Best Portable Inverter Generator 2022

At the time of power blackout, we need alternate power which is provided by the best portable inverter generators to run our household appliances, and protect your home from any disaster. These generators may be one of the most essential tools for your power supply. Inverter generators can bear load without being noticed and provide non-stoppable entertainment. You are familiar with open-frame generators that use an alternator to provide useable power to camping and job sites. But inverters are different from them, although they both have dual-fuel features.

Power supply inverters use a computer-controlled mechanism that makes them quieter, light, and stable as compared to other open-frame generators. If you want to run your sensitive appliances safely without any fear then inverters are the best choice because they can provide clean electricity which is secure to run your mobile phones and other small devices. Let us talk about the working mechanism of these outstanding generators.

How Inverter Generators Do Work?

You might be thinking that what makes inverters different from other conventional or normal generators? After reading this article you will be able to learn about the working, pros, and cons of these inverters or inverter generators, and what makes them unique among others.

You were aware that an engine of a normal portable generator produces alternating current AC and converts them into Direct current DC for power supply. That is a major difference point of inverters because their engine turns this Direct current DC again into Alternating current AC which is a power of our original electric sockets provided by the electric grid station of USA.

This power supplied by the best inverter generators is more like original power which comes from the main grid station. So that’s how you can safely charge your small and sensitive devices easily without any fear of damage. Their power is better and clean as compared to other portable generators. Now you are aware that what the difference between an inverter and a generator is.

But before buying an inverter generator you need to estimate the requirement of power you want.

Point to consider important before buying the best inverter generator:

  • If you want to run your heavy devices such as AC, refrigerators, and other large appliances then the range of 2000-3000 watts power inverters is enough.
  • If you want to use your generator in outdoor events such as camping, your priority will be noise level to consider. Inverter generators are much quieter than old traditional ones. 20-50 decibels is their working noise which is very convenient and bearable. I will personally suggest you buy those inverters with just 25-50% of working sound.
  • The third thing which you need to consider before investing your money is their multiple or parallel capability of working. If you want double power for your important events, you can go for those inverters that can attach with multiple same inverters and provide double power.
  • The last point that you need to consider is their clean power supply. You all are aware that normal generators produce bad fumes in surroundings and make others uncomfortable. But inverters can provide clean power without making fumes of fuel.

Well, their explanation is vast but wait if you want to learn more about the best inverter generators then stay on this discussion and read carefully why they are better than other normal conventional ones.

Types of best portable inverter generators:

ImageProductDetails  Price     
1-wen-56200i-watt-gas-powered1 WEN 56200i 2000 wattsAffordable, Non-Noisy Engine, Long running time.Check Price
2-champion-3400-watt-dual-fuel-RV-Inerter2 Champion Power 3400 watts dual fuelAttractive look, Dual fuel, High wattage.Check Price
3-westinghouse-igen2200-superquiet3 Westinghouse iGen2200 watts Inexpensive, Reliable, Extremely quiet.Check Price
4-generac-6866-iq2000-super-quiet4 Generac 686 iQ2000 wattsQuiet, Cheaper, Easy to use.Check Price
5-pulsar-g2319n-2300w-gas-powered-inverter5 Pulsar PG2000is 2000 wattsFuel-Efficient, Best for sensitive devices, Non-noisy working.Check Price
6-honda-eu0662220i-2200-watt-portable-inverter6 Honda EU2200i portable generatorRugged material, Lightweight, Reliable.Check Price
7-yamaha-ef2000isv27 Yamaha EF2000iSv2 2000 watts inverterEasy to maintain, Extremely quiet, Trustworthy.Check Price
8-briggs-&-stratton-p22008 Briggs and Stratton 2200 watts best portable inverter generatorLow noise distortion, Long running time, consistent power.Check Price
9-champion-power-equipment-3100watt-rv9 Champion power 7553371 inverter generatorBetter than other inverters, Fuel Efficient, Comest with a warranty.Check Price
10-a-ipower-2300-watt-inverter-generator10 Champion power 7553371 inverter generatorEasy to start, Lightweight, Quiet operations.Check Price

1) WEN 56200i 2000 watts

Key Features

  1. Pocket Friendly.
  2. Non Noisy.
  3. Better endurance.
gas powered generator
Check Price

If you are looking for an inverter generator that is top-rated with high-value performance then you need to go for this best WEN generator which is inexpensive also. You can buy this valuable portable generator with the same excellent performance which is offered by expensive ones.

