Best Portable Generator Under 500$ in 2022

We all always desire to purchase a good quality product and that is why you do shopping. But you still covertly checking for cheap products that come in the same benefits and quality as expensive ones. Of course, that is called smartness. Buying the best portable generator under the 500 can be doubtful about its quality and warranty. But in this article, you will read about the best cheap inverter generators that will push you to pick them for your needs. This will save your time and maintain a balance for picking the best generator.

When you go for purchasing the best affordable generator some key points are important to consider before buying them. These features help you to decide what kind of inverter generator is suitable for your power requirements. The products you will read in this discussion are top-notch and they are available in different categories some use fuel while others use batteries.

Depending on your power requirement if you buy a high power generator for low power output then do not go for it. You need to buy a generator that gives a low power supply for your sensitive devices. Fuel tank capacity and run time is a main noticeable factor before buying. Do not go for that generator that runs on high fuel consumption because it will go out of your budget.

Noise is another issue to consider before buying any generator because your mental level is distracted by loud noise. The last thing that considers important is its clear and long-lasting warranty pack because if it comes without a warranty you will face many problems with that unit while working. Now let us move on and talk about the best portable generators and the cheapest ones.

Types of Best Low-Cost Portable Generators:

ImageProductDetails  Price
1-briggs&stratton1 Briggs & Stratton 30680 Long endurance, Best performance, Sturdy build.Check Price
2-wen2 WEN 56475 Electric start, Easy to operate, Good outlet selection.Check Price
3-duromax 3 DuroMax XP550EH Dual fuel, Long run time, Remote start.Check Price
4-champion4 Champion 3500 Watt Cheapest Quiet Portable Generator Long endurance, RV purpose unit, Dual fuel compatabilityCheck Price
5-firman5 Firman P01202Multiple outlets, Comes with a warranty, Good run time.Check Price
6-aipower6 A-iPower SUA2000iV Parallel capability, Great power supply, Easy to move.Check Price
7-duromax7 DuroMax XP4400E RV ready generator, Easy to transport.Check Price
8-wen8 WEN GN400i Comes with a warranty, User friendly, Quiet operation.Check Price
9-dirty-hands9 Dirty Hand Tools 104609 Lightweight, Cover protection.Check Price
10-wen10 WEN 56203i Parallel Fixing, Quiet working, Long run time.Check Price

1 Briggs & Stratton 30680

Key Features

  1. Long run time.
  2. Great power supply.
  3. Easy to translocate.
briggs and straton portable generator
Check Price

Due to high-quality engines, Briggs and Stratton’s win the hearts of people, and you cannot go wrong if you buy this fantastic generator for power backup. This brand has made its reputation high in the market due to its reliable and outstanding features that come at an affordable price. With 208cc engine capacity, this unit can provide starting power of 4375 watts and running power of 3500 watts.

This power supply is enough to run your small devices especially at Jobsite and camping sites where electricity requirement is limited. While this unit comes in the heavier side due to its 116Ibs weight but translocating it is quite easy just because of its flexible wheels and moving handle that makes it easy to carry for anyone who wants to move it anywhere.

Its further features include its 5-gallon fuel capacity that runs impressively for 14 hours on 50% of the load. What else anyone can desire for the top portable generator?

These features prove that you can run your appliances all day without any fear. This unit does not have good reviews about noise level but you can estimate how much a generator of this type can produce a noise maximum of 55 to 56db.

Long run time.No ratings of the Noise level.
Great power supply.
Easy to translocate.

2 WEN 56475

Key Features

  1. Electric start.
  2. Easy to operate.
  3. Superb outlet selection.
wen strong exoskeleton generator
Check Price

WEN is one of the best brands that come in the portable generators industry with its high-quality features and many other models. WEN offers you many models or portable generators in different ranges according to your power requirements you can select which one is perfect for your demand.

This unit earns its repute in the market due to its reliability and trustworthy features. For those people who want the high power supply under their budget, they can go undoubtedly for a WEN generator.

Its features of high power wattage and different outlet selection came in high price generators but this unit is an affordable one. With 223c engine capacity, this unit allows providing 3750watts of running power and 4750 watts of starting power. This much power is enough for the job site, camping purpose power requirement.

Its outlet selection feature makes it an eye-catching unit among others in the market at a very affordable price. It contains an hourly reading meter that maintains your generator easily. This luxury generator also has a key electric start method that makes it easy to operate as compared to the pulling start method.

