Best Personal Blender for Protein Shake and Smoothies | 2022

If you are looking for the best personal blender money can buy then Google has brought you to the right place. Our well versed and well-researched article will help you to buy the best available blender. Let me make a wild guess, you are in quest of searching the best blender 2020. Let’s walk through the list of Top 10 personal blenders 2020.

Why do we buy a Personal Blender?

We need a blender that satisfies its price tag and lasts long with a good performance. There are tens of blenders in the market but personal blender fits best compact places like apartments. Compact design with handsome power and wattage meets all possible requirements for personal usage. Because of the compact size personal blenders are so flexible to use. We can easily take them to the camping sites and enjoy scrumptious cocktails.

Perks of Personal Blender

fresh shakes availability

A good personal blender ensures timely and easy availability of fresh juices and shakes that will soothe your taste buds. Make vitamin-rich preservatives free, fresh fruit juices in no time. Fresh juices are vitamin-rich and fibrous therefore very healthy for consumption. Making smoothies, ice cream shakes and fruit shakes is entirely eco-friendly. No emissions and you’ll get nutritious healthy juice.

A must-have product for Vegans

healthy shakes for vegans

A personal blender is a blessing for vegans. While using a personal blender vegans can prepare many recipes. Apart from smoothies, there are a lot of shakes and recipes we can make while using a blender. Let’s welcome the season of watermelon margarita along with many other refreshing shakes. Try mixed berry shake, green colada, peanut butter vanilla green shake, peach crumb shakes, and many more.

Try a variety of cocktails using a personal blender

Indeed a good blender is a must-have electric device as it provides the liberty of trying new recipes. Try nutrition-rich superfood if making repetitive shakes and recipes doesn’t excite you. For diet-conscious people, blended salad is a must-try recipe along with Greek and Thai salad. Enjoy nutritious chlorella & spirulina smoothie and kale shake that will detox your body.

10 Personal Blenders 2020

Are you sick and tired in quest of searching perfect blender that suits your needs, let’s take it somewhere awesome? Here’s is your guide to the best blender 2020. As a result of the tireless effort, we have created a list of best personal blenders to buy. These handpicked blenders are the bestselling blenders online.

Image Product Name Features Price
Ninja-Personal-Blender-for-Shakes,-Smoothies,-Food-Prep,-and-Frozen-Blending-with-700-Watt-Base Ninja Personal Blender with 700-Watt Base Innovative design and technology, Nutrition extraction, perfect for frozen blending, Lasting material Check Price
2-Ninja-BL455-30-Nutri-Professional-Personal-Blender-Bonus-Set-with-3-Sip Ninja BL455-30 Nutri Professional Personal Blender Powerful, Harmless BPA free plastic material, Comes with variety of parts, Popular product Check Price
3-COSORI-Upgraded-Personal-Blender(Recipe-Book-Included),-Smoothie-&-Shakes-Blender-with-800W COSORI Upgraded Personal Blender with 800W All about raw power, innovative blades design, auto-blend technology, variety of parts in package. Check Price
4-La-Reveuse-Smoothies-Blender-300-Watt-with-18-oz-BPA-Free-Portable-Travel-Sports-Bottle-(Black) La Reveuse Smoothies Blender 300 Watt High power, health friendly material, robust and long lasting, Useful auxiliary parts like extra cup containers. Check Price
5-PopBabies-P20-Portable,-Personal-USB-Rechargeable-Small-Blender-for-Shakes-and-Smoothies PopBabies P20 USB Rechargeable Compact design, blend and go, Easy to use, Best fit for soft baby food. Check Price
6-Epica-Personal-Blender-with-Take-Along-Bottle Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle Powerful motor, practical to use, shake and take, extra cup availability. Check Price
7-Hamilton-Beach-Personal-Blender-for-Shakes-and-Smoothies-with-14oz-Travel-Cup-and-Lid,-Black-(51101AV) Hamilton Beach Personal Blender with 14oz Travel Cup and Lid A handy smoothie blender, User friendly, Flexible to use, Best for single serve. Check Price
8-OBERLY-Portable-Blender,-Smoothie-Juicer-Cup---Six-Blades-in-3D,-13oz Personal Blender, OBERLY Smoothie Juicer Cup Small yet capable, easy to operate, designed to last long, Power efficient. Check Price
9-BLACK+DECKER-FusionBlade-Personal-Blender-with-Two-20oz BLACK+DECKER Fusion Blade Personal Blender Powerful motor, Fusion blade technology, Interactive motor base, attractive warranty. Check Price
10-BELLA-(13330)-Personal-Size-Rocket-Blender,-12-Piece-Set,-Stainless-Steel-&-Chrome BELLA (13330) Personal Size Rocket Blender simple and elegant, hefty package, makes blending joyful, powerful motor with extra blades. Check Price

