Best Portable Generator | Buyers guide & Review 2022

During intense summer days power shortfall is normal, therefore we need the best portable generator to overcome the inconvenience. The population living in remote areas have to face frequent inconvenience in the form of natural disasters like floods and storm.

But this is not the only use of these generators, they are often used on camping and construction sites. Thanks to the pocket-friendly price tags so that portable generators are now in the reach of the masses.

The power and electricity interruption can cause ample discomfort and inconvenience in our lives. It can result in uncomfortable and unsafe temperatures. Their market is flooded with various generators, compatible with different fuel types.

Some of these generators are termed inverter generators just because of their mobility and functions. In case you might be asking yourself how I know what type of generator is suitable for my work.

Need to know more about these generators?

It is important to decide what type of portable generator you want to buy before going to market. There are some rules and laws for buying generators because you can’t buy a heavy generator for your small need. Buying the wrong generator can make many disasters, you don’t know how to start it and connect it which will result in the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

There are some points that are important to consider before buying any type of generator. You have to plan what type of generator is suitable according to your need otherwise your money will go to waste. Motor power, weight, and warranty are three main things important to consider before buying portable generators.

How much does its motor make power an outcome? What is its weight and is it easy to carry or not? And how long it will be safe. These are some points to be noted if you want to make a friendly and fantastic investment.

Why do we buy portable generators?

Here is why we need to buy these generators? Because during storm conditions, they keep you safe and protected for a long run time. You can run your high-voltage appliances with these generators when the power breakdown occurs. They should be kept outside the area where you are living during operation work. Electric cords bring light to your indoor areas. They are a good investment for you only in your time of need.

How does a portable Generator work?

The engine and an alternator are the two main components of a portable generator. The engine turns the alternator and alternating current AC is produced by it. This power passes through a voltage regulator and provides a voltage of 120 and 240 volts according to our need of the machine. In our homes power is using in the form of AC so we can use generators to plug in our homes and manage the AC supply. Now let’s talk about the top-rated portable generators.

Types of Best Portable Generators:

Here is our well-vetted list of the top 10 best portable generators that will make your summer trips much more adventurous.

Image Product Name Features Price
honda-eu2200i-companion 1 Honda EU 2200i Companion Non-noisy, Portable Design, Fuel Efficient, Safe power for devices. Check Price
westinghouse-wgen7500 2 Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator Convenient remote control start, Easy to assemble, Spacious fuel tank, High Power output. Check Price
champion-5500-dual-fuel 3 Champion 5500 dual fuel Runs on Propane & Gasoline, Long running time, Lightweight, Easy to transport Check Price
4-wen-2000-watt-generator 4 WEN 2000 watt portable inverter generator Extremely quiet, Lightweight, Ergonomic design Check Price
honda-eu700i 5 Honda EU700i Inverter Generator Impressive power output, Fuel injection system, Metal body ensuring durability Check Price
jackery-portable-generator 6 Jackery Portable Power station generator Interactive design, Lightweight, Portable size and design, Affordable Check Price
champion-3500-watt-rv 7 Champion 3500-watt RV portable generator Remote start, Enjoy lifetime technical support, Cheap with good quality Check Price
pulsar-2000-watt-gas-portable 8 Pulsar 2000-watt Gas portable generator Easy operation, Easy to start, Ergonomic design, Quiet Check Price
duromax-xp12000eh 9 DuroMax XP12000EH Generator Dual fuel, Enough Gallon Capacity, Produces ample power. Check Price
rockpals-300-watt 10 Rockpals 300-watt Lithium portable generator Friendly for sensitive devices, Easy to recharge, Quiet working, Flexible power supply. Check Price

1 Honda EU2200i Companion

Key Features

  1. Less noisy and quiet operation.
  2. Portable design.
  3. Fuel efficient.
  4. Generates safe power for your appliances. 
honda companion generator
Check Price

Lightweight and small handy this portable generator is good among the other portable ones. It is fully covered, that’s why it cannot be stuck into things around and easy to carry. Due to its enclosure, it makes less noise and it is the quietest generator.

Honda EU220i provides stable power for computers and heavy power for more types of equipment.  One of its features is its gas cap is closed, which is why escape of fumes is not possible. This generator is ideal for outdoor events like camping where generator noise should be lower.

It is beautifully designed, clean, and has consistent power. It contains a power On/Off button which is also a good feature on its body. Honda generators will double your power with parallel capability. This highest-rated generator supplies backup power efficiently with its compact body.

