Best Portable Blender for Travel and Making Smoothies | 2022

Are you looking for a best portable blender for your travel trip, office, or maybe for your kids so you can blend their food easily? We will help you to choose a good mixer that serves well. We have drafted a list of bestselling blenders on Amazon after keen comparison and extremely hard work. Therefore, if you are looking for a blender with good blending characteristics, then you have come to the perfect place. so sit tight and go through the article and maybe you will get a discount in the end.

Attributes of Best Portable blenders?

While compiling a list for a good and effective blender, we have considered several attributes in all blenders available on Amazon. We have wisely picked the best blenders as we intend to provide good value to our visitors. As everyone’s topmost priority is health so the raw material of every blender should be composed of health-friendly material approved by relevant authorities.

Moreover, we will discuss the technicalities too, but every portable blender must be able to crush and puree both hard and soft ingredients. The foremost trait of good blender that it must not be underpowered. The best portable blender must have the ability to blend both hard ingredients such as nuts and soft ingredients such as baby food.

Portable blender with powerful motor

powerful motor

The base of the blender must be strong and provide sold anchoring to the motor. The motor should be powerful and come up with high RPM to conveniently crush the particles. Do consider blades placement, shape, and sharpness while making a purchase.

Less noisy blender

None of us would prefer noisy blenders and juicers as they are annoying and make us feel awkward while blending or chopping. So, one of our top priorities is that all the blenders that make our list of best portable blenders should be less noisy obviously.

Good Power Wattage

A powerful motor is an essential trait of a good portable blender. As if the motor is not powerful enough the blender cannot blend or crush the particles with ease. Thus, proving to be the loss of our hard-earned money. A good portable blender must at least have a motor of 300-500 Watts. Motors in the specified range can easily chop or blend both hard and soft ingredients conveniently.

Easy controls and Design

Every blender has its control buttons which help the user to interact with the blender machine. But the poor placement material or language barrier could make it difficult for the user to interact easily with the blender thus causing stress and agony. So, the best portable blender must follow a universal schematic n control placement and language for better user experience.

Jug design and material is also a vital trait to define the status of a good juicer and blender. Lids are supposed to have approved material and design so that it is always easy to put ingredients while blending.

Popular brands

Our article is not brand conscious but one has to keep in mind that many brands in the market present their product to be the best which is not the case usually. Moreover, one has to search compare and keep in mind the brands that are the best portable blenders producers. Some of the brands that succeeded to make our list are BlendTec Ninja and Vitamix.

Our considerations for best blenders

We have come up with a list to provide good value for all types of users, users with light usage, and heavy-duty usage. It is understood that a good proportion of buyers need an all-rounder heavy-duty blender. But for gym shakes and proteins, the best option is a light portable blender that serves the purpose well.

Our thorough research has found that we must not overrule the importance of light mini blenders. Furthermore it is vital to have a good battery backup to avoid any inconvenience. For indoor use, heavy-duty blenders will not be a bad choice. For outdoor light use, the light mini blenders are a sane choice.

Our list of 10 best portable blenders

Here is our list of best blenders money can buy. Hopefully, our product analysis will help our visitors to make a solid buying decision. We have crafted a decisive list based on impressive technical specifications, user-friendliness, and positive reviews on Amazon.  Our compiled list will be very useful for our visitors to choose their best blender 2020.

Image Product Name Features Price
BL-480 Ninja BL480 Nutri Powerful motor,
Good for daily use,
Aesthetic design.
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BL-456 Ninja BL456 Blenders Compact and powerful,
Friendly for outdoor use,
Powerful motor and harmless material.
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Nutribullet Rx N17 NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Powerful Motor,
Compact design,
Outdoor use friendly,
Strong and User Friendly.
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Nutribuller Pro 13 pcs NutriBullet Pro Beautiful design,
Crushing hard material,
Powerful motor and blades,
Easy to Clean.
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Blendtec total classic Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender Perfect for all roles,
Practicality while using,
Usage scope,
Sturdy build and easy to wash.
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Nutriblend NBR 1201 NutriBullet NBR-1201 Easy to clean,
Healthy material,
Good for crushing and chopping,
Aesthetic design.
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OSTER BLSPTB Oster BLSTPB-WBL Thermal resettable fuse option,
Unorthodox design,
Made for fitness geeks,
Easy to use and easy to clean.
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Magic bullet blender 11 pcs Magic Bullet Blender Strong base and great torque,
Providing all in one capability,
Handling the thick pastes.
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keyton personal blender Keyton’s Personal Blender Nice Design,
User Friendly,
Perfect for Smoothies,
21 oz Capacity.
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vitamix s 30 Vitamix S30 All in one,
Design and power,
Product quality,
Easy to clean.
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1 Ninja BL480 Nutri


  1. Powerful motor
  2. Good for daily use
  3. Variety of blending options
  4. Good for crushing and chopping
  5. Aesthetic and ergonomic design

best portable blender, ninja bl 480

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No wonder why Ninja BL480 Nutri has secured the top spot in our best blenders list. Thanks to the best positive reviews and brand recognition Ninja blenders stand prominent. Ninja Nutri and all other Ninja blenders are popular for their powerful motors, intelligent delivery, and higher RPMs values. Ninja BL480 Nutri provides fine slicing, blending, and juicing together with highly powerful motors and sharp blades.

