How to Turn on Ninja Blender? | 100% Issues Resolved

You may have purchased a new Ninja Blender and thinking of how to turn on ninja blender? Or you may be an experienced user but curious about Why isn’t my ninja blender turning on? Ninja blenders work like security boxes. You need to instruct the ninja blender properly.

You may have an instruction manual with ninja blender packing, but it’s not much usable. But don’t worry anymore, as you will get in-depth knowledge about all possible issues and ways to resolve ninja blender problems.

How to Turn on Ninja Blender?

Most Ninja Blender users have queries regarding how to turn on Ninja Professional Blender? But this is not as difficult as you think.  Read and Follow these instructions properly.

  • As mentioned in the manual, get together all Ninja Blender parts and assemble them correctly.
  • Connect the blender cable with the electric supply. Keep the supply button switched off while connecting, as it can cause damage.
  • Please press the button to open it and add your Ingredients suitably. Don’t overload it. Add a reasonable amount of Ingredients. 
  • Fix the lid on the surface.
  • Press the button to start blending. You can manually set speeds as per your choice.
  • Close the button before opening the lid. 

These are some easy steps to follow if you have any queries regarding how to turn on the ninja blender. But you should also be aware of the possible reasons stopping ninja blenders from turning on. 

Daily you use devices like a blender to get some healthy juices and smoothies as your food. As used daily, these devices can behave unexpectedly. They might not turn on, or the light will start blinking. The possible reasons for these issues could be as follows.

Why won’t my Ninja Blender Turn On?

Power Supply Issues: 

Whenever you connect any device with a power supply, it won’t turn on. You must check 

  • Electricity is available 
  • The switch is working fine. (You can check it by using other devices like a cell phone charger or any lamplight. Or you can use a voltage tester to test a switch’s current.)

Device Setup Issues: 

Electrical devices work fine only when you assemble them correctly. It will be better if you are confident that you’ve put all the parts together correctly before you start working.

If you have done it and still your ninja blender won’t turn on, read the user manual carefully and follow the instructions mentioned above. For better understanding, read the below-mentioned reasons.


You may have used your ninja blender continuously for some time. If yes, put your hands around your ninja blender to check whether it’s hot or cool. If it’s hot, the possible reason could be overused, or may a thermal switch flipped. 

The thermal switch keeps the blender cool while working. Ensure the thermal control is attached correctly and won’t flip again. Pull the blender switch from the socket and keep it off for 20 to 30 minutes to make it cool.


avoid overfilling the jar

Another possible reason is that you overfilled the ninja blender. Ninja Blender needs some free space in the pitcher to keep the blades rotating. Otherwise, they won’t be able to cut off the food. 

Sometimes you may be in a hurry and would like to get a blend quickly. You may fill the blender fully to make a juice or smoothie quickly. Overfilling will overload the blender, and it will not be able to work against its capacity.

Make sure you always put limited ingredients in the blender to work properly. Once finished, then you can put in some more food. That is the right approach to work with Ninja blenders. Otherwise, the blender won’t turn on.

The Pitcher is Not Fixed: 

fix pitcher and base tightly

The blender base and the pitcher have some patterns to get fixed, like a lid on a coke bottle. This pattern is for safety purposes. 

Make sure you fix the pitcher properly on the base, and it’s not loose. The pitcher is not getting separated from the base by lifting. Now the issue is fixed. 

Unaligned Arrows

fix lid to avoid any damage

The loose lid of the blender most commonly leads to blender problems. Before you start making smoothies or blending anything, set the lid correctly. You must align the arrow on the top with the indicator on the jar handle to lock the lid. That is the proper way of setting the lid on the jar to avoid issues.

Cleaning Required

As you love to use a blender regularly to make smoothies and juices, you need to look at the base of your blender. Sometimes when you’re putting smoothies together, some particles may fall on the blender’s base. If those particles get inside the base, the blender won’t turn on. In simple words, keep the blender’s base clean and dust all crumbs to keep it working flawlessly.

Identify and Replace the Faulty Parts

Finally, the last issue that can cause problems is your may have broken blender parts. Check the cable, lid, blades, base/pitcher connection point, and buttons. Some of the components may not be working correctly, causing this issue. Once you identify the damaged part, repair it or replace it with a new spare part depending on how good the blender condition is.

How to Turn On Ninja Blender Touch Screen?

Ninja touch screen blender is a chart-buster product. But users are mostly asking how to turn on ninja blender with a touch screen. All you need to do is:

Step 1: Plug your ninja blender into the socket.

Start Ninja blender by plugging the cable in an electrical switch.

Step 2: Press and Hold the “Pulse” Button.

It will start in just a few seconds. After pressing a button, push the entire front panel of the blender in a downward direction. Keep this process slowly so that you don’t damage the blender.

That will activate a special touchscreen mode and will enable touchscreen functionality. Now your touches will be treated as clicks. To keep touch screen mode enabled, keep it pushing down.

Step 3: Activate Your Desired Feature by Clicking on Buttons (Chop, Froth, Blend, etc.)

Once you have chosen your desired function, release the pressure from the blender screen to enable the normal mode. The blender will work as per your instructions. You can use the red button on the ninja blender screen to turn off the blender.

Conclusion – How to Turn On Ninja Blender

Since its invention, a Ninja blender has been an excellent addition to our kitchen’s arsenal. What makes it remarkable is its functionality and performance.

Being a new user or an experienced one, you may have some queries regarding turning on the ninja blender, why my ninja blender won’t turn on, or why my ninja blender is blinking red.

To resolve these problems, you need to use the user manual and read instructions properly to find and fix the mentioned issues. If the problem is not resolved by yourself, find some ninja blender expert to fix the issue.