How to Make A Smoothie Following Easy Steps and Recipes

What is a smoothie?

Smoothie is a fruit puree version with natural ingredients containing no sugar and artificial preservatives. Our lives are becoming busier and busier, so we are in quest of finding less time consuming nutritious. It hardly takes 5 minutes to make. It keeps the body hydrated, fresh, and healthy. Guess what? It’s so helpful to get rid of the dark circle because they are vitamin-rich.

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How to make smoothies?

There is no rocket science; it is the smoothest shake one can make. All you have to do is take favorite fruit chunks, a few ingredients, and a powerful blender. Combine them in blender cup containers, pulse or blend them, and the delicious potion is ready to enjoy.

There isn’t a secret recipe that can’t be replicated. Besides fresh ingredients, one must have a reliable blender to make smoothies. We have compiled a robust blenders list in detail that can nicely get the job done. Feel free to give it a read and figure out the suitable most blender for you.

For those who like extra sugar can add sugar syrup to add tempting flavor. Take milk, add your favorite fruit chunks along with ice cubes and pulse until it gets smooth. Pour it in glass or bottle and enjoy the wholesome freshness.

strawberry smoothies

Why is smoothie so popular?

Smoothies is popular because it’s easy to make and doesn’t even take more than 5 minutes. All the ingredients are natural, so smoothies don’t pose any threat to health. It replenishes the body’s water level at the cellular level, so we feel energetic and fresh all the time. Making smoothies doesn’t cost much because none of the ingredients are costly. Fruits can be a bit expensive, depending upon the region you live in.

The best thing about smoothie shake is the easy availability of ingredients makes it accessible. None of the ingredient elements is fancy or hard to find. It’s cheap; it’s popular healthy and easy to make. During the summer, there is no healthy substitute for smoothies. Imagine sipping smoothies while sitting on a beach, watching the beautiful waves and cool breeze. Indeed it’s a fantastic experience to have. It’s the easiest most recipe to make at the workplace.

Don’t worry about recipe ideas because the entire internet is flooded with the recipes. Try variations with ingredients and fruits to achieve the best combination that soothes your taste buds. There is no hard and fast rule to make a perfect shake. It depends upon the feeling you have developed. For newbies, it’s better to take care of the proportion of the ingredient. Once you are expert, feel free to add ingredients as salt bae does casually.

Making smoothies is more than fun

You aren’t bound with the ingredient choice that means you can add fresh and frozen fruits also. Most of the time, we use frozen fruits to add more flavor because the ice itself doesn’t contain flavor character. Upon melting, it adds extra water that ends up making smoothie dilute. So it is preferable to use frozen fruits than that of an ice cube, but the ultimate choice is yours.

While talking about fruits, the most favorite fruits for smoothies are the berries. While saying seeds, I mean all the berry family starting from strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry, etc. Besides berries, we can use apricot, mangos, apples, pineapples citrus fruits, and melons.

Of course, thickness and thinness is an important concern, but here is good news that it can easily be controlled. By adding yogurt, you can add thickness, and by adding juice, water, or ice, you can lessen thickness. Enjoy liberty while choosing milk. You can select plain milk, cow milk, buffalo milk, or coconut milk.

frozen raspberry

Adding awesomeness in flavor?

Feel free to introduce magical ingredients like cashew nuts, almonds, and walnut bits because they add an excellent crunch. For aroma, don’t forget cinnamon seeds and mint leaves. Honey and Greek yogurt are fantastic as they add unique awesomeness.

There are no hard and fast rules for making smoothie shakes, but if you aren’t an expert, take care of proportion. Once you know the behavior of all ingredients, you can casually add them as salt bae does. The art of making smoothies will ripe with time. 

How to make it less thick?

One can easily control the viscosity by adding extra juices, milk, or ice. Adding ice is one of the best ways to decrease viscosity. If you don’t like extra-thick smoothies, then reduce fruit amount and increase milk and ice. It’s all about playing with ingredient proportions to have an optimal viscous smoothie.

kale smoothies

How to make is less thin?

Not everyone is a fan of non-viscous thin shakes. There are a huge fraction of smoothie lovers those love thick and solid smoothies. As per them, it provides wholesome taste and flavor richness. Making smoothie thick is very easy. All you have to do is to add cream or more fruit chunks. You can increase thickness by using yogurt. Try Greek yogurt because it’s fantastic, it adds a unique flavor.

Adding cream can help to make a creamy smoothie. The cream is a perfect ingredient to increase viscosity. You’ll love the frothy layer on a creamy smoothie.

If you aren’t fond of using yogurt or cream in a smoothie, try not to add milk. Keep it simple by adding fruit chunks only. It can be a little hard for the blender to blend the pieces without liquid. So add a tiny amount of water to keep it going. That’s how you make a desirable thick smoothie.

Can we make it without milk?

It sounds unusual, but we can make a healthy, nutritious smoothie without milk. It’s a general perception that milk is an essential ingredient of a smoothie, but smoothie can be enjoyed without milk. Now here comes a blending issue because it’s hard to blend thick pulp. In such a case, we can add a little juice or water to keep the blades running to beat the stubborn chunks. There are several solutions to achieve a desirable smoothie.