Powerful motor

Ninja BL480 Nutri is the best choice for maximum extraction through its blades due to excessive power. Thanks to its sharp blades that smooths all the particles present in the liquid, providing good user experience. The standout feature is the powerful 1000 Watts motor. There is no such issue for an underpowered motor as it delivers optimum power for blending, chopping, and crushing. Powerful motor and compact design make it the best small blender to have.

Good for daily use

Ninja BL480 Nutri is all in one machine from chopping to blending. It is good for daily twice or thrice use, thanks to a sturdy build that promises durability. It provides the best blending solutions from smoothies, shakes, sauce blending to chopping nuts, powdering, and crushing ice. If you are looking for a product with a variety of blending characteristics, then there is none better than Ninja BL480 Nutri. Besides daily use, Ninja Nutri can be used as the best personal blender.

Variety of blending options

A good blender must supply a variety of blending options. Variety blending comprises of juicing, mixing and crushing from hot, cold to freezing items. Thanks to Ninja BL480 Nutri having a powerful motor, effective design, and sharp blades that get the job done. The best portable blender is the one having versatility while chopping, crushing, blending, and mixing. Ninja BL480 fulfills all of these requirements. Its unique design circulates the fluid in a way that small particles are not left unblended and fully smoothed through blade strikes.

Good for crushing and chopping

It works nicely with crushing dry nuts like pistachio, almonds, and walnuts. No issues with crushing ice either, and you will get finely powdered ice. Nothing to worry about while whipping lentils as Ninja BL480 Nutri can easily take care of it. Ninja BL480 Nutri has a good powerful motor hence it doesn’t affect the taste. Even if you use 18 or 24-ounce cup with ultra-blend, you’ll still get the same nutrition value and taste.

Aesthetic and ergonomic design

Good news for those who prefer aesthetic design products, Ninja Nutri blender has a beautiful design that will not bore you. The Black and silver color scheme is very beautiful that never gets old among kitchenware items. In s category Ninja blenders come up with an aesthetic most design. The material is very easy to wash and clean. The motor console can easily be cleaned through wiping wet cloth. The cups are very easy to wash that collectively makes the blender friendly to use.

Parts include in the package

  • Small 18 oz. cup.
  • Regular 24 oz. cup.
  • Sip and seal lids.
  • Extractor blades.
  • Detailed user manuals.
  • Recipe book.


  • Easy to use, lightweight.
  • Powerful 1000 W motor.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Good reviews.
  • Sturdy and durable. Easy to clean and wash.


  • Smaller jars or cups.
  • Might not fine blend thick fluids.

2 Ninja BL456 Blenders


  1. Compact and powerful.
  2. Friendly for outdoor use.
  3. Good for crush and Puree.
  4. Powerful motor and harmless material.
  5. Best extraction of taste and from all types of Ingredients.
  6. Easy to maintain hygiene.

ninja bl 456 portable blender

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Let’s explore the bestselling compact-sized ninja personal blender. Perhaps portable ninja blenders are the best in the market as per Amazon reviews. Crushing ice is not an issue for a blender like Ninja BL456 blender that can crush ice into a fine powder.

Compact and powerful

Ninja BL456 Blenders are best known for compact and friendly size, but the compactness of the blender isn’t hurdled for power. Regardless of the very compact size, Ninja BL456 Blender produces enough power to handle all kinds of food. Let them be soft, hard, cold, or hot Ninja blender’s motor and material can easily handle it.

Friendly for outdoor use

Ninja BL456 Blender has a nice proportion of power to compactness ratio that works well and effectively. The compact size makes it very easy to take wherever we want to. Thanks to the availability of external batteries so we can use it outdoors.

Good for crush and Puree

Ninja BL456 Blender is blessed with high-quality stainless-steel blades that make it easy to crush and blend. The blades are designed in such a way that it never misses an impact with the particles inside the blender. It means that every rotation counts to finely chop, blend, juice, and crush, hence increasing the effectivity. Because of compact size and higher power rating Ninja blender is one of the best portable blenders to use. The blade’s quality and strength give good liberty to crush and blend every possible food ingredient. Ninja BL456 Blender is the best ninja smoothie maker, so it’s a perfect choice for smoothie lovers.