1 Ninja Personal Blender with 700-Watt Base


  1. Innovative Design and Technology
  2. Nutrition extraction
  3. Perfect for frozen blending
  4. Includes extra accessories
  5. Long lasting hygienic material

ninja blender
high quality personal blender

Check Price

Innovative Design and Technology

Ninja Professional blender design contains simplicity that makes it easy to use. It gets a better 700-watt motor to take care of hard and soft ingredients. The 36-inch cord will increase the ease of use.

Nutrition extraction

Ninja’s personal blender’s practical design doesn’t waste the natural taste and nutrition value of the fruits and vegetables. Blades placement and unique blender cup design don’t miss the minutest particle resulting in rich nutritious flavor.

Perfect for frozen blending

A good blender for frozen stuff needs a relentless blend of power and sharp blades. 700-watt motor contains enough power to pulverize frozen fruits and frozen drinks. Powdering ice and making fruit slush isn’t difficult anymore. Ninja’s blender is nicely engineered to deal with tough and leafy soft elements simultaneously. Enjoy chilled smoothies with ninja blender.

Includes extra accessories

Ninja blender comes with a combination of many accessories and parts making it a feasible option to buy. The package includes two 16-oz Nutri blender cup containers, 2 lids (sip and seal), and a valuable recipe book.

Long lasting hygienic Material

Ninja blender contains harmless high-quality plastic passing health-friendly parameters. It’s easy to clean with warm water and the bottom container can be cleaned with a wet cloth wipe.


  • Powered with a 700-watt motor.
  • Good for hard and soft ingredients.
  • Wallet-friendly price.
  • Good reviews.
  • Long-lasting quality.
  • Easy to clean.


  • A bit louder.
  • Contains less volume.

2 Ninja BL455-30 Nutri Professional


  1. Powerful
  2. Harmless material (BPA Plastic)
  3. Comes with variety of parts
  4. Popular product

nutri bl 455 blending machine
Premium personal blender.

Check Price


A 900-watt powerful motor is a secret of Ninja BL455’s versatility. The combination of smartly engineered extractor blades and powerful motor makes it a good professional machine. Mind-blowing powerful wattage in a small package makes it the best blender for frozen fruits and vegetables. While crushing hard small seeds it can be louder but you’ll be happy with the fine end product.

Harmless material (BPA Plastic)

Good for you to know that Ninja Nutri contains long-lasting BPA free plastic. High-quality material makes it possible to make healthy shakes retaining good nutrition values. Sturdy BPA plastic enhances durability and odor-free. Just a single wet cloth wipe can easily clean the outer surface.

Comes with variety of parts

Ninja Nutri comes with a hefty package containing a lot of accessories and parts. The package contains 3 variable size blender cups with 24 oz., 18 oz. and 12 oz. respectively. 2 sip and seal lids enhance the usability scope variable size blender cups. 75 recipe book is a bonus with such a hefty package.

Popular product

Even in saturated blenders market Ninja blenders stands prominent because of good features. Thanks to the innovative approach of Ninja blenders to produce versatile products that stand prominent in all categories. Ninja blenders retain a good reputation in the market for producing value to money products. Versatile usage capability makes BL 455 the best for the job.


  • 900-watt robust motor.
  • Good for pulverizing hard ingredients.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Good reviews.
  • Long-lasting quality.
  • Easy to clean.