You can make a perfect smoothie at home because it is the easiest, most shake one can make at home. It might be hard to achieve the market level perfectly while you are making coffee. But you can make perfect and heavenly tasting smoothie at home.

fresh green smoothies

Adding frozen fruits

Using frozen fruits is fantastic because it adds rich flavor, unlike ice cubes. It makes the shake wholesome solid and thick with much more taste. On the other hand, the more usage of ice decreases flavor richness; however, it chills the shake nicely, making it delicious to consume. Using frozen fruits is perfect for obtaining chilled shake without compromising flavor richness. And it also lessens the extra effort by the blender.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes

It hardly takes four primary ingredients like fruits, milk, ice, and nuts, etc. One of the popular most combinations is banana strawberry smoothie. Banana has a mild taste, while strawberry has a pronounced sweet and sour taste. Whiling blending together makes an excellent combination of both taste and texture. Have a look at all the following recipes and figure out which one is the best smoothie recipe.

Banana strawberry smoothie

Just like the title, it’s a straightforward and easy to make the recipe. Grab frozen strawberries and bananas. There is no need to add ice cubes because we already have taken frozen fruits. Add milk of your choice as per the quantity of the fruit. No shake mixture until it gets smooth.

banana strawberry smoothies

Add a small amount of honey to add a dominant flavor. Now squeeze orange juice and give a few blends. Add cinnamon seeds and enjoy the tasty strawberry banana smoothie.

Mixed berries

You can also name this recipe as a frozen smoothie because we will use all frozen fruits. Berries deliver the most excellent taste in shakes.

mix berries smoothie

Take milk of your choice, but we recommend unsweetened dairy. Take blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Because of berry concentration, the shake can be a little sour. To balance the taste, we are going to add a natural sweetener. Add a little honey to add a unique taste and adjust the overwhelming berries flavor. Press the pulse button and enjoy the frozen smoothie. Serve with mint leaves, and you’ll love this.

Avocado banana

It’s more than an ideal smoothie containing the right amount of nutrition. It will be the creamiest among all the recipes we have shared. So let’s start with the ingredients. Take an integral part of the smoothie, and that’s milk. Take avocado chunks and frozen banana chunks.

avocado banana smoothie

Avocado has an excellent buttery taste, so that’s why it’s going to be creamy. The banana itself adds a soft creamy texture. Her, we will use ice cubes to make a balance because we haven’t chosen frozen avocado. Give it a few blends until it turns into a perfect bubble less smoothie. Enjoy the creamy, frothy layer at the top. That’s the real perk of having avocado and banana together in a shake.

Berry banana

It has a beautiful and crisp appealing light purple texture. Blue from blueberry and off white from banana combines to make a nice light purplish texture.

chilled berry banana smoothie

Let’s start with the ingredients. Take frozen blueberries and bananas. You can also try variations by adding strawberry and raspberry. Add milk and blend it until you are satisfied with the smoothness. Serve with mint leaves as they are the best.

Chocolate peanut butter

Because banana adds a smooth aroma, it is used in most of the smoothie recipes. Apart from this, banana is readily available all around the globe. Take a few banana chunks and peanut butter. Peanut butter itself is a fantastic paste as it contains proper nutrition. Bodybuilders use to love peanut butter sandwiches.

delicious chocolate smoothie

Add banana chunks and peanut butter in milk along with the favorite chocolate syrup. You can add Nutella, but it will make it thick and viscous, so it’s better to add chocolate syrup. Now it’s just final step and that whip, blend, crush and mix. A delicious smoothie is ready to sip.

Making it Green

While reading the title, your mind might have come across the idea of adding green food color or flavor. But there is nothing like that while I am talking about the green smoothie. Making green smoothies is a lot easy and exciting. Only the addition of a few ingredients will make the texture organic green, and you’ll love to sip.

fresh green smoothie

First of all, take favorite fruits of your choice; let say we have taken berries. The addition of a banana will add a fantastic soft flavor and texture to our smoothie. Add a little bit of milk to keep things smooth. Here comes the magical ingredient. Try kale or spinach in a smoothie to and wave the magic wand, oh I meant to turn on the blender and give a few pulses. Here’s your tasty and delicious fresh green smoothie.

Chocolate and Caramel

It’s a perfect delight for those having a sweet tooth. The chocolate smoothie is perfect to replenish energy levels, so breakfast is an ideal time to consume chocolate smoothie. You’ll learn how nicely we can change the smoothie profile by introducing small ingredients. Adding bananas is fantastic because it will add a nice creamy and frothy texture to our smoothie shake.

choco caramel

Let take frozen banana chunks because banana is one of the most consumed fruit. Banana is the most loved fruit by all age groups. Take bananas, a little bit of caramel, cocoa powder, and honey. Give it a few pulse rounds, and delicious chocolate smoothie is ready to sip. To give a firm texture, you can add more cocoa powder.

The Coffee Smoothie

Typically smoothies are fruit puree, but innovation has given birth to recipes like a coffee smoothie. Morning coffee is the best energy source for many because it provides an excellent boost to start daily chores. This recipe is the best version of cold coffee, along with some extra refreshing ingredients. It’s simple and easy to make Coffee smoothies, just have a look at the ingredients and procedure.

making coffee smoothie

Take milk of your choice along with ice and vanilla. Take peanut butter and banana to make it full of nutrition. Here comes the main ingredient, the coffee powder. Vanilla will give a unique flavor and aroma while banana will add creamy sweat foam to complement the coffee taste. Combining with ice cubes, it will make a fresh combination that will soothe taste buds. The shake will be thick and viscous. Try to add more milk if you like a thin shake.