Powerful motor and harmless material

Ninja BL456 Blender contains small and nimble sized yet a very powerful motor as per the design. Thanks to the 900-watt motor that is nowhere smaller in capability than any large-sized blender’s blending capability. Ninja portable blender’s containers are BPA plastic-free. It simply means all the shakes, juices, and smoothies made with Ninja BL456 Blender are healthy for consumption.

Best extraction of taste and from all types of Ingredients

The container design and blades placement are phenomenal to extract the max possible flavor out of fruits and vegetables. The rotation of blades never misses any food or dense liquid particle to whip and blend. The Ninja BL456 Blender is best for baby food, hot liquid, to crush ice, vegs, extracting pulp, and Puree. When it comes to blending protein shakes, you get a fine fluid without any bubbles. Ninja BL456 Blender can surprise you with its quick action with the best taste.

Easy to maintain hygiene

First of all, the material of the blender is BPA plastic-free, so it poses no harm to health. The container design is so easy to wash and clean hence making it a hygienic design. The motor consoles material is composed of good plastic material that can be cleaned with a wet cloth. Lids measurements make them nicely tight, and the plastic container has no hazard of being cracked.


  • Lightweight.
  • 900 W powerful motor.
  • Reasonable price.
  • No BPA plastic products.
  • Easy to clean and wash.
  • Good reviews.


  • Smaller jars or cups.

3 NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender, Black


  1. A product for bodybuilders and nutritionists
  2. Powerful Motor and crystal sharp blades
  3. Compact design
  4. Try new shakes and recipes
  5. Outdoor use friendly
  6. It can handle all
  7. Strong and User Friendly

nutribullet Rx N17 powerful portable blender
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Here we have the best choice for nutrition-conscious customers. NutriBullet blenders are best known for their power that extracts maximum nutrition out of fruits and vegetables. The best standoff feature for Nutri Bullet blender is that it is power with smart technology. The smart technology enables auto start and stops functionality. Let’s find out, why NutriBullet Rx N17 fits all criteria of the best portable blender. 1700 watt NutriBullet is a powerful choice to serve as the best personal blender.

A product for bodybuilders and nutritionists

NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender is the best blender choice for nutrition value concerned users, especially bodybuilders. Over blending can change the taste of the final product, so choosing the best blender is very necessary. Rx N17-1001 is designed and made in such a way to preserve maximum taste, freshness, and nutrition. NutriBullet Blender contains up to 95 percent nutrition, which is a great value.

Powerful Motor and crystal sharp blades

NutriBullet Blender is equipped with an unbelievably powerful motor that delivers 2.3 horsepower. 2.3 horsepower is a huge value for a blender machine motor. Combining such raw power with sharp blades results from best pure and fine blend shakes. Smart technology is designed in such a way to extract maximum nutrients out of shakes and juices.

Compact design

Thanks to its compact design and powerful motor that makes the blend or juice within a few seconds. Compactness and raw power make a great combination that serves as the main feature of Rx N17-1001 Blender. The nimble design has made it easy to carry the blender wherever you want, as it isn’t cumbersome at all.

Try new shakes and recipes

Name any juice, shake, smoothie, or nuts shake and NutriBullet smart blender can easily make it. We can make any recipe through this blender that makes it the best portable blender to spend our money on. With the purchase, you will find a hard copy recipe book having plenty of refreshing recipes you can try. You are going to make yummy shakes and juices with this incredible portable blender.

Outdoor use friendly

Here is a piece of good news that we can use this ultra-powerful smoothie maker outside of the kitchen. We can easily use our blender on the lawn or outdoors camping to make the best shakes recipe. The design is so easy to carry because it is so compact and produces massive power as compared to its size and design. While not being cumbersome NutriBullet Blender can easily be taken anywhere.

It can handle all

Let’s not confuse our users that it can only handle shakes and juices. You can make delicious smoothies, crush ice, fine lentils paste, can crush coffee. Take a few ice cubes and obtain a great white powdery ice to use it in your drinks. Never underestimates the 1700 Watts motor that can crush any nut and even coffee beans into the finest powder. NutriBullet Blender is a complete juicer and blender for Omni blending, juicing, chopping, and mixing purposes.

Strong and User Friendly

The NutriBullet blender is mainly constructed of metal and high-quality plastic. The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel while the cup container is made of high-quality plastic. No BPA plastic components are used to make it safe for human health. All the parts except the motor are easy to wash—no need to rub your fingers with sharp blades. Just pour warm water or soap water and rinse it, and that’s it; it will all be cleaned.

