Best Portable Blender Under $100 Affordable yet Effective| 2022

No doubt a blender is an essential device for every kitchen. In spite, it’s a vital kitchen tool, but it doesn’t mean to spill too much money on a blender when you can still buy a fantastic blender for $100. In this review article, we will discuss the best portable blender under $100. It was tough to shortlist the best blender under a hundred dollars price tag because the market is so competitive.

It was easy to find a personal blender under 100 dollars, but finding a countertop blender wasn’t. After thorough research, we have successfully drafted out a list of 10 best portable mixers under hundred dollars price tag. Our review article is valuable for the customers as it’s an essence of tireless research. We haven’t compromised a bit on quality and performance while segmenting the blenders.

In advertisements and marketing campaigns, all the blenders are portrayed to be flawless. In reality, all of them lack a few things. Like some of them have a glass jar and of them doesn’t. Some have the functional capacity, and some don’t. Some have easy to use controls interface, and some have complicated.

A good juicer blender is a blessing for vegetarians and fitness geeks since they love to enjoy organic fruits, vegetable juices and protein shakes. Enjoy the ease of making fresh salad dressings and maintain a good keto diet. Low-calorie diet conscious people can make smooth oatmeals or smooth organic food with a blender that serves ideally.

Best portable blender under $100

Our review emphasizes highlighting the main features like price, build quality, motor performance, health-friendly material and durability. Cooking has been the loveliest job for many, all around the world because of COVID 19. You need a versatile mixer that assists in making new things like baking cakes and cookies. Let it be pureeing, crushing or grinding ingredients you are dependent on blending machines. These are the main chores of a blender. One can ease down all of this with the help of a good juicer.

Our expert team has drafted out a list of 10 best blenders based on many attributes. All the chosen blenders are from popular manufacturers. The list contains blenders from Ninja, Nutribullet, Cincred, Oster, Instant Ace Nova and Black+Decker. All these names sound so familiar. All of them are popular in the market for producing the finest blending and juicing products.

Thanks to these magnificent and capable machines that cooking has now become a lot easier and fun thing. Frankly speaking, a 100 dollar price tag isn’t that small to accommodate a good blender. Despite it won’t, you buy a hardcore and high-end Juicer, but still, you’ll end up buying a fantastic product. And finally, now it’s time to plunge into the world of blenders and find out the best one. Let’s explore them one by one.

Qualities of a good blender

A good blender is one that contains several abilities and specialities. It must promise the versatility to take care of all types of ingredients, let it be hard or soft. A blender that serves longer without any issue is an ideal blender to spend money on. A best portable blender is one that delivers enough power to deal with all kinds of ingredients. In short, a quiet and versatile blender is best to have because it doesn’t annoy. Most countertop blenders aren’t quiet because they have good wattage.


Crushing is the main attribute of a blender as it shows the power of the motor. A weak blender cannot perform flawless crushing, and its weakness will be exposed sooner or later. It requires hard plastic or glass pitcher, sharp blades and a powerful copper motor that delivers enough power to pulverize hard and dry ingredients.


A blender contains a different type of blade shapes with varying angles of orientation. The omnidirectional blades make them perfect for dealing with all nature of ingredients. Usually, the thicker edge is for crushing and ultra-sharp, and thin leaves are for soft elements.


Versatility is a must-have thing for any blender because we cannot have many mixers for different roles. It’s not possible to keep 3-4 blenders on the kitchen shelf for crushing, emulsifying, pureeing and making smoothies. A good blender is one that provides all in one functionality.

Build Quality

Build quality is a crucial thing while considering to buy a blender. If build quality isn’t right then powerful motor and other capabilities don’t matter. A good blender is one that performs flawless blending and lasts long. Otherwise one has to buy again and again after until one finds a perfect one.

ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
1 ninja pro 72 ozNinja Professional 72 Oz Countertop BlenderErgonomic design, 1000 watt power, Interactive controls.Check Price
2 Nutribullet ZNBF30400Z, 1200WNutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender 1200 Watts
Premium brand, matte finishing, BPA free plastic jug, The pitcher can better handle the heat.
Check Price
3 nutribullet pro - 13 piece high speedNutriBullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender
Bullet design cup container, 13 piece mixer set, 900 watt power, stainless steel blades.
Check Price
4 cincred personal countertop blenderCincred, Personal Countertop Blender with 400ML Travel CupAesthetic design, good quality cup containers, best design for smoothies, Nutrition extraction technology
Check Price
5 Instant ace nova blenderInstant Ace Nova Blender, 56 Oz Glass Pitcher, Hot & Cold SettingsBest for hot and cold blending, modernized controls, separate blending modes. 10 speed control optionsCheck Price
6-Oster-blender-pro-1200Oster Blender Pro 1200 with Glass Jar and 24-Ounce Smoothie CupExtra smoothie jar for smoothies, 1200 watt power, 7 speed blending. dual direction blending.Check Price
8-Oster-BLSTTSCB-2000-pro-blenderOster BLSTTSCB2000 Pro Blender1200 watt powerful motor, Stainless steel blades, Tritan cup containers, Two 24 oz travel cups.Check Price
9 Aicok 35000 RPM high speed blenderAicok, 35000 RPM High-Speed Professional Countertop Blender35000 RPM, 1400 watt power, 6 point blades, easy to clean.Check Price
10-blackdecker-crush-masterBLACK+DECKER Crush Master 10-Speed Blender550 watt light blender, light countertop blender, easy and old school button console, 5 cup 40 ounce blenderCheck Price
7-blendworks-10-piece-all-in-one-blenderBlendworks, 10 Pc All-In-One Blender SetComes with a lot of accessories, affordable yet premium, Raw power, Perfect smoothie makerCheck Price

1 Ninja Professional (BL610), 72 Oz Countertop Blender


  1. 1000 watt power.
  2. Six leaf blade.
  3. Sizable Pitcher.
  4. Powerful enough to try new recipes.

ninja portable blender under $100

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1000 watt raw power

Ninja BL 610 contains a massive 1000 watt power motor that can punish the hard ingredients. Enjoy fresh bulletproof coffee and stay healthy and energetic. Apart from coffee, crushing ice into powdery is an easy task for Ninja BL 610.

Among the countertop category, it provides the best power and quality. Ninja is one of the best brands in the business, and it doesn’t disappoint. In countertop, category ninja allows making volumes of smoothies as it can accommodate 62 ounces of liquid. The manual four-speed adjustment adds lots of conveniences to set the RPM according to the nature of the ingredient.

Six blades assembly

Unique and effective blades design ensures maximum versatility. Among six-leaf blades setup, 2 of them are ultra-sharp to take care of pulpy ingredients. The hard and non-sharp blades are there to crush the hard ice ingredients like bulletproof coffee beans.

The remaining blades with a certain angle is a multipurpose blade that assists both pairs of blades. It’s the best countertop blender to make baby food and delicious smoothies in sizeable quantity. Don’t hesitate to make frozen fruits shakes or slush as it doesn’t disappoint at all.

Sizeable Pitcher

The pitcher has the capacity of 72 ounces. Still, it can accommodate 62 ounces of liquid because while blending the fluid level rises. If we fill the entire blender jug, then the shake will spill out of the container. High-quality BPA free plastic makes it perfect to use as it doesn’t pose any issues to the health.

The massive volume enables you to enjoy smoothies with the entire family. With personal blender, one can only make a glass or two. Still, with this large countertop blender, we can easily make smoothies for family.

Enjoy new recipes

How about trying kale shake that’s extremely good for health but here is a problem. Since its leafy soft so there are chances that it might get stick to the blades and walls. While talking about Ninja Professional, there isn’t such case because it produces such an excellent centrifuge that ingredients doesn’t get stuck. That’s why this blender is a good choice to try keto or oat meal.

