, unique, and compact therefore easy to accommodate in compact places like backpack pockets. The MIJIA 17 pin mixers don’t have cordless charging but magnetic charging mechanism adds ease. It contains a magnetic USB charging port that turns off automatically after the charging is complete.

Compact yet awesome

The cup container contains 400 ml maximum capacity that’s enough for a single person serving. With a single charge, it can make 15 cups of juices which is insane. It has feather-light weight in comparison to same category blenders. Lightweight and nimble design enables to carry the blender at a remote picnic area easily. It weighs less than half a kilo, to be precise it weighs 495 grams. Make your favorite shake within 30 seconds blending. The mini size blender can be the best choice for ice cream shakes as it doesn’t contain hard ingredients.

Magnetic charging

Mijia 17 pin doesn’t contain an old school charging jack for charging. That simply means there is no need to put charging jack inside the port. There were many issues with existing charging ports until the USB charging technology came in. Futuristic magnetic charging makes it unique among Xiaomi portable blenders. Over time the conventional charging ports become loose. With magnetic charging technology that issue has been rectified.  Thanks to the magnetic mechanism that gets the port intact so it doesn’t get loose at all.

Design and build quality

For any portable blender design and size, dimensions are crucial.  If the size doesn’t fall in a portable bracket then all the reasons to buy portable blender become null and void. MIJIA 17PIN comes has 7.39 inches height and 3.36 inches width that makes it super compact and handy. Blade’s hidden design is perfect to ensure maximum safety to avoid contact while washing. Blade hidden design is something unique and rare to find in other portable blenders.

Easy to clean and operate

The juicer is very easy to clean because of the high-quality non-sticking plastic. The plastic material on the blades console and container inner walls is no sticky that makes cleaning very easy. Just a gentle rinse can wash the top container and blades console. The automatic power-off feature is remarkable to ensure maximum protection and safety. In case the container isn’t tight or lock the blades won’t spin. The motor console senses the tightness that makes it super safe to use.


  • Compact and casual design.
  • Long-lasting quality.
  • Easy to wash and clean.
  • Magnetic charging.
  • Quiet blending.
  • One key switch design.
  • Easy to wash and clean.


  • Small capacity.
  • Unfit for heavy-duty usage.

4 XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender


  1. 14500 RPMs
  2. 2000 mAh battery
  3. USB Charging
  4. Rich Safety features
  5. Power Failure Protection

one push start mechanism
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Features overview

Xiaomi Miljia Pinlo is an affordable solution for smoothies and protein shakes. Its compact design makes it perfect for workplace use. For individual and personal use Mijia ticks all boxes. Mijia Pinlo manages to get 86% five-star review ratings. The mixer contains graduated glass container that helps a lot to make perfect proportion recipes with perfect taste. High-quality Tritan plastic container ensures health and eco-friendly characteristic. Mini Portable blenders like Xiaomi Miljia are best for travel.

Motor and battery wattage

It works nicely with dry and hard ingredients because of the powerful 2000 mAh battery. The 1800 mAh battery generates a maximum of 14500 RPMs that pulverizes fruit chunks making it best for smoothies. The motor contains less than 750 Watt power that’s best for crushing ice and pulverizing frozen fruits. For an individual to use it is a perfect choice. You can detach it to make the size even smaller for portable carrying.

USB Charging

USB charging makes it very easy to charge the blender and with one charge it can make 20+ servings. It can easily be charged at home, in a car, or at a picnic via power bank. 2000 mAh battery doesn’t take more than 2-3 hours but a single charge can make good 20+ servings. With turbo mode, it utilizes charge very smartly by enabling 30-45 second spinning rounds that prepare fine shake and smoothies. USB charging makes it very easy to charge the blender in a car. So you can enjoy picnic with vitamin-rich delicious juices.