Electric start.Loud Noise.
Easy to operate.
Superb outlet selection.

3 DuroMax XP550EH

Key Features

  1. Dual fuel quality.
  2. Long run time.
  3. Remote electric start.
duromax sturdy generator
Check Price

Duromax is one of the most famous brands in the generator industry it is well known due to its high power wattage and high-quality manufacturing. Anyone can use it according to their power requirements because they are available in a different range of watts.

This generator features a 255cc engine that will provide 4500 running watts and 5500 watts of power of starting. That is sufficient to run your large devices. Do not worry about its running time because you can shift its working mode on propane to gasoline phase. It has dual fuel quality that is available in some generators of high brands. But under this affordable range, you can beat other high-rated generators. This feature will help you to run your generator for a long time without refilling its tank repeatedly. Its 3.96 fuel tank capacity can run for up to 8 hours on 50% of the load.

On the propane phase, its gallon can run for 7 hours on 50% of the load. You can move this unit in the perfect spot with the help of wheels and holding flexible handles. After its review, you can call this generator the best portable generator under the 500 range.

Dual fuel quality.No major issue is detected.
Long run time.
Remote electric start.

4 Champion 3500 Watt Cheapest quiet Portable Generator

Key Features

  1. Long run time.
  2. RV purpose unit.
  3. Dual fuel feature.
champion portable generator
Check Price

Moving forward to our discussion about the best portable generator under the 500 range and the cheapest one. Champion is another on the list that is famous for its high-quality power and reliable manufacturing. This unit is made for RV use you can call it RV portable generator that comes under $500 and its features are most commonly available at a high price.

Its 224cc engine can provide sufficient power for mid-range power requirements and RV purposes. This unit also has dual fuel quality that makes it eye-catching among others and provides double power on the propane and gasoline phase. You can expect a nice outlet selection of this unit due to its RV-ready feature.

It contains two outlets of 120V and one outlet of 120V for RV-ready purposes. You can get your required power on any one of these outlets by the plugin on them. This unit is also perfect to use in residential areas and construction sites because its noise range is 68db which is audible by 23 feet apart.

One main thing that makes me disappoint is its heavyweight and you cannot move it without attaching extra wheels and handles. You can call it the best portable generator for RV.

Long run time.Quite heavy.
RV purpose unit.
Dual fuel feature.

5 Firman P01202

Key Features

  1. Multiple outlets.
  2. Comes with a warranty.
  3. Great run time.
firman p01202 portable generator
Check Price

Firman is one of the less known brands in the market but can compete with high price brands that come above your budget. Firman can compete with its high brand competitors due to its inexpensive price and outstanding features that mostly come with inexpensive ones.

This unit efficiently provides power for your smaller devices. The first feature that attracts me about this model of firman is its small friendly size with an 80cc engine that can provide 1200 watts running power and 1400 watts starting power. With this type of inverter generator, I would not expect much power. You can carry it for travel on high altitudes for power backup. When we talk about its weight it is just 54Ibs anyone can carry it easily.

Its 1.7-gallon capacity is enough to run for up to 10 hours and it is a surprisingly long run time by this small generator. This budget-friendly generator is lightweight and still has different charging outlets for plugging your many devices at a time. The last thing that attracts me to buy this generator is that it comes with 3 years of warranty pack you can blindly trust this brand due to its outstanding features and reviews.

Multiple outlets.No disadvantages or cons are detected yet.
Comes with a warranty.
Great run time.

6 A-iPower SUA2000iV

Key Features

  1. Parallel capability.
  2. Great power supply.
  3. Easy to move.
ai power silent portable generator
Check Price

Portable generators are always user-friendly and they are the first choice for people of that area where electricity blackout is a common issue. They want an easy-to-carry generator that comes in their pocket range with the best features. You landed at the right place if you are in search of the best portable generators.

A-ipower is one of the best portable units that are easy to carry and can handle with its integrated holding handles. While other generators have heavy handles that are not integrated into their bodies, this unit has some extra quality.

That is exactly what you desired for the generator its weight is just 46Ibs and you can carry it wherever you want on camping. You can get 1600 watts of running power and 2000 starting watts. What else you want from the best generator? You can charge up your basic devices and power tools with this user-friendly generator. Its noise level is also bearable you can get the quiet operating sound that is 58db which makes it best for camping on high altitudes and other picnic areas. In other words, you can call it a cheap small generator.

Parallel capability.No remote control feature.
Great power supply.
Easy to move.