Enjoy versatility with this beast. Try frozen drink icy slush with the right quantity. Making frozen raspberry slush will be a fantastic idea, and you’ll have a smooth and silky raspberry shake. Ninja countertop is best for making salad dressings, blending lentils and stirring protein shakes.


  • Premium quality.
  • Powerful 1000 watt motor.
  • Six leaf blades assembly.
  • Easy to navigate controls.
  • Strong and sturdy.


  • Hard to clean the blades.
  • The plastic might have issues with long term daily usage.

2 NutriBullet 1200 Watts ZNBF30400Z Blender


  1. Extremely powerful
  2. Stainless steel blades
  3. Versatile
  4. Aesthetic and unorthodox design

nutribullet portable blender under $100

Check Price

Extremely powerful

What makes Nutribullet blender special is its 1200 Watts super powerful motor. The multispeed motor is very effective against all possible ingredients. Nutribullet’s pitcher is correctly designed to make delicious milkshakes. It makes delicious and wholesome shake and doesn’t separate the fruit fibres from the shakes. It’s a strong contender to compete under $100 price tag.

Remember one thing, do not break the ice without liquid because the blender struggles to do so. Add a little liquid, and then it will nicely crush and blend the ice. This blender contains tampers, and it handles thick and viscous liquids or batters. It’s a very sound choice to process baby food.

Stainless steel blades

All the magic happens through these intense and sharp stainless steel blades. The blender jug contains permanent blades console. We cannot detach the blades from the jug container. It includes six-leaf blades. Four of them are standard long blades while the other two are small with ultra-sharp edges.

We advise cleaning the blades with exceptional care as they are very sharp and can cause a cut. The blades deliver an amazing cyclonic action that pulverizes all medium and hard materials. The small and sharp blades are there to make your green smoothies perfect.

More Room

Nutribullet blender has come up with a fantastic unorthodox design. The jug is so spacious that it can easily handle a good volume of liquid. The pitcher is wide hence provides good circular cyclonic rotations. The pitcher contains nice vents that look so ergonomic. Apart from pretty looks, the design of the special vent plays a vital role in a better fluid circular motion.

Large and broad jug makes it easy to pour in and out of the liquids and shakes. Thanks to the high-quality BPA material that it can handle heat nicely and blend the soups beautifully.

The aesthetic and unorthodox design

The unorthodox design is the best to blend and mix baby food. Usually soft baby food sticks with either the walls or the blades the in case of Nutribullet it doesn’t happen at all. The control console is nicely intact that it doesn’t confuse at all. Three-speed levels are nicely visible, so there is no confusion while using the blender.

The blender contains a sturdy base that gives it a firm standing on any surface. Despite being more substantial and more prominent in size, it comfortably stands on the kitchen table or marble slab. It contains beautiful matte finishing that’s easy to clean by wiping wet cloth.


  • 1200 Watt power.
  • Easy controls.
  • Ergonomic design with premium finishing.
  • Three manual speed levels. BPA free plastic jug.


  • Noisy blender.
  • Can’t crush ice without liquid.

3 NutriBullet Pro – (900 Watts) high speed best portable blender under $100


  1. Strong and Powerful
  2. Nutrition Extraction technology.
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Versatile.

13 pieces best portable blender nutribullet
Check Price

Strong and Powerful

With Nutribullet Pro, you won’t face power issues at all. It contains such a powerful, robust motor that delivers 900-watt power and that too with such a small body. A compact design with such power allows it to be the best in portable blenders league. It’s a perfect portable blender for ice crushing and powdering hard seeds.

The bullet design allows the liquid rotation upwards to downwards so that maximum chunks may come in blades contact. Razor-sharp blades don’t spare a single piece undone with blending. Now make flawless frozen fruits smoothie in lockdown and have fun. Apart from frozen fruit smoothies try frozen drinks slush and refresh yourself.

Nutrition Extraction

In portable blenders market, Nutribullet has a unique recognition because of its bullet-design and nutrition extraction feature. Whatever you make with this blender, let it be green smoothies or kale it doesn’t disappoint at all.  Let it be fruits or organic vegetarian stuff, nutribullet nutrition extraction can extract fibrous nutrition from the core of fruit chunks.