Included parts and accessories

  • Ten pieces included in the whole package.
  • 32 and 42 oz. cup container to make variable things.
  • The 150-page recipe book that included the best of the best shakes recopies.
  • Good quality re-sealable lids.
  • 1-year manufacture warranty.


  • Easy to use.
  • 1700 W super powerful motor.
  • Easily washable.
  • Good reviews.
  • No harmful BPA plastic parts.


  • A little overheating issue.
  • A little expensive.
  • The blades and cup containers are not interchangeable with other models.
  • Smaller jars or cups.

4 NutriBullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender (900 Watts)


  1. Beautiful and effective design
  2. Making Shakes
  3. Crushing hard material
  4. Powerful motor and blades
  5. Easy to Clean

nutribullet 13 piece blender
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Here we are with another awesome product by NutriBullet. This time a little low power but still 900 Watts are more than enough to get the job done. Without any doubt, the best product for fitness enthusiasts, women, and men as this blender will make shakes nicely. Need the finest quality mixer to make protein shakes, then yes, NutriBullet Pro is the best choice to have. 900 watts NutriBullet Pro is stronger than ever to handle hard nuts and seeds to make a fine powder. This beautiful product comes with a 1-year warranty. Nutri blender incorporates great power in a strong small blender. A blender must have the following characterizes to be the best portable blender as discussed below.

Beautiful and effective design

Cup container designed in such a way that it brings the un-chopped and blended particles right back to the blade. Thanks to the unique cup design and 900 Watts motor, power is not an issue with this blender. The effective design has caused great versatility that it can make the best shakes to hard nut butter.

Making Shakes

NutriBullet Pro is the best blender to make different types of shakes. Let them be smoothies, ice cream shakes, milkshakes, Puree, baby food NutriBullet Pro is the best choice. That’s the reason it’s one of the favorites for fitness-conscious women and bodybuilders because it is a shakes specialist. Thanks to its nutrient extraction characteristic that it turns the fruits into smooth shakes without disturbing the nutrition value.

Crushing hard material

It contains an effective crushing mechanism. Hard nuts and seeds are best crushed because of the circular top design of the container. The circular edge container top circulates the un-chopped ingredients to the blades, and eventually, we get the best fine powder. Thanks to the strong and heavy base that no power is dissipated elsewhere but straight to the blades. You can make a fine ice powder by just a few second spin.

Powerful motor and blades

A 900 Watts motor enables a lot of power that can crush small and strong grains with great ease. The intelligent design combines with powerful blades leaves nothing to get blend and crush. Cup container circulates the whole grains and intelligently places sharp blades to get the job done to power them. Nutri Bullet Pro is a small product with a powerful machine, but thanks to the strong console that retains the assembly nicely.

Easy to Clean

NutriBullet Pro has a hassle-free cleaning mechanism due to it’s easy to twist off cup containers and blades. Cleaning isn’t an issue, and you don’t need to expose your fingers to the sharp tips of the blades. Rinse the container and lids with warm and soapy water, and the blender components are cleaned.

What’s included in the package?

  • Powerful 900 Watts base motor.
  • Crystal sharp extractor blades
  • A 32 oz. Cup container.
  • Good quality to-go lid.
  • Lip Ring.
  • Recipe book with tons of recipes.


  • Powerful 900 Watts motor.
  • Easy to wash parts.
  • Wide range of customizable colors.
  • No usage of BPA plastic.


  • A little expensive.
  • A little issue with gasket.
  • It can be heated due to extensive use.

5 Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender with Four Side Jar


  1. Perfect for all roles
  2. Practicality while using
  3. Usage scope
  4. Sturdy build and easy to wash

blendtec total classic heavy duty blender

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Without any doubt, you’ll love the beautiful crystal cubic jug of Blendtec Total Classic blender having plenty of room. It’s the complete blender for your daily use and a must to have a blending machine in your kitchen. Thanks to the positive reviews that make it easy to figure out the popularity of Blendtec blender.

Blendtec total classic blender can easily take all the burden of your daily blender use. Feel free to make shakes, Puree, protein shake stirring, and much more. From mixing and blending hot to cold ingredients, Blendtec blender is your perfect companion.

Perfect for all roles

This aesthetic blender is perfect for all of your blending requirements. Thanks to the powerful motor and strong base that accommodated a handsome capacity jug container. Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender gives you the liberty to utilize is for cold shakes and tomato puree blending for hot and sour soup. The perfectly graduated container helps a lot to make nicely proportionated recipes.