Experienced person review that there is no other comparable inverter generator with this WEN generator. Its price range is just some fractions below Honda and Yamaha’s excellent ones. Quiet and lightweight feature makes it environment-friendly and easy to carry anywhere you want.

Its features include, very strong fuel efficiency can run up to 6 hours with just one-gallon tank capacity and a load of 50%. Which is unique quality by its small size body. It contains USB ports of 5V you can attach your mobile phone and tablets without any hindrance.

Its running watts capacity is outstanding that not blow in minds of any person. 16000 watts running efficiency is enough if you want to go outside for camping. Most people use it for emergencies to run your home appliances which are very satisfying.

Its economic model of fuel estimation made it more eye-catching among the others in the market.  The plastic touch of its body makes it look nice and cheap. But don’t think that its price tag makes it low-performing. These minor things will not make you feel regretful after buying them for the money. It also comes with an automatic shutdown system when fuel is low. If you are searching for a reliable and friendly inverter, you will not go wrong with it.

Affordable.Plastic Body.
Quiet Engine.
Long Endurance.

2) Champion Power 3400 watts dual fuel

Key Features

  1. Ergonomic design.
  2. Dual Fuel.
  3. High Wattage.
3400 watt champion rv
Check Price

Well, you all know that some generators are dual-fuel based that runs on both gas and propane. But you are not aware that a quiet and top-rated inverter generator can also work on a dual-fuel system. One example of such an inverter is 3400 watts Champion power. It is one of the best portable inverter generators for RV and home backup that you can buy at your rate. 

Its outcome power is enough to run your large home appliances easily. Most of the credit goes to its dual-fuel efficiency that runs for many hours without any hindrance. The propane phase is a bit cheaper than the gas phase and provides clean power backup. Gas generators cannot run a long time and supply power which makes a burden on your pocket.

This inverter can connect to other portable generators RV directly. If you are aware of some trick of using generators then you must know that generator’s wattage is slightly low on the propane phase if you put 100% load on it which is never suggested. This difference of slow action is very slight you can’t notice it until you put heavy load for many hours.

On gas-phase, you can run this top portable generator for 11.5 hours but on the propane phase, you can use its power for up to 14 hours. For RV purposes, you need to fill its tank with high fuel.

One last noticeable feature of this generator kit is its parallel capability of working. You can attach it with the same inverter for a high power supply.

Solid attractive look.No remote start.
Dual-Fuel compatibility.
High wattage.

3 Westinghouse iGen2200 watts

Key Features

  1. Inexpensive inverter.
  2. Reliable manufacturer.
  3. Quiet Operation.
westinghouse portable inverter generator
Check Price

American company manufacture this Westinghouse generator and their reliable reviews show that they never compromise on the quality of their products. Westinghouse iGen is the latest and younger model of their products. This value portable inverter comes in unique colors which makes it look more attractive and the small inverter makes it easy to carry for outdoor events like camping.

One thing that attracts me is its quiet working efficiency it can produce just 52 dB of sound when you put a load of 25%. This feature is an eye-catching factor for camping favorite persons. Its running time is 12 hours on a 1.2-gallon tank capacity of fuel.

That’s not enough; you can charge your sensitive devices on this ideal inverter without fear of short circuits. Its 5 USB ports make it flexible to charge your smartphones, cameras, and other electronic essentials when you are on an outing.  A circuit breaker is fitted in its body which marks it safe from any damage when you accidentally put maximum load on it.

You will not feel any regression after buying it because it is one of the best inverter generators on the market which ranks. Its price rate is cheap as compared to Honda, but its reliable and long-lasting body and its features make it outstanding among other competitors. This inverter unit can be wired and connect parallel with other same generators to run large RVs.

Inexpensive.No fuel gauge.

4 Generac 686 iQ2000 watts

Key Features

  1. Non Noisy.
  2. Cheaper than counterparts.
  3. Easy to use.

super quiet inverter portable generator
Check Price

Generac iQ2000 watts inverter is the quietest among competing inverters and traditional generators. When you place it 25cm far away from you its working sound is just 53dB which is the sound of two people talking. So if you are hunting for the quietest and clean power inverters then don’t miss the chance of buying this portable generator.

Economy, standard, and Turbo are three modes of power of this inverter. You can put a load of 25% on any of these modes.  It comes in different models according to the latest designs and era. In the era of 2021, its latest model will provide more wattage of power and quietest work.