Nutrition extraction is a signature blending process of Nutribullet. To understand simply, it doesn’t affect the taste. It preserves all the nutrition value, vitamins and fibers containing delicious and silky smooth shake. It becomes possible because of bullet design, ultra-sharp blades and power-driven by the motor.

Besides from smoothies and fruits juice stuff, the portable blender is the best for making bubble free smooth protein shakes. In countertop blender, soft leafy ingredients get stick to the blades, but Nutribullet is best for making green smoothies.

Easy to clean

All the blender parts except the motor console are dishwasher safe. Because of unique bullet design, the food particles don’t stick to the walls or on the blades, unlike countertop blenders. The top container is made of BPA free plastic that’s sturdy and easy to wash.

The easy to clean capability makes the blender top odor free. So every time we make juice or shake, it feels fresh. There is no need to hesitate while washing as the blender components are dishwasher safe.

What comes in the package

The Nutribullet blender comes with a hefty package containing 13 pieces collectively. First of all, it reaches the heart of the mixer, the 900 Watt motor. Then it comes to the sharp and durable extractor blades. The blender package contains BPA free cups.

A 32 ounces top cup container with to-go lids enhances the usability of the blender. One can easily enjoy fresh shakes at the workplace during the break. To add hand grip convenience, there is a lip ring with the handle. Last but not the least there is recipe book having several easy to make shakes and juice recipes.


  • 900 Watt powerful motor.
  • BPA free plastic cup container.
  • Nutrition extraction technology.
  • Many useful accessories in the package.
  • Can crush ice.


  • The cup containers have a minimal capacity.
  • It only has 32 ounces capacity.

4 Cincred, Mini Portable Food Blender with a Travel cup


  1. Easy to operate
  2. High-quality material
  3. Strong motor
  4. Easy cleaning and cooling

cincred personal smoothie blender under $100
Check Price

Easy to operate

Thanks to the design simplicity that adds a great convenience to operate. The cup container contains simple straight walls with no twists and dents. Just put in the ingredients, pour a little water or milk and start the magic. It’s fascinating that the blender doesn’t contain any button.

After you are done with putting all the ingredients tight the container and gently press it from top to bottom, and it will start blending. The manufacturer has kept the working mechanism convenient and straightforward. It ensures maximum safety; hence the blender is kid friendly.

High-quality material

The cup container is made up of Tritan plastic. Typically vessels for kids contain Tritan plastic because it is entirely safe for health and poses no harm to health. To prevent spillage, the blender includes double sealing. Double insulation makes it safe from spillage.

So one can easily take it anywhere while putting it in a bag or car. The blender contains slag remover to provide neat and clean shake. Slag remover removes the slag, then replace the lid having a hanging grip to add convenience while carrying. Enjoy slag free smoothies and have fun.

Strong motor

Cincred blender has a powerful motor that makes the fresh smoothies ready within a matter of seconds. Moreover, the blender contains four leaf sharp blades that extract the natural flavour from small bits of fruits and vegetables.

Ultra-sharp blades can crush hard materials and extract maximum juice and nutrients from soft and pulpy ingredients. In this particular variant, the performance has been enhanced to deliver better blending services.

Easy cleaning and cooling

One of the most significant Pro of having a portable blender is the natural ability to wash the blender. The cleaning process is straightforward as the food particles don’t quickly get stick to the top container. All you have to do is to rinse the container with hot water, and it will be clean to use.

Another way to wash the blender is to give hot water a few blending runs, so the blades and container are completely clean.

The blender bottom has a brilliant design that helps to get cold quickly. The motor potion is suspended in the air while having space. That space allows the air to pass and keep the motor fresh. After blending, we can utilize this room to accommodate the cable.


  • Aesthetic design.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Easy cooling mechanism.
  • Slag remover.


  • Capacity is small.
  • The narrow container cannot crush ice cubes.