Thanks to the versatility

Versatility and strength can easily be understood by eight years manufacturer warranty. The massive manufacturer warranty speaks itself for the durability and torture bearing capability of the juicer. Its versatility allows us to use it for hot liquid and icy cold liquids. This sturdy juicer/blender is made in the US, and we all are familiar with US build quality. The US build quality is always the finest to have.

Practicality while using

No doubt, the Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender is so practical when it comes to the utilization as a smart blending machine. High RPM for even cool or moderate temperature is tricky for the juicer container. In the case of hot liquids or hot soups, handling such friction and heat is a hard task for blender. In the case of Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender, it’s an easy task to bear such heath because of the finest material and best quality.

Usage scope

All of your worries will be gone while buying this all-rounder blender. You can easily utilize for hot soups, fine pancake batter, Salsa, and our favorite most smoothies. The container won’t fatigue or crack while adding cold water in hot soup and blending hot and cold together. You can make smoother and finest pancake batter to have the best taste of pancakes.

Fresh Salsa is so easy to obtain. Put vegetables in the container jar, and as a result of the gentle button push, you are good to go. Make smoothies with extra liberty and use the power to make the best smoothies. Making kale won’t be that harder any more with this beautiful machine.

Sturdy build and easy to wash

Sturdy build and beautiful Star Wars futuristic design having black and silver color schemes look so cool. Cubical container shape looks so premium and unique, and it also has a great significance in blending and mixing. Thanks to the extra-strong, hard, and sharp blades that crushing ice, nuts, and bullet coffee beans is not an issue.

Thanks to extra thicker blades than other blenders that it can bring the best fineness to the end product. The design makes it very easy to clean. There is no need to poke your fingers around the blades while cleaning. Use warm or soapy water, rinse it, and your blender is clean.


  • Strong and durable.
  • Suitable for both cold and hot.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Easy to wash parts.
  • 75 oz. capacity.


  • A little expensive.
  • Non compact design.

6 NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender (600 Watts)


  1. Fresh and easy to clean
  2. Healthy material
  3. Powerful Cyclonic action
  4. Good for crushing and chopping
  5. Aesthetic and ergonomic design

butribullet NBR 1201 best portable blender
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If you are looking to buy a blender that makes smooth smoothies with great ease then this product is worth buying. Load it up with nuts and replenish the container with milk, press the button, and let the magic begin. A quick machine to make quick and healthy creamy, nutritious shakes. A machine very light in weight, strong with the build quality, and easy to use. NutriBullet NBR-1201 is the wisest choice for the best portable blender in the intermediate category. No issue when you are done with making your favorite shake because it’s easy to wash. A must buy product for gym workout lovers because it’s very easy to make a bubble-free, tasty, and delicious protein shake.

Perfect use of NutriBullet blender

Thanks to variable-sized cups those come with the package that facilitates making smoothies with the big cups. We can make a fine powder of hard seeds and coffee beans with great ease by using the smaller cups. Intelligently made blades deliver great torque that extracts maximum flavor from fiber-rich fruits.

Use NutriBullet NBR-1201 for making new recipes of fruits extracts and juices and stay healthy. Put an apple in a jar and other fruit chunks, blend them, and your healthy shake is ready. NutriBullet is one of the best for fruit shakes. Perhaps it is the best blender for protein shakes. The best solution for blending to make good kale and spinach.

Fresh and easy to clean

Thanks to the simple and easy to clean that keeps the Nutriblend blender very easy to wash the blender. Blender cups are too easy to twist off and open to clean. There are no edges in the compartment hence having a circular design. Due to circular design and round edges, cleaning becomes an easy task to obtain. Thanks to easy cleaning capability that helps to keep the freshness and hygiene. In the small blender category, this blender is a really good choice.

Healthy material

Using plastic vessels for cooking and using them for eatables can be dangerous for health. But not in the case of using NutriBullet juicer because it is free of BPA plastic.  The healthy raw material is top priority for the best portable blender. The container cup material is even good for hot liquid, and they don’t bring any harm to the nutrition value. The main issue is always cleaning, and you can easily clean NutriBullet blending machine with a swipe of a wet cloth. The color scheme is so cool and appealing that it feels so nice while using it.

Powerful Cyclonic action

Thanks to the intelligent design that powers the cyclonic action effect. Cyclonic action affects strike hard the food particles to the strong walls. For fine chopping, the dome-like structure plays an important role that allows the circular movement of the food particles. Cyclone action keeps the pressure high to the walls, and due to circular motion, the un-chopped particles lands on the blade. Upon landing on the blade, they get special treatment that further chops it finely and results in a good quality blend or chopped product.

