How to Clean a Blender Within Seconds A Step by Step Guide | 2022

Owning a powerful blender is nice, but cleaning blenders is a hectic job if you are into blending sticky ingredients. All the blender owners are searching for an answer to a question, “How to clean a blender.” Well, many experts have addressed this question, but it seems there is more room to educate people in this regard. Our expert team has deeply analyzed the matter and has drawn a perfect conclusion to solve the problem.

Portable blenders are fantastic as they enable them to make a variety of recipes. Imagine the aftermath of blending thick sticky ingredients like nuts and peanut butter. Making homemade mayonnaise is an awesome idea, but afterward, the cleaning process will be challenging. To avoid such an inconvenience, it’s better to find effective and efficient ways to clean the blender. Cleaning is easy after making smoothies, but cleaning can be tricky after blending the Omelet mixture.

In this article, I am going to share easy and effective methods to clean blenders. Believe me; it’s effortless and safe. Once you have adopted it, the cleaning process will become so convenient. There are a few blenders with self-cleaning blending presets while most of the blender doesn’t have anything like that. Then there are blenders with no such capacities of having self-cleaning presets.

Cleaning a blender

We intend to explain the cleaning method with great ease and simplicity. We have classified the cleaning process into two types. The first method is the non-laborious and very simple, but the second one is a little time consuming. It’s easy to clean smoothie and shake waste without disassembling the blender. If you are into making thick pastes and omelet mixtures then you are in trouble. If you love making the batter, peanut butter, and mayonnaise, then thorough cleaning will get the job done. 

cleaning blender liquid soap

Blend and Rinse – Method One

As the name indicates, this method contains no complexity, and surprisingly it performs well. All you have to do is to take an excellent liquid soap in a jug container. Just add a few drops, no need to spill too much soap keep it easy and straightforward. Add warm water and give it a few blends. Now remove the water, add fresh water, and blend it twice to remain no soap in the jug container. Following this method, your hands will be safe from injury as you will not touch the blades.

blender cleaning process

Now it’s turn for the base container to be neat and clean. Try not to pour water on the bottom box as it can cause motor malfunction. If you want optimal performance from blender, then keep it away from damp and humid corners. Take a bowl of warm water, soak a piece of cloth in the water. Twist the fabric to get rid of extra water. Now wipe the container to clean any possible food particles or smoothie droplets. Congrats, you have cleaned the blender without engaging any complexity.

wash the jug container

By parts cleaning – Method Two

This method is best for deep cleaning. First of all, separate all the blender parts. Twist the jar separate from base container, remove the lid. Separate the bottom blades console, remove the gasket. Now entire blender components are in front of your eyes. Soak them in warm soapy water and keep them inside for 15 to 20 minutes. If you need extra perfection, then squeeze lemon juice or vinegar in the water.

splitting the blender parts

After 15 to 20 minutes, take a good quality sponge or steel wool and start cleaning the components. It’s easy to clean because all the parts are separate, and you can clean them one by one with the right concentration. Use a good quality thick and soft sponge to clean the blades. Be careful while doing with edges, avoid poking the blade tips. While cleaning blades keep the sponge movement inward to outward to prevent touching the ends. In this way, you can clean the blender without hurting your hands.

blender blades clean

How to clean blender with ease

You can use a brush or sponge; it depends upon your comfort and preference. If you are using a narrow brush, it might have a better-limited range than a sponge because it is thick. In this way, you’ll be able to achieve deep cleaning. During washing rubber rings or gasket, you can use olive oil because it helps to separate the stubborn sticky ingredients. Baking soda is also a viable solution to deal with sticky particles. 

inverted jug jar

Make sure to put all the parts in an inverted position so that the water dries. Let’s wait for a while so that all the components become dry, including the rubber ring. If the gasket rubber ring isn’t correctly dry, then it may not fit properly. Now use a clean, dry cloth to wipe hidden water droplets. Try these cleaning methods, and you’ll love the perfect results.