Blendjet One | A Powerful Rechargeable Portable Blender | 2022

Blendjet One is a hot-selling blender in the market that has given fierce competition to its competitors. Let’s find out why blend jet is an icon in a portable blender market. Well, it delivers more than it promises. That’s the biggest reason for the massive sales of blendjet. It has brought a revolution in the portable blenders industry.

No other portable personal blender fills the shoes of blend jet while making it excellent. It’s simply amazing how Blendjet was featured and liked in Ellen’s show. Our detailed blendjet review article will make it easy to understand the capabilities of a compact monster.

Why other manufacturers copy Blendjet One?

Several mixers in the market have copied the blendjet design profile for an apparent reason. The blender contains an entirely inevitable design that fulfils all the requirements of a good blender. Right from size, weight, design, material, and color scheme, it is a perfect design that doesn’t need any customization. Moreover, the blended jet is the most loved portable blender as it satisfies customers from all over the world.

Does size matter?

While talking about heavy duty and high tonnage blenders, we never care about their hefty size. All we care about is the performance. For regular kitchen use, we prefer a mixer that delivers excellent performance regardless of weight and size. For personal or portable blending, our criteria become different. We prefer smaller blender with optimal performance capabilities. So our prime concern is the usability and ability of the machine. Blendjet one offers impressive specs with efficient portable design.

Compact size becomes the main priority while searching for a portable blender. We cannot take 1500-1700 watt jumbo size blender at camping site due to limited luggage capacity. Luckily blend jet occupies the same room as a medium-size bottle. Engineers have nicely designed a compact yet powerful device that satisfies portability and capability.

How portable is Blendjet One?

Let me explain how compact the blended jet is. The easy to handle mixer has a 3x3x9 inch dimension. Even a sizeable side cargo pants pocket can accommodate blend jet one. It’s ideal for tucking in the side pocket of your hiking backpack or gym workout bag. The usage of quality plastic material makes it lighter as a feather as compared to other blenders of its league. The mixer offers amazing specs without compromising compactness.

portable size

What’s so special about Blades?

Blendjet blades are made of high quality 304 stainless steel. 304 stainless steel is made up of chromium and nickel alloys that ensure premium quality. The best trait of 304 stainless steel is the least electric conductivity and non-magnetic characteristic. Due to the least magnetic nature, the blades don’t interfere with the motor’s magnetic fields. It enables the motor to produce more swift RPMs.

What comes in the package?

The blender doesn’t come with a hefty package with many accessories still, nothing to worry about as you won’t miss the necessary stuff. The smart size package contains the motor, cup container, USB cable, and lid. Motor-cup container is fixed and un-detachable. Then there is good quality USB recharging cable with the right length. To cover up the top container you have 2 lid caps. The lid contains a sturdy nylon strap that enables a better grip.

Simpler the better

Blendjet pursued a simple philosophy with the design. They kept it simple yet capable enough to handle all chores related to a portable blender. Blendjet one is one cost-effective solution that provides proper handheld blending. At first glance, it looks like a fancy bottle. That’s to the sturdy strap that provides a better handheld capability. The minimalistic design offers excellent portability.

Battery Endurance

A 2000 mAh battery delivers enough power to meet desired to blend and to chop. Blendjet hasn’t compromised on battery size. A 2000 mAh battery makes it possible to prepare 10-12 cups per charge. It hardly takes 2-3 hours to charge the battery. It doesn’t come with a specific fancy charger, so you can quickly charge it with a USB cable. About 80-90 second blending makes a delicious, smooth, and silky shake for you. You’ll love to know the fact that blendjet is one of the quietest blenders. Even with 20000+ RPM, you won’t observe noise.

blendjet's longlasting battery

Easy to use

The blender contains a single button operation that adds a great convenience while using. Single-button operation makes it easy to operate the blender as no more button can confuse. Besides operation, the charging procedure is effortless. You can quickly charge the blender with a USB cable, so you don’t need a fancy charger to charge. An intelligent built-in safety feature prevents the motor from over spin and overheats while ensuring an excellent service life.

Life is all about colors

Blendjet is available in more colors than a rainbow. It is available in a dozen colors. That’s why kids love blend jet because they easily find their favorite color blender. The company has come up with an eye cooling matte color scheme rather than a glossy color. Matte finishing gives a premium feeling and doesn’t leave fingerprints. Additionally, matte color finishing provides a good grip than that of the glossy surface.

colorful options

Are you excited to try new recipes?