What comes in the package?

  • Tough motor base packed with 600 Watts motor.
  • 18 oz. and 24 oz. cup containers.
  • 1 tall and 2 short cups.
  • Cup ring with a nice grip handle.
  • Extractor and milling blade.
  • Recipe book.


  • 600 Watts motor.
  • Quality material.
  • No BPA plastic.
  • Easy to grab the cup ring container.
  • Easy to clean, stay fresh.
  • 600-watt motor still amazingly powerful.


  • Lids can be made much tighter.
  • The gasket can be improved.

7 Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle


  1. Thermal resettable fuse option
  2. Unorthodox design
  3. Made for fitness geeks
  4. Some amazing recipes to try
  5. Easy to use and easy to clean

Oster my blend 250 watt blender
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Extremely portable, beautiful, and unique in design and the best choice to have for concerned fitness guys. It’s an excellent product for those looking to buy and extremely portable blender. Oster’s personal portable blender can be the best travel sport blender with a sports bottle. The best thing about this blender is the detachable bottle. After making a protein shake or smoothie, you can even take that to the gym or lawn. Powered by 400-watt motor delivering 250 watts for crushing and blending. A good value is dissipated in many forms, like heat. Place an order right now for the best blender 2020. The detachable cup container or bottle makes Oster blender as best personal blender.

Thermal resettable fuse option

It’s a unique feature that you might not find in many or other blenders. A thermal resettable fuse is responsible for the health of the motor. It comes to action when the motor temperature rises high due to extreme load. All you have to do to use is back after heating is to un-plug for 15 minutes. After unplugging, feel free to use it again as the motor now is out of any hazard of damage. Following this instruction can run your mixer and blender for unusually long.

Unorthodox design

Oster compact blender has one of the best eye-catching design that catches the attention so quickly. A unique look is as tempting as the build so unique, and the color scheme truly catches the eyes. The unique bottle cup makes the design different and unique from other manufacturer design. It has a detachable bottle that’s perfect to use without pouring your shake in another vessel. If you are in a hurry, just make the shake and take the portable bottle with you and enjoy it. Thanks to the durable quality of the bottle that keeps intact even after falling.

Made for fitness geeks

It won’t be wrong if we say Oster blender and mixer are made right for the bodybuilder or fitness models. It isn’t incorporated with an extremely powerful motor as 250 watts are there for blending. So such balanced power is good for making shakes, especially protein shakes. Protein shakes need small power as no crushing is required, just mixing and stirring. If you are looking for weight loss workout, then this one best for you to make fruit juices. Add fresh fruit chunks and healthy ingredients to make healthy and delicious juices.

Some amazing recipes to try

Why not share some amazing recipes you must need to try with this blender. Take a cup of milk, add strawberries, yogurt, kiwi and strawberry, and a tablespoon sugar. Blend it for 20-30 seconds, and delicious shakes are ready to consume. While talking about the best recipes, how can we forget about Raspberry-Lemon smoothie? Take a cup of milk, teaspoon vanilla, a half cup frozen raspberry, and 6 ounces lemon yogurt. Blend it for 20-30 seconds, and Raspberry-Lemon smoothie is ready to sip.

Easy to use and easy to clean

Although Oster juicer blender has a personal portable design but does not use it outdoors as it is made for indoor usage, use the blender on smooth, even surfaces as it provides a good grip to the juicer. The most important concern is to clean the blender after using it. So here is a piece of good news that you can easily wash it by following the easy method. Pour warm water in the blender bottle, rinse it and throw away, the bottle is clean. If you are extra conscious, then put warm water tie the lid and give one round, and now it is properly clean.


  • 400 Watts motor, 250 watts for blending.
  • Quality material.
  • Best choice for mixing and blending.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Convincing reviews.
  • Detachable bottle.
  • BPA free plastic bottle.


  • Some might find motor underpowered.
  • Indoor usage only.
  • Lacks versatility.

8 Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set


  1. Strong base and great torque
  2. Providing all in one capability
  3. Smoothies shake and much more
  4. Handling the thick pastes

magic bullet best personal blender

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Magic Bullet blender provides light blending and chopping solutions that will serve the purpose well. 250-watt high torque motor will not disappoint you with making your perfect shake recipes. Apart from shakes, feel free to powder spices like black and white pepper, sprinkle them on soup and enjoy. Magic Bullet blender can be the best choice for your daily use best portable blender. Magic Bullet has a wide blender range that hits all the audience segments to provide them with the most suitable product. For spice crushing, powdering, and making delicious healthy shakes, you won’t find a better lightweight solution like this.