5 Instant Ace Nova Blender, 56 Oz Glass Pitcher


  1. Powerful option
  2. 8 Food processing presets
  3. A blender that cooks
  4. Perfect build quality.

Instant Ace Nova portable blender

Check Price

Powerful option

Instant Ace Nova aces the list of Best portable blenders under $100. It offers exciting features that you’ll love to have in your countertop blender. The powerful blender generates 25000 RPM, which is more than enough to break and chop hard ingredients.

It contains customizable ten-speed options that accommodate all possible ingredients. Instant Ace’s smart technology provides a fantastic preset for eight types of materials. There are dedicated buttons to turn on the optimal power settings as per the ingredients so that blender adjusts the RPM and power accordingly.

8 Food processing presets

Instant Ace has provided a dedicated preset and a button for the most frequent recipes we make. Among soft ingredients, we get preset for smoothies, puree, pulse, soy milk, rice milk and soup. It’s programmed in such a way that it adjusts its RPM and power delivery as per the selected preset.

For hardcore usages, there is a frozen dessert, and crushed ice presets that will deliver excellent power. Thanks to the glass container that you can make hot soup puree. One of the unique features is the ability of blender to keep the things warm as there is a separate button for that.

A blender that cooks

We usually use to see 4 or 6 leaf blender blades, but here in this blender, there are eight leaf blades. I have reviewed a lot of personal, handheld, countertop and immersion blender. Still, the thing is so unique in mixers to have eight leaf blades.

Surprisingly it can even take care of raw meat because of raw power and lethal blades design. This blender cook because it can keep the temperature warm for soups or other cordial syrups. One can easily add chickpeas or anything else live on run time while blending and pureeing the hot soup.


Just like the blender and its unique features, accessories too are so amazing. First of all, let’s talk about the tamper. You’ll get a tamper in the package. Then there is a measuring cup for graduation purposes to use the ingredients in precise proportion.

After that, there is a cleaning brush that helps to clean the blender and keeps it odour free. The package also contains food-safe that makes the deal further interesting. The package also includes a machine washable strainer bag. And finally, there is a 120Volt power supply working at 60 hertz.


  • 25000 RPM motor.
  • Glass jug container.
  • Eight leaf blades.
  • Eight presets for blending.
  • The capability of keeping the food hot.


  • Button interface may confuse.
  • There are a lot of buttons.

6 Oster Blender Pro 1200 with Glass Jar and 24-Ounce Smoothie Cup


  1. Powerful juicer.
  2. Sturdy material
  3. Smart blending technology
  4. Tons of features.

Oster budget under 100 dollar blender

Check Price


The Oster blender contains an impressive 1200 watt power that helps a lot to pulverize hard ingredients. Ice crushing has been made a lot easier with this blender. Ordinarily high-performance personal blenders crush ice nicely, but Oster blender doesn’t disappoint at all.

I won’t be just enough if I do not talk about the efficient Crushpro 6 blade technology. The blender delivers cyclonic power through 6 leaf blades as it is understood that a particular amount of energy is wasted in heat dissipation or any other form. In Oster blender, 900-watt power is available for juicing, blending, mixing and juicing.

Sturdy material

Oster has strengthened the build quality aspect of the blender nicely. You won’t have any complaint regarding the build quality of the mixer or any component. The jar is so broad and spacious that makes it easier to pour in and out the liquid.

The six cup dishwasher friendly jug container is made up of boro glass jar. The jar can withstand thermal shock that speaks for the strength of the pot. It can easily withstand microwave session, making it perfect to use in comparison to the plastic container. The premium metallic finishing has an extended warranty of a decade.

Smart blending technology

Smart blending technology contains a seven-speed blending option that doesn’t spare any kind of ingredient. One-touch control further eases the whole blending mechanism with no confusion. Smart blending technology makes this blender perfect for salsa and margarita.

Soft leafy ingredients are difficult to beautiful blend than that of hard elements like ice. It’s because they stick with the blades and doesn’t get exceptional blending treatment. To avoid such an inconvenience Oster blender has come up with smart blending technology that enables the blender motor to run on both clocks and anticlockwise.