  • A bit louder but not loud as other 1000 watt blenders.
  • Less volume.

3 COSORI Upgraded Blender with 800W


  1. It’s all about raw power
  2. Innovative blades design
  3. Auto-Blend technology
  4. Variety Parts and Accessories

corsori compact and powerful
Compact and powerful blender.
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It’s all about raw power

High torque 800-watt compact-sized Cosori upgraded is a strong contender for best smoothie blender. 23000 RPM motor can easily grind small bits of tough ingredients producing fine powder. High watt motor enables the user to use the blender with good flexibility. Thanks to the positive user reviews on Amazon that encourages to buy this product.

Innovative blades design

Most of the blenders have 4 edged 2 blades handling hard and soft ingredients. Cosori upgraded blender contains ultra-sharp 6 edged 3 pairs of blades. The blades with holes are perfect for extracting nutrients and vitamins from fruit chunks. Sharp and pointed blades take care of fruits and vegetables. Dull edges are good for breaking and crushing hard ingredients. The innovative hole design blades are best for nutrients extraction.

Auto-Blend technology

Auto blend technology is the standout feature of Cosori compact blender. After 3 seconds, it stops for one second and gets back to whip and chop. After 10 such repetitions its stops while producing a fine fluid ready to enjoy. The button console has 3 buttons including start/stop, pulse, and auto mode.

Variety Parts and Accessories

The fantastic recipe guide book is the best ad-on in the package for those dying to try something new. Numerous recipe sections are the best for diverse recipe selection for every day. Jump to smoothie section on a sunny day, how about exploring soups for a rainy day and protein shakes for gym workouts. 3x cup containers with 2x 24 oz. and 1x 12 oz. container and all of them made of BPA free plastic.


  • 800 watt, 23000 peak RPM motor.
  • Innovative, diverse blades design.
  • Dedicated blade for nutrients extraction.
  • Effective auto-blend option.
  • 3x cup containers for outdoor use.
  • Best for smoothies but good for all-rounder usage.
  • Dish wash friendly.


  • Put enough liquid to avoid heating.
  • Contains Less volume.

4 La Reveuse Smoothies Blender 300 Watt


  1. High Power Rating
  2. Health Friendly material
  3. Robust and long-lasting
  4. Useful Auxiliary parts

la revuse blender
La Revuse versatile blender.
Check Price

High Power Rating

Enjoy versatility with a 300-watt motor having enough power to provide decent usage versatility. 300-watt motor with a strong copper base makes it one of the best contenders for everyday breakfast smoothies. La Revuse is the best compact smoothie blender because of its impressive power to size ratio. 12500 RPM 300-watt motor is a perfect indication for the best blender for frozen fruits and drinks.

Health Friendly material

Here’s something interesting to learn that La Reveuse blender is made of Tritan BPA free plastic. Powerful motor and practical design cause no hindrance in making salad dressings, baby food, and fruit shake. Compact design and easy operation make it a perfect choice for all age group usage.

Robust and long-lasting

Here’s the deal, high-quality copper graded motor ensures highly effective operation. 4 razor-sharp edge blades makes it perfect for dealing with hard and soft ingredients. Grinding ice and nuts is so convenient with La Reveuse smoothie blender. BPA free plastic and pure copper winding motor ensure long-lasting life for this smoothie blender. Overheat prevention system is a plus point that serves best for long-lasting life.

Useful Auxiliary parts

I would love to know your thought about the ergonomic design and premium quality motor that comes in various colors. Cross blades assembly contains a pair of sharp and dull blades. Dull shape blades break the pieces into bits and the sharp blades take care of the rest. A sizeable 18 oz bottle with lid ensuring easy outdoor usage. 1 x ice cube tray makes it an exciting deal. Ice cube tray makes optimal size easy to crush ice cubes for the smoothie maker.


  • Premium build.
  • 300-watt motor.
  • Pure copper motor assembly.
  • Versatile operation.
  • Easy to clean BPA free plastic container.