The engine is 120cc GXR which provides a maximum of 2200 watts of energy. Which can easily run large and heavy appliances at home and also usable at construction sites. Its body also contains an inverter that runs safely to charge up your mobile phones and laptops.

The main feature of this small inverter is it can burn its waste material because its engine is efficient and can mix the fuel and air particles easily. An automatic decompressor system is fitted in it which is useful for easy startup next time. This portable power generator allows the consumption of fuel with limits and maintains it according to input load. Eight hours without wasting fuel it can run.

Extremely quiet.Expensive.
Portable design.There is a limited capacity of the fuel tank.
Fuel efficiency and cleaner.
Good reviews.
Produces safe power for your devices.

2 Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator

Key Features

  1. Remote start feature.
  2. Easy to assemble.
  3. A big fuel tank that accommodates good amount of fuel.
  4. Higher power output.
westington wgen 7500 portable generator
Check Price

If you are looking for a quick start portable generator then this is a generator with an electric start, which attracts most customers and they are pleased to buy this best generator due to its unique features.

Its battery is always ready to start just because of electric and remote working. But it has not only an electric start but a pull start is also there in case of a battery dead. Some say that it is a well-built and well-designed generator. Westinghouse generators are easy to start and they hold full of gasoline and use according to the load you put on it. The battery will be able to work even after five years.

This generator is big enough to run heavy appliances like air conditioners, fans, and machines. It has a convertible quality when the battery dies you can shift it to a gas-based run which is quite easy to start as the switch starts. This generator is designed to provide power in emergency cases like power outages at homes and construction sites.

The engine has a 420cc 4-stroke capacity which produces an output power of 9500 watts and can last for 16 hours. This portable electric start generator is easy to handle and start. An inexperienced person can handle it easily with just one touch of a remote start. If you are buying this generator then keep in mind this rated generator comes up with three years of the warranty pack. Other features are a digital meter, and a control panel.

Remote start.Heavyweight.
Easy to assemble.Loud.
Large fuel tanks allow it to run for a long time.
High power output.

3 Champion 5500 Dual Fuel

Key Features

  1. Runs on gasoline and propane.
  2. Long endurance.
  3. Able to run heavy machines.
  4. Less cumbersome to transport.
champion 5500 wiith dual fuel
Check Price

If you are looking for a generator that runs on gasoline and propane with a couple of benefits, then this champion 5500 dual fuel generator is the portable generator of your choice. This dual fuel generator is specially used as power backup when heavy storms come. Propane does not get gum up or sticky in parts of the generator between working days or when stored for a large time, unlike gasoline. Are you looking for a generator with more flexible features?

Then this portable generator review will tell you that you are right to buy this. A switching system is available between propane and gasoline fuel systems which is simple to use. Propane does not require the same amount of energy as gasoline that why it’s working may be slightly slow. This generator runs a little quiet on propane as compared to gasoline systems.

On the fuel panel, the propane switch shut down the flow of both propane and generator. Due to this propane remains shut off when the generator is not working. The Digital system on top of the generator shows the hours of working and use of fuel which is good.

This type of generator is useful for camping, bigger RVs, and job sites. This generator is less expensive as compared to other portable generators but with the same benefits. It can run 8 hours in the gas phase and 15 hours in the propane phase due to its 192cc engine capacity.

Pros Cons
Runs on propane and gasoline.Fuel and gas smell leaks while working.
Long run time.Low power output.
Run heavy machines.
Lightweight, easy to transport.

4 WEN 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator:

Key Features

  1. Extremely quiet.
  2. Lightweight.
  3. Safe for sensitive appliances.
Wen portable blender 2000 watt
Check Price

Are you looking for an inverter generator that produces high power but with less noise?

Then this WEN 2000 watt best small portable electric generator is your ideal choice. The engine is 79cc 4-stroke which is the best portable generator on the market and brings about 2000 watts of output power. It can connect many other devices simultaneously.

Its working sound is no more than a normal conversation sound which is in just 51 decibels. It can also charge your mobile phones and laptops which are sensitive ones. It can adjust its fuel according to the load and number of appliances it runs. This small portable affordable generator can clean up its fuel mess and save your money.

It provides support for parallel connection and protection from being overloaded. This quiet portable power generator is useful at construction sites, and in case of power outages at home. Its lightweight body makes it easy to handle and transport and its one-gallon tank of fuel make it run for 6 hours.