Blades and container design

Four-leaf ultra-sharp stainless steel blades are perfect for maximum vitamin extraction for the perfect smoothie. The low energy consumption of motor aided with ultra-sharp blades makes it one of the best Xiaomi portable blenders. Spoiler groovy cup allows inward circular motion of fluid ensuring maximum contact with the blades resulting smooth green smoothies. Small size, portable capability, handsome size battery, and long-lasting build makes it a perfect portable blender.

Power Failure Protection

The blender contains a micro-motion protection sensor that stops the blender during certain circumstances that can be accidental. In case we detach the main body with a cup container the blender will automatically stop. The automatic shutting down ensures the maximum level of safety. If the motor remains idle or keeps running for more than 30 seconds in this case it also stops working. Such protection is very rare in the personal blenders market.


  • Power failure protection system.
  • Ensures maximum safety.
  • Good quality Tritan container cup.
  • 70 W motor.
  • 2000 mAh battery.
  • Portable design.
  • Easy to operate and clean.


  • A little less capacity.
  • Not feasible for stressful usage.

5 Xiaomi Viomi 350ml Portable Electric Juicer


  1. Impressive Power and wattage
  2. Enjoy portability
  3. Fun blending
  4. Powerful motor and blades
  5. Safe to use and easy to clean

smart xiaomi blender

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Power and wattage

Viomi has managed to secure 84% 5-star reviews because it provides great utility. It a cordless quality blender with USB charging that makes it easy to charge and use. Let’s find out how powerful Xiaomi portable blenders are. The 260-watt high-quality personal blender is capable enough to crush ice and make fresh breakfast smoothies for you. A 260-watt blender with such compact size delivers enough power to whip, chop and mix ingredients in a 350 ml compact glass container. The mixer produces 15000 maximum RPM that makes healthy milkshakes and green smoothies within less than a minute.

Enjoy portability

Portability and power are top traits of a blender that suit for travel. There is no need to connect the cable while using the portable juicer. Just push the button and it will start extracting flavor and vitamins. Never hesitate to take the blender outdoors because it’s simple to charge via power bank. Squeeze your favorite fruits to silky smooth smoothies and shakes that will treat you with freshness. All it takes is 45 seconds round with a delicious end product. Utilize Viomi for protein shakes and have an energetic workout.

Have fun while making a milkshake

Take your favorite fruit, cut it into chunks, put some milk add sugar tighten the lid. Put the top jar on the bottom container and lock it. Now you’ll see the button glowing blue that simply indicates that now blender is safe to blend and the container is intact. Now press the button for 2 seconds and wait for 45 seconds for the blender to complete the blending on its own. There is a built-in turbo mode that runs for 45 seconds and provides a nice silky shake afterward.

Motor and blades

The upgraded motor enables extra efficiency less consumption and better RPM rate as per the previous motor. New motor and blades design makes it possible to deliver extra RPMs and maximum strike to the ingredients. Four-leaf blades contain 2 types of blades that enable them to perform good blending and chopping at the same time. For better blending, the blades have ultra-sharp edges while for crushing there are different blades with pointed edges.

Safe to use and easy to clean

Most of the Xiaomi portable blenders automatically turn off while sensing any issue. In case of having an issue, long-press the blender button and it will be restart to rectify the issue. In case it isn’t properly locked then it will start working automatically. If due to some reasons it gets open while blending, it will atomically be turned off. The high-quality material is easy to clean as the food particles don’t sticks to the walls therefore it is easy to clean.


  • 260-watt motor.
  • High-quality Tritan plastic container.
  • 350ml cup container.
  • Portable design.
  • Easy to operate and clean.


  • A little less capacity.
  • Not feasible for stressful usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Are Xiaomi portable blenders worth buying?

Yes, Xiaomi blenders are worth buying because they are affordable, have good quality, are easy to operate and clean. Besides these, most of them have a Power failure protection system that turns the blender off when not locked properly.

Q) What makes Xiaomi blenders special in the market?

Xiaomi blenders are special because of single-button interface. They don’t start work until they are locked.

Q) How innovative are Xiaomi blenders?

Xiaomi blender has a lot of innovative features and one of the famous most is magnetic charging.