  • Not suitable for hot liquids.
  • Paper light.

5 PopBabies P20 USB Rechargeable


  1. Blend and go!
  2. Compact design
  3. Easy to use
  4. Best fit for soft baby food

popbabies for soft food
Best choice for soft baby food.

Check Price

Blend and go!

Are you ready to explore the best personal blender with USB charging? So you want to know about this blend and go thing and how does it work?

PopBabies USB rechargeable personal size blender has a straightforward and ergonomic design that makes it fit for everyday use. There are no extra edges or budges, causing hindrance in putting in and out from bags and compact compartments. Blend the tasty ingredients replace the lid, and you are good to take the juice and enjoy.

Compact design

Best of all, compact design increases the usage of practicality. Round edge simplest design makes it the best blender for the home office and campsite. The compact design makes PopBabies blender the best choice for a daily breakfast smoothie maker.

Easy to use

You’ll love the fact that PopBabies doesn’t contain BPA plastic while making it perfectly healthy to use. Cup container’s simplest round design is so easy to wash as no food particle sticks anywhere because of round edges. Here’s the big deal that you can blend while the blender is on charging. Using blender while charging doesn’t cause any harm to the battery or motor making it safe to use while charging.

Best fit for soft baby food

In case you might be searching for the best blender for baby food. To blend soft baby food doesn’t require that arduousness for blender so fewer wattage motors can get the job done. ProBabies P20 is the best choice for soft pulpy baby food. To whip and blend soft pulpy ingredients 175-watt motors serve the best. For hardcore usage, ProBabies isn’t a favorite choice but it is the best contender for blending among rechargeable blenders.


  • Compact and light, weighing 1.3 lbs.
  • BPA free plastic container.
  • Powerful 4000 mAh battery.
  • Perfect for soft ingredients.
  • Ready to use while charging.


  • Not suitable for hard ingredients.
  • Not suitable for hot liquids, more than 50 degrees.

6 Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle


  1. The powerful heart (motor)
  2. Practical to use
  3. Shake and take
  4. Extra cup and accessories

epica blender with travel bottle container
Best blender with travel cup.
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The powerful heart (motor)

The 300-watt powerful motor makes Epica a compelling choice for green smoothies. Epica’s blender delivers 23000 RPMs so no soft and hard ingredient stands a chance to survive. Make your smoothies, kale, shakes, and dough smooth and silkier than ever.

Practical to use

Make no mistake about the hygienic material of Epica blender. It doesn’t produce any odor while making it hygienic and healthy to use. Dishwasher friendly characteristic makes it always ready to use as you won’t feel lazy to wash it after use. Thanks to the precision-oriented approach resulting in the premium leak-proof top container.

Shake and take

Let’s be honest, Epica’s shake and take blender is the best companion for fitness enthusiast men and women. Just pour milk and your favorite protein powder and take away your magic drink. The cup container is smartly designed as it easily fits in a cup holder and side compartments of a sports bag. Try green smoothies and natural shakes and detox your body while using Epica’s powerful blender.

Extra cup and accessories

It comes with precise tight high-quality lids that prevent the fluid to spill out. Inside the package, you’ll get the motor console that delivers the magical cyclonic power. Nicely engineered 4 leaf blades oriented on best angles to effectively chop and mix. The 20-ounce capacity bottle is friendly to use outdoors and it perfectly fits in the cup holder compartment.


  • 300 Watts motor.
  • 23000 RPM.
  • Odor-free material.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Performs well at a cool temperature.


  • No extra cup container.
  • Narrow container.

7 Hamilton Beach Personal Blender with 14oz Travel Cup and Lid


  1. A handy smoothie blender
  2. User Friendly
  3. Flexible to use
  4. Best for single-serve

hamilton beach compact
A decent choice for compact blender.
Check Price

A handy smoothie blender

Let me show you how capable this small blender is. In the top 10 best compact smoothie blenders, Hamilton’s personal smoothie maker has one of the most positive reviews. Hamilton’s personal blender’s standout feature is a versatile usage scope. It can be the best partner in your journey of fitness, make tasty pre-workout shakes and smoothies without any hassle. Travel lids availability makes it perfect to make and take away without wasting time finding the cup.