Strong base and great torque

Thanks to the strong base and high torque that you won’t feel Magic Bullet 250 Watts motor as underpowered. The motor isn’t underpowered because it generated a good amount of torque that will take care of your needs. Along with sharp-edged blades, the powerful and high impact plastic also plays a significant role in fine chop the seeds. It’s simpler than ever to fine chop seeds. The best portable blender needs a motor producing good torque and RPMs. Attach the smaller jar, make a gentle push to the button console. After a few seconds, the finely ground powder is ready to sprinkle on your food.

Providing all in one capability

Magic Bullet blender provides a variety of usability that allows us to do various things. Thanks to the promising design and engineering that allows us to enjoy the versatility of the machine. We can mix, chop, blend, whip, grind, and prepare our favorite meals using Magic Bullet. The blender that fulfills all the roles is best contender for the best portable blender. Making smoothies wasn’t that easy without the lineup of Magic Bullet blenders. Thanks to the authentic recipe books that provide great ideas to allow modification in recipes and try new recipes.

Smoothies shake and much more

Thanks to the comparatively bigger sized cup containers so you can easily put fresh fruit chunks to make fresh and healthy smoothies. Enjoy making ice cream shake in an easier way than ever before using this blender. Most of the shakers are smoothies and shake mixing oriented but enjoy making healthy kale and spinach with Magic Bullet. These handy and compact shakes make it very easy to shake and blend protein shakes without even a single bubble. With this blender, the cooking possibilities are endless. Thanks to the 10 seconds recipe book that will treat your taste buds with an entirely different freshness.

Handling the thick pastes

To fight with many novel diseases, we need to boost our immune system. What else better than ginger garlic paste to boost immunity? Take a few pieces and chunks of garlic and ginger. Put them in chop, and here you have easy to make fine ginger garlic paste. Making delicious sauces is easy to achieve a task. We have enough talk about the fluid and fibrous fruits, but what about thick doughs and batters. You can make a nicely whipped pancake batter in this mixer-chopper and later enjoy delicious pancakes.


  • 250-watt motor.
  • Best for both chopping and mixing.
  • Hygiene friendly.
  • Good reviews.
  • 2 extra lids.


  • Some customers need high wattage motor.
  • Plastic quality can be improved.

9 Keyton’s Personal Blender


  1. Nice Design
  2. User Friendly
  3. Perfect for Smoothies
  4. 21 oz Capacity

keyton best personal blender
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Let it be the base motor console or the sleek, long container, Keyton won’t disappoint you with its design. It’s not just about the design because there is nothing to worry about while using a powerful 300-watt motor. Normally personal blenders have a little weak motor. But Keyton’s case there is a total win-win situation with design, build, and motor power. Gym workout guys will be so happy to see this blending machine. The ergonomic design is packed with an adequate amount of power to provide good versatile usage. Place your order now a Keyton’s personal blender can be your best blender for 2020

Let’s talk about the design first

The main apparent attraction is the sleek and simple design of the motor base. The color scheme is so decent yet tempting. On the base motor section of the blender, you’ll find stylish branding. The good news is you don’t need to spend a huge amount to get your hands on this beautiful portable blender. The unique blender cup can be used as a high-quality bottle container also. Packed with a 300-watt motor, you can make smoothies within seconds. The blades and container design will take care of the rich nutrients’ extraction. Purchase this amazing product on Amazon and say Goodbye to your old personal blender.

User Friendly

Keyton blender has user-friendliness up to higher degrees that even kids can easily use it. Although it is advised not to let the kids use products that can cause any kind of harm to them. The blender base has nicely designed quad base suction points made of high-quality rubber that nicely anchors the base. With the rubber suction cups, the blender is even safe at slippery surfaces, even at good high RPMs. Thanks to the extra provided lids that turn the cup compartment into a bottle. Kids can take that bottle to school, or you can take it to the gym with your favorite flavored protein shake. The blender cups are amazing to use on both blenders and with different lids.

Try some unique recipes

How about trying unique recipes to experience the true potential of this gorgeous machine. As we know, this best smoothies blender is good for smoothies, but now it’s time to try something new. The best part of this personal blender is that it can easily handle hot liquid because of good quality plastic. How about trying delicious and healthy savory citrus salad dressing. The best portable blender can be very useful for trying new recipes.

Take oranges, balsamic vinegar, garlic clove, lime, olive oil, and green onions in the right proportion, start the action, and let the magic happen. In a collection of 10 seconds, recipe pineapple slush will be a must-try thing. Take fresh pineapple chunks, coconut oil, lime, stevia, and coconut water in the right proportion, let the blades chop and blender. You are good to go to have a refreshing taste.