7 DuroMax XP4400E

Key Features

  1. RV ready generator.
  2. Easy to transport.
duromax heavy duty generator
Check Price

As compared to other models of DuroMax this XP4400E provides much lesser power but it does not mean that it is not enough for your power requirements. If someone is looking for an affordable generator that runs your sensitive devices without any damage then you must go for this DuroMax model.

The major difference between this model of DuroMax and others is this unit runs on gasoline and you are well known that gasoline mode does not provide much power as compared to other modes of working. You can still get enough power by its 208cc of engine to run your appliances at job sites, for home appliances, and on camping in case of power outages.

Gasoline-based power is much powerful as compared to those generators that run on the gas phase. This generator is going to on the top of the list to buy for those people who want power supply all day because this unit has 3.96 fuel tank capacity that is sufficient to power up your devices for up to 11 hours depending on the load you put on it. I will this magical generator the best portable generator under the 500 range.

RV ready generator.Easy to transport.
Easy to transport.

8 WEN GN400i

Key Features

  1. Comes with a warranty.
  2. User friendly.
  3. Quiet operation.
wen portable generator
Check Price

If someone in search of versatile and top-ranking generators with the best reviews then you must go for this WEN GN400i model. This generator comes in all sizes and shapes you can go for the one that is suitable for your need. Its feature is a top example of how they are adjustable.

This small unit can provide 4000 watts of power and much quieter performance than standard generators that provide the same power. You can charge up some large devices on this compact generator that provide 4000 watts starting power and 3500 watts of running power with 212cc of the engine.

It contains a 1.85-gallon fuel capacity that efficiently runs for 7 hours on 50% of the load. When we talk about its weight it weighs 66Ibs that can move by two persons because it lacks wheels that are a major drawback of this unit.

Its 51db of sound level makes it one of the quietest generators on the list. WEN manufacturers always maintain the trust of their customers their generators even for sale comes with 2 years of warranty pack that mostly comes with high price generators.

Comes with a warranty.No wheels for moving.
User friendly.
Quiet operation.

9 Dirty Hand Tools 104609

Key Features

  1. Lightweight.
  2. Cover protection.
dirty hand tools generator
Check Price

It is the least known brand but still has some outstanding features that make it remarkable and top-rated among its competitors on the market. Personally, I prefer to buy least known generator because they are the ones that have some unique features insight that comes in an affordable range.

That is why I am describing features of the Dirty hand Tool generator that is not well known in the market. This small cheap generator offers enough power to charge up your devices even if you are camping and some power tools also.

This generator is perfect for providing power to your home TVs, refrigerators, and fans with 40cc of the engine. The engine is able to provide power of 800 starting watts and 700 running watts.

Now, look at its small tank capacity which is just 55 gallons. You can run it for 6.5 hours obviously depending on the load you put on it. Its outer body is covered with plastic for extra protection on bad weather days. When we talk about its noise level it is quite bearable with 58db of sound level.

Lightweight.Not a famous brand.
Cover protection.

10 WEN 56203i

Key Features

  1. Parallel fixing.
  2. Quiet working.
  3. Long run time.
wen portable power generator
Check Price

Moving to the last generator of the list we talked about WEN earlier just because they have multiple models. Now we will talk about the WEN 56203i model that is budget-friendly. This unit with 80cc of the engine can provide 1700 running watts and 2000 starting watts of power.

Fuel tank capacity of 1-gallon is enough to work continuously for 7 hours on 505 of load. Its body is compact and small that weighs just 40Ib which is fantastic and easy to carry wherever you want to set it.  You can call it an ultra-lightweight small generator with moving handles that are integrated into its body. You can connect multiple devices at a time to its different outlets.

The latest generators have some unique features one of them is their parallel fixing. You can fix them with other portable generators and inverters in case if you want double of power for running large devices. This generator also has a feature that makes it attractive among others.

Parallel fixing.The controlling system is not user-friendly.
Quiet working.
Long run time.


Moving to conclude our topic it is now clear that what type of the best portable generator under the 500 range are on the top list in the market. Portable generators are in high demand in this era. Especially for people in those areas where power breakout is a major issue. But no one can afford high price tag generators that is why some affordable and best quality generators are also available in the market.

After reading this discussion you will be able to learn that high price tag generators are always not the best ones. Low-cost generators with outstanding features can beat high-range generators easily in the market. Before buying them you can read their features read book it will helpful for you to buy what kind of best portable generator is suitable for your work.

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