User Friendly

Easy to wash capability increases user-friendliness as one doesn’t have to wait much on washing the top container. The controls console is so simple and practical. There’s just one button to make the real magic happen. A gentle push to button and cyclonic action makes your shake ready within no time. So let’s begin easy one-touch blending with Hamilton Beach personal blender.

Flexible to use

Try Hamilton handy small blender by Hamilton beach and never skip your early morning smoothie. Let me show you how Hamilton’s personal blender is the best mini blender for making delicious shakes. Hamilton blender is a perfect single serve mini blender choice for making refreshing ice cream shakes and smoothies. It contains adequate power to handle most of the ingredients we use in our favorite juices and shakes. From leafy soft ingredients to frozen fruits can easily be turned into smooth and silky fluids you’ll love to enjoy.

Best for single-serve

Wallet friendliness makes it a perfect blender to fulfill single-serve usage. The simple truth is the availability of fine quality even at such an affordable price. No compromise has been made on plastic quality and container build so that it serves the user in the best way. Blades console is made up of high-quality stainless steel that whips and chops every bit of ingredients. Do consider Hamilton’s mini mixer while investing your hard-earned money on a single-serve blender.


  • Dish wash friendly.
  • BPA free plastic.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fits in the best price bracket.


  • It doesn’t suits heavy duty usage.

8 Personal Blender, OBERLY Smoothie Juicer Cup


  1. Small, yet capable
  2. Easy to operate
  3. Made to last long
  4. Efficient powerhouse

OBERLY smoothie maker
Best simple to use personal smoothie maker.

Check Price

Small, yet capable

Most people think that size is the most important attribute that contributes the most in capability. OBERLY green smoothie expert proves this wrong. Despite having minutest and compact design among the entire lineup it provides the best usability. A simple 2-3 hours charge can prepare 10-12 cups of shakes which is truly incredible. If you are looking for the best blender with USB charging then OBERLY is the best.

Easy to operate

You don’t want to get confused between many buttons while operating a blender. Single-button push operation makes it convenient to operate and saves precious time. A single button console increases the practicality of this amazing blending product.

Made to last long

Look, there is a misconception that expensive products are always the best and last longer. Let’s bust this myth, once and for all because OBERLY personal blender provides the promising long-lasting build quality. Thanks to the BPA free plastic that doesn’t break if it fell and is easy to clean.

The plastic cup makes the blender lightweight and non-fragile. Intelligent built-in safety features enable it to avoid overheating that deteriorates the durability and product life. Crystal sharp stainless steel blades won’t spare any arbitrary particle of any size.

Efficient powerhouse

Let me share some interesting and convincing facts about the motor and blades of the gorgeous personal green smoothie blender. The 3.7-volt battery generates enough power to pulverize frozen drinks. Enjoy delicious frozen drink slush with OBERLY. 2000 mAh battery coupled with 6 edge ultra-sharp blades that makes perfect smooth and silky shakes and smoothies.


  • Reliable
  • No BPA plastic.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Cheap in price.
  • Compact.


  • Under power for daily kitchen use.

9 BLACK+DECKER Fusion Blade Personal Blender


  1. Powerful Motor
  2. Fusion blade technology
  3. Interactive motor base
  4. Warranty and extra stuff

BLACK+DECKER fusion blade blender
Decent personal blender with fusion blade technology.
Check Price

Powerful Motor

If you are searching for a killer blending machine for while then look no further than the BLACK+DECKER personal blender. It’s pretty cool to have 275-watt motor powering a mini blender to make your shakes silky smooth. So it’s crystal clear now, that BLACK+DECKER isn’t an ordinary underpowered personal blender.

Fusion blade technology

Let me help you understand the fusion blade technology introduced by BLACK+DECKER. Normally blenders do have 2 or 3 blades while having 4 to 6 edges. Fusion blade contains a single blade with 2 edges oriented at perfect angles to ensure maximum ingredients contact. A single blade makes it easy to move faster than normal blades resulting in better blending and chopping.