Miscellaneous features

It allows great flexibility to blend soft and hard ingredients. Dual way spinning allows superb blending, including hard and soft ingredients altogether. It’s nice to have a glass jug container because not everyone is fond of using plastic jug containers. The glass pitcher is perfect to take heat, it even can resist microwave torture.

Some people find the juice or shake smelly while using the plastic container. The glass container gives excellent flexibility while using it for pureeing soups. Seven-speed blending provide great liberty to select the mixing either we want to keep it smooth or chunky we can have what we want. As final remarks, it’s a good contender for best portable blender under $100.


  • Premium quality.
  • A separate cup container for smoothies.
  • Glass jug container.
  • Seven-speed blending. Dual directional blending.


  • Too many buttons.
  • Buttons can confuse a new user.

7 Oster BLSTTSCB2000 Pro Blender


  1. Powerful motor
  2. 2 extra 24 oz cup travel bottles.
  3. Rich features.
  4. Builtin recipe preset.

Enjoy finest blending with Oster

Check Price

Powerful motor

It gets better at blending and juicing with 1200 watt high-performance motor. The 1200 watt, wattage isn’t too overpowering or less dominant, but it gets the job nicely. The motor while working with sharp blades delivers and amazing performance resulting in satisfying blending and juicing results.

Smart engineering enables us to control the speed with pre-provided presets. With the help of presets, we can make thin medium or thick shakes and batter depending upon the recipe we are making. It’s nice to enjoy the delicious chunky soup with Oster pro blender. Under $100 price range its’ best budget blender.

Blender containers

The blender container has a unique shape. It has a stubbed way with more width than that of height. It provides proper anchoring to the bottom console while there is weight and blending kicks in. It’s an eight glass dishwasher safe blender.

The building material of the jug jar is Tritan. Tritan plastic is better known for its strength and long-lasting quality. Besides all this Tritan plastic is the best choice to prepare baby food as it poses no harm to the food. Apart from might container, you get two smoothies cup to enjoy instant blend and go smoothies. 

Special options and features

Make perfect personal smoothies or make for a family in the pitcher. The manual three-speed adjustment adds an excellent convenience to set the speed according to recipe requirement. Some recipes don’t need subtle blending like soups. Some recipes need fine smooth and silky mixing like protein shakes.

Beside low medium and high speed presets there are built-in presets for smoothies, milkshake and salsa. What it does is manually adjusts the optimum power and RPM setting for processing this food. All that has been made possible with the powerful and durable motor that serves long.

That’s what we get with the blender

The wholesome package contains all the essential stuff we need to make delightful recipes and shakes. It won’t be wrong to call it Oster smoothie blender as it includes two extra smoothie cups to make smoothies with 1200 watt power. Each of these cups contains 24 ounces capacity. Apart from smoothie cup, it provides a Tritan pitcher with the excellent room.  

Oster blender delivers perfect results because it has an all-new set of blades that are much bigger and wider. It contains more width than the usual edges hence provides more coverage and maximum food ingredients contact.


  • 1200 watt motor.
  • Two extra 24 ounce cups.
  • Tritan pitcher.
  • Manual speed control buttons.
  • Contains recipe presets.


  • Bad news for glass pitcher lovers, no glass jug container.
  • Lacks cyclonic action because of wide blades.
  • Air pockets between wide blades.

8 Aicok, 35000 RPM High-Speed Professional Countertop Blender


  1. Powerful Motor
  2. The 6-point blade
  3. Hassle-free cleaning
  4. The security protection system

Aicok high RPM smoothie maker

Check Price

Powerful motor

Imagine what it would be to make fresh smoothies with 1400 watt powerful motor. With 35000 RPM you can make milkshake quickly than ever before. Just 20 seconds are blending, and your shake is ready to enjoy. Aicok has seven precision speed levels that help to set the blending intensity.