This top-rated portable generator is the best choice alternating to many other high brands inverters. This one is best for camping and you can carry it with you easily wherever you want to go for camping and outing. It is useful especially when there is limited storage of fuel capacity and its eco-mode feature makes it easy to manage fuel decomposition.

Extremely quiet.Small fuel tank.
Lightweight.Its plastic body makes it weak.
Safe for sensitive appliances.

5 Honda EU700i Inverter Generator

Key Features

  1. Good power output.
  2. Fuel injection system.
  3. Durable metal body.
honda eu 700i heavy duty
Check Price

If you are searching for a versatile device that is efficient for work as a power backup and your home appliances. This small portable electric generator is an ideal one of your choice. The engine is 389cc and makes output power of 7000 watts which can work for 18 hours. It contains a large fuel tank capacity, this portable generator review shows that it can connect to other devices of the same type for producing more power output.

This generator has the feature of injecting electric fuel which will clean out the fuel by burning resulting in a better fuel system. It can maintain the fuel consumption based on the number and load of appliances loading. When you buy this generator 3 years of warranty is also covered in its features. Its body contains folding handles, circuit breakers, and a control panel. The engineers of Honda use the latest technology to merge parts with generators.

Which can make it a smaller invertor and friendly as compared to old traditional ones. This generator is incredibly quiet because its engine does not work at full speed when it is on. Its manufacturers made it small but quick in work, it can give us all desired power of our home. This handy generator is not only small and quick but also lightweight you can carry it everywhere you want it for instance on camping and family picnics.

Pros Cons
Impressive power output.Heavy.
Fuel injection system.Expensive.
Metal construction body for increased durability.

6 Jackery Portable Power station generator

Key Features

  1. Lighter in weight.
  2. Solar chargeable.
  3. Affordable.
  4. Electric charge.
jackery compact size generator
Check Price

When you need a powerful portable generator with multiple benefits then this generator is the right top-rated portable generator for you which gives additional power. It contains lithium power back up which is enough to provide power while you are camping and can last many hours.

This cheap and best affordable portable generator can charge up your sensitive appliances such as your smartphones and laptops. This one is an ideal choice if you are outside camping or live in an area where storms often come. It contains a solar panel so it can charge up by the full sun, this feature makes it more beneficial and reusable for outdoor events.

Its body contains an LCD monitor which shows up how much it takes energy and gives its output. Its weight is low, that’s why it is easy to transport.

This handy generator contains USB sections that provide charge power to your sensitive appliances such as mobile phones and your laptop. Its solid handle for holding is very comfortable you can carry it where you want to go. These generators have the maximum ability to charge by enough solar panels. It meets our requirements of power at homes and job site friendly. They can also charge your cameras and other communications devices.

Lightweight.Short working time.
Solar charge.
Electric charge.

7 Champion 3500-Watt RV Portable Generator

Key Features

  1. Remote start.
  2. Lifetime technical support.
  3. wallet friendly.
  4. Affordable price.
  5. Easy to use and easy to clean
best portable generator RV
Check Price

Well if someone is looking for a reliable and trustworthy generator company for their home appliances and RV use, then this champion 350-Watt is your ideal choice. It is the most adaptable generator in the market. This one is specially used for camping and RV purposes but can excellently work for household appliances.

Champion is a very old company they know about their customer’s minds and needs. It works beyond expectations. The engine is a 4 strokes single valve and can run home machines easily such as refrigerators and air conditioners.

Usually in cold weather fuel and oil of the engine becomes thick and makes it difficult to start up the generator, but this issue happens in other generators. Champions can start in cold weather easily. So we can say that it can work in extreme conditions.

This generator is easy, small, and convenient to carry everywhere. It can start with a remote and you can leave it friendly without any fear. Although this is a very cheap and best affordable portable generator with good quality. Design is according to the choice of the latest 2021 trend. With a low budget, it can fulfill your all needs and can save money by fuel efficiency.

Start by remote.The lack of wheels makes it poorly portable.
Comes with lifetime technical support.
Cheap with high quality.

8 Pulsar 2000-watt Gas Portable Generator

Key Features

  1. Light weight.
  2. Easy to start.
  3. Quiet and non noisy.
  4. Compact design.
pulsar gas operated generator
Check Price

We talk about electric and dual fuel-based generators with benefits. But this Pulsar 200 watt gas generator is the best portable generator with more power output. Generally, electric generators are used for small devices and in emergencies but gas generators can run large appliances easily with more time.