Interactive motor base

Single on/off button placement at highly visible area makes good sense for personal blenders. We use a personal blender for making fresh green smoothies or protein shakes. Having complex controls with many options isn’t that good for personal blender. BLACK+DECKER has followed the same concept while providing a single on and off button. A single gentle push turns on the magic providing fine whipped bubble-free shake.

Warranty and extra stuff

I think you’ll agree with me that a 2-year warranty isn’t a bad deal for a versatile personal portable blender. 2-Year warranty adds another checkmark to the list of best attributes. You’ll get an extra 20 oz. capacity cup container. Simply change the lid and enjoy the shake without pouring it to any other vessel. A tight twist on lids will keep your shakes safe from spillage.


  • Promising quality.
  • Fusion blade technology.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Extra 20 oz. cup.
  • 2 Years warranty.


  • Narrow cup container.

10 BELLA (13330) Personal Size Rocket Blender


  1. Simple and elegant
  2. Hefty package
  3. Make blending joyful
  4. Powerful machine and extra blades

bella rocket blender
Powerful compact blender by Bella.

Check Price

Simple and elegant

And now I want to show you one of simple yet elegant and aesthetic compact designed personal portable blenders. Apart from kitchen cooking appliances, Bella has proven its mettle in the blender industry too. And here’s what matters, the 700-watt powerful motor that generates electrifying power. You won’t complain about the performance of a 700-watt motor in such a small blender. It can be your regular kitchen blender because of the powerful motor.

Hefty package

You’ll love this product when you come across the list of items included in the package. 12 pieces set contains a 700-watt powerhouse, a variety of cup containers, lids, and blades assembly. 3 variable sized cups make sure to provide ease of enjoying multiple shakes at a time. You get special lids with variable size orifices to sprinkle the powdered spices. 2 different blades assemblies make it the best blender for multipurpose usage.

Make blending joyful

Bella’s personal rocket sized blenders makes blending joyful with the promising build quality, a wide range of cups and lids. Dedicated blades, lids, cup containers make it convenient to try new recipes daily. Ease of making different flavored smoothies for kids is best to please them. All you have to do is to add ingredients, press button, replace the lids, and give hand over to kids. No need to pour the shake into other cups while changing the lid can get the job done.

Powerful machine and extra blades

By the way, personal-sized blenders normally pitch the idea of making perfect smoothies and shakes. A powerful motor and extra blade assembly make it perfect for chopping, grinding, and pulverizing hard ingredients. Now it’s a perfect blender for daily use that can take care of ice cubes and tough spices. From making smoothies to powdering ice and hard seeds Bella rocket stands prominent in the category reliable blending machines.


  • Powerful motor.
  • Extra cups and lids.
  • Extra blades.
  • Versatile.
  • Cheap price, best product.


  • Blades tend to wear out quickly.

Pro Tips to buy the Best Blender

Perfect blender needs to have quality material that tends to serve long. BPA free plastic blender is the best in terms of health perspective. A motor is the heart of a blender so perfect blenders need to have a powerful motor. Go for a blender that justifies its price. There is a clear win-win situation if your shortlisted blender provides versatility. The blender with the best chopping and blending capabilities is a perfect blender to spend money on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is the best personal blender for crushing ice?

Because of the robust 900 watt motor, Ninja BL-455 is a good personal blender to crush ice.

Which one is the best budget personal blender for Protein shakes?

275-watt BLACK+DECKER personal blender is the best contender for making smooth protein shakes.

Name the best USB chargeable personal blender?

PopBabies P20 is a feasible choice as the best USB rechargeable blender and it’s also a good choice to blend baby food.

Which personal blender provides good value to money?

BELLA (13330) rocket blender provides the best value to money. It has a powerful motor so it can serve as a regular daily kitchen blender. It comes with the most number of extra items and accessories like extra blades, lids, and cup containers.

Name a good entry-level personal blender by Ninja?

700-watt Ninja Personal Blender Is a good entry-level personal blender.