You can control its features easily, which makes it environment-friendly. Its body is fitted with a display scale which tells you about how much time is left to refill the fuel tank. However, Yamaha and Honda are still better in performance and are easier to use for people.

This inverter is famous in the market due to its quiet and clean power outcome. That is why you can use it for home backups, and outdoor events for camping tours, vacations, etc. Its latest model is fixed with a notable feature which is the digital converter that converts DC power output to AC.

This small and compact inverter kit comes with a parallel attachment feature. If you want to double your power outcome then you can fix it with other generators to increase power.

Quietest.Can’t handle multiple heavy appliances.
Cheaper than Honda.
Easy to use.

5 Pulsar PG2000is 2000 watts

Key Features

  1. Fuel efficiency.
  2. Best for sensitive applianecs.
  3. Non Noisy working.
pulsar gas powered generator
Check Price

If you are a camping person and love to go for tours and spend your vacations outside then don’t worry about the electric supply this Pulsar 2000 with a solid body is a perfect choice for camping lovers. Its working watts are slightly more than its competing ones in the market.

With an engine of 80cc, it can run for up to 6 hours when you put a load of 50% on it. Anyhow, still not better wattage as others are providing on the sale. 1800 volts are its power outcome range. Its features are an oil sensor that tells you about the low level of oil to refill the tank before going to damage. Unlike others, it contains only one USB port to charge your mobile phone and other electronic-sensitive devices. One thing that makes me regret after buying it its warranty which is just one year. I would like to suggest its manufacturers increase its warranty year.

But still, this is an RV inverter and you can use it for air conditioners of 10,000 BTU. And suitable to run electronic tools such as drilling machines. A drawback of this Generac inverter is you can’t trust its reliability just like on Yamaha and Honda.

In general, its cost range is affordable, unlike other sale generators. Its use is easy and performance is fair. Its weight is very light and comes in the design of a suitcase you can carry it everywhere.

When you talk about inverters then of course their fuel capacity is great just like in this Generac inverter portable generator.

Fuel efficiency.Bad warranty.
Best for sensitive devices.
Working sound is Quiet.

6 Honda EU2200i portable generator

Key Features

  1. Solid-body material.
  2. Lightweight.
  3. Reliable.
Check Price

Moving forward to our discussion now we have a generator inverter that’s power is more as compared to others we discussed above just because of its inverter capability which provides clean power. We all are aware of Honda; their manufacturers always fulfill the desire of their customers which is why they are reliable and trustworthy.

For your home appliances, heavy devices, and RV purposes 2200 watts is enough power to run them without any hindrance. The real benefit of its inverter kit is it has a double power supply when you link it with other inverters for 4,400 watts of power requirements.

It comes with an easy handle to carry it everywhere easily with a weight of just 40 pounds which is slightly a low weight. Honda inverters come with quiet efficiency. Certainly, it still produces a working sound that is like a normal whisper, unlike others. Inverters have the potential to provide clean power and they are efficient in fuel. So, Honda inverter technology can produce clean and neat electricity by adjusting fuel capacity.

When we look at its tank capacity it can for 8-9 hours with the single fuel tank. But if you put maximum load it can’t run for many hours. So, technically you can save your money for the long term.  One thing that I miss in the Honda inverter is its remote electric start system you have to start it with a pull system that is fine for the best portable inverter generator.

Solid-body material.No remote start.

7 Yamaha EF2000iSv2 2000 watts inverter

Key Features

  1. Easy to maintain.
  2. Extreme quiet inverter.
  3. Trustworthy.
yamaha ef2000 inverter generator
Check Price

When we talk about the quality of a brand than no one can beat Yamaha. This Yamaha inverter generator is the second name of quality insurance without any exception. After Honda in case, you may not like its design you can go for Yamaha EF 2000 watts inverter.

This Yamaha inverter is well organized in shape and offers all the qualities that you expect from high-rating generators. No one loves the noise and fuming smell of any generator that is why you will go for a quiet inverter.

Its working sound is just 51.5dB at half load which is very normal noise and bearable. But when you put maximum load on it then, of course, it will get loud and make some noise so my suggestion is to keep an average load on it to run heavy devices.

It contains an auto mechanic system that makes it easy to start for every person. Its fuel productivity is great you can run it for 8 hours on a single fuel tank depending on load. You won’t feel any regression after buying this expensive inverter because features demand a high price. You will not waste too much gas on its gas phase. Its smooth and glossy design makes it attractive among its competing inverters just like Honda in the market.