Let’s try out fruit recipes with yogurt and treat your taste buds with freshness. Get ready to try new recipes with this magical device. Blendjet nicely handles the dry and hard ingredients but smoothies and shakes, even better.

Consuming breakfast coffee smoothie will be a perfect start of the day. It keeps you energetic and charged. So let’s start with the ingredients. Take the blender, put milk, coffee, oatmeal, and banana chunks. Blend the ingredients for 60-90 seconds and enjoy a fresh coffee smoothie.

Are you fed up of making routine smoothies and want to try something new? How about trying frozen fruit smoothie. Let’s make a blueberry banana smoothie that doesn’t need ice because of frozen fruit ingredients. Take almond milk, vanilla essence, flax seeds, frozen banana chunks, and blueberries. All it takes is 60-90 seconds blending to prepare a creamy, delicious blueberry banana smoothie.

Durable, long-lasting build

Amazon contains a wide variety of personal blenders, but blend jet remains undisputed winner because of its premium build and efficiency. Due to straight walls, the blender cup is easy to clean. The top container contains BPA free plastic that poses no harm to health. Blendjet One is a highly recommended mini blender. The tight fit lid nicely prevents fluid spillage.

Get healthy and fit

Since the blend jet is designed for personal use, so it’s a perfect fitness companion. Its handheld blending capabilities enables one to make fresh protein shakes in the gym. Making smoothies and margaritas outside the kitchen wasn’t that easy before Blendjet personal blender. The versatile steel blades enable you to make fresh green smoothies and many other healthy recipes. It’s the best portable blender to help you with smooth and silky protein shakes and salad dressing.

green smoothies with blendjet


Six edge blade blesses the blender with ultimate versatility in its class. It’s rare to see high number 6 blades in USB rechargeable blender. Usually, small blenders contain 2 or 4 point blades. Six-point blades provide a great versatility that helps to deal with all types of ingredients. Let the ingredients be pulpy, dry, hard, or wet blendjet’s smart technology will provide the best results.

Three types of blades include sharp, dull, and pointed leaves. Sharp edges are best for cutting fruits and vegetables. The dull blades take care of maximum nutrition extraction. The pointed blade crushes dry and hard ingredients like black pepper and chickpeas.

How to clean

Thanks to the easy cleaning mechanism that keeps the blender clean and odor-free. Put a little amount of water in cup container and give 2-3 gentle blends, and it is clean to use again. You can use soap to get rid of previously made shakes aroma. Take 2-3 drops of liquid soap and warm water, rinse it, or give a few rounds of blending. The blender will be nicely clean.

Container contains straight walls with no bulge and edges, so food particles don’t stick anywhere, providing good cleaning.


A market survey is a common practice before buying any product. While doing surveys, the most crucial factor is reading the reviews. Reviews help to deeply understand the pros and cons. Reviews are a perfect signal of product popularity. It’s incredible to learn that blendjet One has over 10,400 reviews, which is a huge number. The swollen review figure is evident for blendjet’s popularity.


  • High-quality material.
  • 5 Volt powerful battery.
  • 22000 maximum RPM.
  • BPA free plastic.
  • Wide color range.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Odor-free.
  • USB rechargeable.
  • 10+ servings per recharge.


  • Limited cup container capacity.
  • Unfit for heavy-duty use.

Final Remarks on Blendjet One, either to buy or not?

If you are looking for a portable, then do consider Blendjet One. Its overwhelming reviews are a significant testimony of the product’s success. It delivers enough power to chop and blend every possible ingredient.

For personal use like making pre-workout protein shakes and preparing breakfast smoothies, blend jet One is an excellent choice. More than 10400 reviews make it a good blender to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why to choose blendjet?

Because it provides promising performance with portability. It takes just 2-3 hours charging and lasts till 10-12 blendings.

Q) Can we take Blendjet on a flight?

Yes, we can take it in flight, but make sure it’s in the bag and empty; otherwise, there can be a restriction to carry blendjet on a plane.

Q) How to unblock Blendjet?

To unblock the blender, place it inverted and try to move the blades console that adjusts with the motor. In this way, you’ll be able to unblock the blender.

Q) How loud is Blendjet?

Despite having a powerful motor of its category, blendjet isn’t that loud but incredibly silent.

Q) Is it safe to put blendjet in Fridge?

It’s not safe to put the blender into the Fridge because it can cause harm to the motor components. In some cases, it can block the motor.

Q) How does the blender indicate low charging?

When the charging level drops, the blender indicated it with the help of red light. On the other hand, when the battery is charged, it is denoted by blue light.

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