The blender cups have an exciting design that causes a particular vortex while blending. The vortex creates a suction effect towards the blades, so it attracts the un-blend ingredients. Pulse feature further adds perfection in combining. Seventy-two ounces pitcher is spacious enough to make fresh smoothies for siblings at a time.

The 6-point blade

A good set of blades enhances the blending capability of a blender. The more advance the leaves are the better crushing and pulp juicing capabilities the mixer has. In the case of Aicok professional countertop blender, it has 6 points sharp edge blender that works perfectly for all possible ingredients.

The stainless steel blades usually don’t get dull. Its edges remain sharper for a longer time while providing excellent blending capabilities. Besides blades, there is a BPA free pitcher that serves nicely due to sturdiness. The pitcher even has survived the drop test.

Hassle-free cleaning

The broader pitcher design blesses with great ease to wash and keep the pitcher clean. The natural ability to clean the pitcher keeps it clean and odour free. After a cleaning session, the blender top looks as fresh as the newer unit.

Well, there is no special cleaning tips or tricks; it takes no more than the standard ways to clean the blender. Add water put a few drops of liquid soap and give it a thorough spinning. Pour out all the soapy water. Add water once again, rinse it and get as a cleaner and fresher blender as a newer one.

The security protection system

There is a snap mark on both the bottom container and top jug container. When you separate both the blender automatically stops working. This system is handy and useful to ensure safety in case a kid separates the blender top in someone’s absence.

The pitcher and the lids have flawless precision. Even if the pitcher fells on the ground, the cap remains intact to the blender top. The safety capabilities have made this blender kid friendly.


  • 1400 watt powerful motor.
  • 6 point stainless steel blades.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Variable speed and pulse options.
  • Impressive safety features.


  • The extra power doesn’t help that much to make desirable humus.
  • Noisy blender.

9 BLACK+DECKER Crush Master 10-Speed Blender


  1. Lightweight motor
  2. Stainless steel blades.
  3. Special Blender components
  4. Easy to navigate controls.

light portable blender mixer

Check Price

Lightweight motor

The blender contains a 550-watt motor, but still, it doesn’t compromise on blending. The efficient design and lightweight structure deliver satisfactory performance even with a 550-watt blending motor. Ten-speed pulse option is beneficial to adjust the rotations as per requirements. 550-watt motor isn’t a bad deal for a light 5 cup 40 ounces blender jar.

Blade Assembly

Black+Decker blender contains four edge blades assembly that works terrific on this light to a medium category countertop blender. Four-leaf blades assembly is fantastic as it generates excellent torque and spin as per the provided power.

 Multilevel blades assembly utilizes the power nicely. So all the delivered energy is used correctly by the blender. Yes, it would be useless to use 6 point blades since the motor contains a 550-watt blender motor.

Blender components

The blender component is light and easy to use and store. The basic idea behind the blender was to make a thing that fits perfectly in this price bracket. The jar lid contains a nice pour spout which helps a lot to introduce extra ingredients in the blender while it’s acting.

The pour spout has a very calm and precise design that it doesn’t spill even a minimal splash of the liquid. The pour spout discourages splash and spillage. All the blender components are entirely dishwasher safe.

Why BLACK+DECKER is a sound choice

It’s a fantastic choice for blending as it contains cool features like a 10-speed blending option. Sometimes we don’t need high RPM as it’s just like overkill, so having speed adjustment capability is handy and works well. The lightweight blender is easy to pour, and we can pour several servings of our favorite soup and smoothies without fatigue. Another plus point of the mixer is that it’s easy and convenient to clean.


  • 550 watt light countertop blender.
  • Lightweight parts, easy to use and pour.
  • Ten-speed blending option.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy and old school buttons console.


  • Not the right choice for heavy-duty blender.
  • There are other choices in this price bracket.

10 Blendworks, 10 Pc All-In-One Blender Set 


  1. Raw power
  2. Premium build.
  3. A perfect smoothie maker
  4. A lot of stuff in the Package

blendworks 2 horsepower blender

Check Price

Powerful motor

Blendworks has done a fantastic job by equipping the blender with 1500 watt powerful motor. A 2 horsepower blender generates relentless power to pulverize frozen drinks and ice. The industrial graded high-speed motor serves will all-round capabilities.