Extra features to talk about

The 21 oz. capacity is, however, more than a personal serving blender. It will satisfy all your needs as a personal blender. You won’t be disappointed with the 300-watt motor power that can bring good power when it comes to crushing. Such a machine is a good choice for kids and adults as it fulfils the daily use of various age groups. A portable blender gives you an excellent facility to charge and take it wherever you want and serve yourself with a refreshing dose of shake.


  • Compact and aesthetic design.
  • Best for shakes.
  • Hygiene friendly.
  • 300 watt motor generates enough power.
  • Extra lids availability.


  • Limited role.
  • Battery life could be increased.

10 Vitamix S30 S-Series Blender


  1. All in one
  2. Design and power
  3. Product quality
  4. Easy to clean

vitamix S 30 best portable blender

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Enjoy versatility with the robustness of Vitamix S 30 that allows you to blend and chop at the finest. Vitamix never compromised on its build quality and providing a premium product to the masses. With this blender, you have a great choice with quantity and the nature of the usage of a blender. Vitamix S 30 comes with 2 containers, you can use the small one for personal use and the bigger one when quantity matters. By all means this one blender simultaneously will fulfill the personal and family needs associated with this blender.

All in one

Let it be crushing bulletproof coffee beans or juicing baby carrots you can do them both as you are provided with 2 containers. Both of the containers have different quantities so we can use them for different roles. The best portable blender needs to be all in one from blending to crushing hard dry nuts and grains. The best part is that this blender acts 2 in one because the small container can serve for personal use. The regular one will serve as a daily kitchen blender. Vitamix S30 comes with 2 types of containers, the first one has a capacity of 20 oz. and the second one has a capacity of 40 oz.

Design and power

The Vitamix blender design is so practical, and it follows productivity and aesthetics. The ergonomic design makes this beautiful machine easy to use. The base console is good and easy to use. You don’t need plenty of time to understand the working of buttons and controls as it is made so practical and easy to use. Notably, a 5-year warranty makes this blender so convincing to buy. The 790-watt motor can easily take care of your blending, chopping, crushing, grinding, and mixing. You won’t feel 790-watt motor as underpowered at all.

Product quality

No compromise has been observed while designing and manufacturing this product. It gives 5 years of warranty, which is a good warranty in contrast to many other blenders and even electric appliances. No harmful plastic has been used in the making of this blender. BPA free plastic has been used to ensure strength and healthy consumption of shakes being produced by Vitamix S 30. Instead of other blenders, this one is lighter in weight.

Easy to clean

Indeed hygiene is a key factor while purchasing blenders. Thanks to the Vitamix blender and chopper hygiene friendly design that makes it very easy to wash and use again and again. By using warm water and a little dishwashing gel, you’ll get washed, neat, and clean Vitamix S 30 blender.


  • Powerful motor.
  • Perfect for small kitchen requirements.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Compact, needs less room.
  • Best for shaking and crushing.


  • Strong suction, a little hard to open after blending.
  • Container cup capacity is small.
  • Loud machine.

Instructions to buy the best portable blender

Before initiating a purchase for shaker, blender, chopper, mixer, or juicer, don’t forget to consider our recommended instructions.

Don’t forget to skim the best compilation of a juicer or blender you are looking for. Shortlist the electric appliances or juicers that best match your requirements. Thoroughly go through the product reviews as it will help a lot in a purchase decision also, Map a good product specification comparison, and now you’ll be clear to your decision.

First of all, consider the price factor if there are good similarities in specifications. Don’t forget to have a keen eye on the warranty. The good companies provide long term warranty therefore, normal sale products contain short or no warranty contrast with regular products. We hope the entire article has been useful for you to make a firm decision to buy the best blender.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which blender is best for crushing nuts and powdering ice?

Ninja blender series is the best for crushing nuts and powdering ice because of the round top container design that brings the un-chopped ingredients back to the blades and never let them miss a single blade strike to make a nice fine powder.

Which blender is best for smoothies?

Suitable most blender for smoothies is Nutri Bullet blender series because they are best for conserving and retaining the original nutrition value and taste of the fruits.

Which one is the best Personal blender and why?

Best personal blenders in our list are Oster BLSTPB-WBL and Keyton Personal Blender. Both blenders have handsome wattage required for the Personal blender category. Both of them have detachable container cup that can be used as a bottle.

Which blender comes with the longest warranty?

Blendtec Total Classic comes with 8 years warranty making it undisputed in long lasting warranty blenders.

What are the characteristics of best blender?

Characteristics for good blender are as follow.
Good blander is the one having BPA free plastic. A blender that justifies it price. A good blender is the one having equal ability to crush and blend. If a blender can handle hot and cold temperatures then it’s the perfect one.