If you want to run the large machine for a longer period then this gas generator is a good choice. You must be thinking about its sound capacity while working, as you know that it is a gas generator so it has just 52db sound. So we can say that this is an extremely quiet generator with its unique small size which is easy and friendly to carry and handle.

You can carry it for your traveling. If you are standing just 10 feet away with this generator you can barely hear its sound. On weekend tours and family outgoing, this small portable generator is the best investment. On market, this generator for sale at the least prices. So it is easy to buy this generator for every person.

Thanks to its solid handle for making it easy to carry everywhere. It contains 47 pounds weight and 1.18 space of fuel tank container. This generator has a quality of easy and quick start. Now you don’t need to worry about generators like traditional ones make some difficulty in running, latest portable generators make life easy a low educated person can also run it easily.

Easy to start.Short run time.
Compact look.

9 DuroMax XP12000EH Generator

Key Features

  1. Dual Fuel Compatability.
  2. Plenty of storage for fuel.
  3. Produces good power.
duromax powerful generator
Check Price

If you are searching for a generator for just home power outages then this Duromax is the best choice for you. It can run your whole house appliances in emergencies without missing a beat. The outcome of power is 12000 watts which means it can easily run heavy machines at construction sites also where no main source of power is available.

The engine is 457cc with heavyweight but it can be portable and moveable by its moving wheels. Why did we choose this generator? Because it can run all your appliances at home, even air conditioners also. It can work efficiently at low oil dosage also.  Few generators have bad fuel quality cleaning systems, they are not able to drain out their waste fuel and make the smell in the surrounding.

Its features contain a solid metal casing that protects it from damage. It can work on both gas and liquid propane. In the gas phase, it gives us a power output of 12000 watts while in the liquid propane phase it supplies a power output of 11,400 watts of energy.

This is the most affordable portable generator which can be afforded by everyone. It can run your all heavy appliances at home and you will get relax after buying it. As compared to a standby generator it is a more flexible one. It contains heavy wheels which makes it portable and you can carry it to your job site and construction area.

Pros Cons
Dual fuel-based.Heavyweight.
Enough gallon capacity.Secure in one place.
Produce ample power.

10 Rockpals 300-watt Lithium portable generator

Key Features

  1. Senstive devices friendly.
  2. Easy to recharge.
  3. Non noisy working.
  4. Flexible power.
300 watt light generator by rockpals
Check Price

Do you want a hand-friendly, compact, and lightweight generator that is portable and you can carry it every corner of your home, car, and camping? This Rockpals 300 watt generator is an ideal one for your choice. This generator is easy to start and carry everywhere. Its battery is 280Wh efficient and provides enough energy for your working.

This battery is not only enough for your small sensitive devices but also charges your heavy important devices such as your laptop and mobile phones.

Its body contains three types of ports section, USB ports, and standard purpose port and last on is for charging purpose port. Another noticeable feature is it contains an LCD screen that updates you about which port is working and how much energy is produced by it. You can charge this compact generator in three ways, by solar panels, your wall plug sockets, and by your car socket of charging.

Not all generators have the ability to charge things while themselves in the charging phase. You can disable and able the USB ports by on/off buttons on its body. Its LCD screen shows us which phase it is running whether it’s off or on. The rock pals generators have the ability to secure your devices while charging, it does not make any harm like overheat, overcharging, and short circuits to your laptop and mobile phones type appliances.

Friendly for sensitive devices.Automatic shut down.
Easy to recharge.Not useful for heavy appliances.
Quiet working.
Flexible power supply.


And that’s just from this discussion. We are all aware now of the best portable generators, their types, and their features. Top-rated portable generators are available in every range with different benefits. Some are propane and gasoline-type generators that work on both fuels. Others are expensive with electricity and remote start with the same benefits. Their price doesn’t define their benefits because some cheap generators are more beneficial sometimes.

When a power outage occurs, generators are your first choice to keep your home and working sites cool and warm according to weather. But generators are not just traditional ones, you can buy portable generators for outdoor events, and camping. In this era of 2021, power breakdowns, heavy storms are common and you need those generators which can run for many hours.

After reading this discussion you will be able to understand that generators are not only fuel-based they have different charge sources also. They can be charged by solar panels, gas power supply, and dual fuel-based systems. They are available in the market with different price range sales. A medium-class person can also afford it and buy it.