The 120 volts blender delivers 30000 RPM, which is more than many blenders of the same price range. The mixer provides the power straight to the six-leaf stainless steel blades. The one-touch one and off capability makes it very convenient to operate the blender.

The building material

So let’s begin with the pitcher. The jug container is made of BPA free plastic. Mostly all the heavy-duty blending products contain the same BPA plastic material for the jar construction because it’s safe for health. Apart from BPA free, the blender parts are dishwasher free, and it keeps it odour free.

The jug container is free from phthalate. Easy to remove silicon base is perfect for cleaning the blender. The best of all features is the non-slip texture that helps to maintain a good firm grip. If you are looking for a cord storage compartment, then it is situated right under the blender motor console.

A perfect smoothie maker

It makes smoothies better than many blenders in this list. It contains all that we need for making perfect smoothies. Let it be a sizeable ultra-powerful blender or six leap high spinning blades; the Blendworks blender has them both. Because of 1500 watt motor, slushing frozen cocktails isn’t a big deal.

Its raw power can handle all type of food processing from hard to leafy soft and pulpy food. Removable measuring cup lid helps to measure the liquid ingredients to keep the ingredient proportion up to the mark. 1500 watt power is enough to make popular cocktails and salad dressings.

A lot of stuff in the Package

The package contains crazy stuff. For making apple smoothies, there is a separate apple slicer to cut the apples in a suitable size. Then it’s so convenient to makes smoothies of a uniform size slices. Thanks to the 20 oz travel cup that enables to take away the blender juice at outdoors and enjoy.

There’s also a good quality ceramic knife to cut the fruits and vegetables into bits. Swivel peeler in the package helps to get rid of the peel before blending. Measuring cup helps a lot to keep and maintain the proportion of the ingredients. Five measuring spoons set irrelevant look addition but still, it’s helpful in kitchen cooking chores.


  • 1500 watt large motor.
  • 30000 RPM.
  • BPA free parts.
  • Dishwasher, safe parts.
  • Tons of useful accessories.


  • Not the right choice for heavy-duty blender.
  • There are other choices in this price bracket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Name top 6 best blender under $100?

1) Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender
2) NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender 1200 Watts
3) NutriBullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender
4) Instant Ace Nova Blender, 56 Oz Glass Pitcher, Hot & Cold Settings
5) Aicok, 35000 RPM High-Speed Professional Countertop Blender
6) Blendworks, 10 Pc All-In-One Blender Set

Q) Name the best portable blender for crushing ice?

1) Aicok, 35000 RPM High-Speed Professional Countertop Blender
2) Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender
3) NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender 1200 Watts

Q) Name the best portable blender for making delicious smoothies?

1) NutriBullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender
2) Cincred, Personal Countertop Blender with 400ML Travel Cup

Q) Can I find a good blender under $100 price tag?

Surely once can buy a decent portable blender or a countertop blender under a price tag of $100.
The following blenders performed really nice during our testing and review and guess what, they all fall under 100 dollar price range.
1) Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender
2) NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender 1200 Watts
3) NutriBullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender
4) Cincred, Personal Countertop Blender with 400ML Travel Cup
5) Instant Ace Nova Blender, 56 Oz Glass Pitcher, Hot & Cold Settings
6) Oster Blender Pro 1200 with Glass Jar and 24-Ounce Smoothie Cup
7) Oster BLSTTSCB2000 Pro Blender
8) Aicok, 35000 RPM High-Speed Professional Countertop Blender
9) BLACK+DECKER Crush Master 10-Speed Blender
10) Blendworks, 10 Pc All-In-One Blender Set

Q) Name the best blender brands while purchasing personal blenders?

Certainly Nutribullet and Ninja blenders are the best blenders to buy for making smooth smoothies and crushing hard materials.