You will be honored if you use it at camping and job sites. This inverter not just attracts its customers by its looks but also by its reliable outstanding features.

Easy to maintain.Costly.
Extreme quiet inverter.

8 Briggs and Stratton 2200 watts best portable inverter generator

Key Features

  1. Low noise distortion.
  2. Long-running time.
  3. Consistent power.
briggs & stratton poratable generator
Check Price

American manufacturers made this well-organized Briggs and Stratton portable inverter generator. This compact generator can provide two types of power volts are 2200 starting watts and 1700 for running watts which much better according to their size and weight. This generator is made for those people who want to enjoy their road trips in an easy and comfortable zone.

When we hear its noise sound it’s just like a normal conversation between two people which is 59.5dB. The sound quality of every generator depends on the load we put on it. Its features include a parallel attachment with other same inverters. If you want double of power results. As compared to other models of Briggs and Stratton this unit has more reliability and status.

Two kinds of running it produce one are 1700watts of running capacity with less noise distortion as compare to others in the market. 2200 starting watts inverter can provide safe power to your devices without fear of damage and short circuit.

Another eye-catching feature of this inverter is its 24 monthly warranty pack. You can trust its fuel use because it can safely use its fuel on high loads. It contains USB ports for charging your electronic devices. You can add this inverter to your tour backpack for nearside outdoor events. Harmonic disruption of this unit is less it cannot damage your mobile phones and laptops.

Low noise distortion.Quality can be improved.
Long-running time.
Consistent power

9 Champion power 7553371 inverter generator

Key Features

  1. Better than other inverters.
  2. Fuel-efficient.
  3. Comes with a warranty.
champion power 3100 watt generator
Check Price

You are all aware of Champion generators and their popularity. Inverter 753371 is one of the best examples of this brand. Its strong body which is made of iron surrounds it and protects it from harmful weather such as cold and disasters. That is why you can carry it for your tours due to its long-lasting feature.

With 2800 watts of running power and starting power of 3100 watts it can produce clean and safe power. You can charge your DSLR and other sensitive devices easily. The main benefit of an inverter generator is its clean, quiet, and safe power supply. So, undoubtedly this inverter fulfills all requirements of its customers.

You will be shocked when you hear that it can run for up to 8 hours with just 1.6-gallon capacity. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

It turns on its automatic mode when don’t in use, its fuel efficiency makes it versatile in the market. Its features are outstanding and non-stop it comes with both starting systems remote/electric and pulls start system that makes it friendly to use for customers. You can carry it with you wherever you want with its two handles on the top of its body. With 58dBa it can produce bearable noise. Some people are irritated and depressed by high noise but you can buy this comfortable inverter without any fear.

Better than other inverters.Heavy to translocate.
Comes with a warranty.

10 A-ipower SUA2300i- 2300-watt inverter

Key Features

  1. Easy to start
  2. Lightweight
  3. Quiet
a-ipower-2300 watt inverter
Check Price

This little model is an ideal choice for home backups and outdoor events power supply. This small inverter is the new model in the market with an adjustable power supply within your pocket range. Its features include parallel attachment and multiple switching functions.

If you want double power you can fix it with other inverters. Its latest switching system is unique; you can click on one of three switches for different functions, such as ON, OFF, and STOP.

It comes with a moving kit; you can shift it with flexible wheels. Clean and secure power is a good choice. Its running power is 16, 00 and 2000 is starting power. The sound level of every generator depends on the load you put on it. Engine speed also depends on the load. It works speedily when a low voltage is applied to it.

On 50% load, it can produce noise of just 58db that is extremely quiet. Its features make it environment friendly just like its low weight. You can fix its engine-working feature to the optimum range which makes low noise as a result. Despite having an iron-coated body, it is still lightweight which is just 46 Ibs that makes it a perfect choice for outdoor tours and trips. Before starting it keep in mind that you have shut down all electric supplies.

Easy to startOverloading issues.


It is concluded that the best portable inverter generators would be your first choice for a clean emergency power supply. You all now aware that inverters are best for providing clean and safe power to your home appliances and every sensitive device. After reading this discussion you will be able to buy which type of inverter is best for your type of work.

Inverters work on both gasoline and propane phases and deliver power up to many hours depending on the load you put on it. They are available in every range of your budget in the market. Any person can buy it according to requirements; inverters come with all features on a low budget also.

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