Best Mini Blender for Crushing Chopping and Juicing

While doing a market survey we came across several mini blenders but we aimed to find the best mini blender. For a normal person, it’s so confusing to choose the best compact blender out of many choices. This thorough article is all about making your purchase decision easier. However, we are going to emphasize the best mini blenders that have opened a new threshold of user convenience.

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Why should we buy mini blenders?

Let’s find out first, why we should buy small blenders while having powerful blenders in the market. Mini blenders have increased the usage flexibility of blender usage because of portable characteristics. While preparing protein shakes its overkill to use high power and extra wattage blenders. For such purpose mini blenders are the best option.

How to deal with crushing ice with the best Mini Blenders?

Some rechargeable mini blenders cannot crush sizable ice cubes but the manufacturers found a solution to this problem. For those small blenders that cannot crush ice cubes, their manufacturers include an ice tray that makes small ice cubes. Ice tray contains an optimal size of ice cubes that easily get crush by a mini blender.

Convenient to use

Along with convenience and easy usage, mini personal blenders have a few drawbacks also. The biggest drawback is the underpowered motors. Manufacturers have addressed this issue therefore mini blenders aren’t underpowered anymore. Our expert team has reviewed the top 10 best mini blenders that will be useful for you.

Powerful personal blenders

Personal blenders aren’t that underpowered as they were before. Now you’ll find a variety of blenders ranging from 250-900 watt blenders in mini blenders category. Our list containing best-rated blenders will highlight the best features of best mini blenders. Ninja’s personal blenders series is powerful enough to crush hard seed and powder ice.

Compact personal size, best mini blenders

Indeed a good blender is a must-have electric device as it provides the Size compactness is the best trait of mini blenders that enhances the usability of small blenders. Due to cumbersome design and heavyweight, we cannot use high wattage kitchen blenders. Cordless mini blenders enable us to enjoy shakes even at the camping site. We can charge cordless mini blenders with the help of power banks.

10 Best mini blender reviews 2020

So here we are done with basic and elementary stuff related to best mini blenders. Let’s dive deep into the list of 10 best mini blenders and explore more. Our list is based on extensive research and comparison therefore we have picked popular blenders with good reviews. Let’s explore the best small blenders one by one. Our detailed blender reviews 2020 article will serve you with good relevant knowledge.

Image Product Name Features Price
1-La-Reveuse-Personal-Smoothie-Blender-600-Watts La Reveuse 600 Watts Personal Smoothie Blender
Unorthodox design, Perfect build, BPA free plastic, High RPM motor
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2-Homgeek-MC-BL818-Personal-mini-Blender Homgeek MC-BL818 Personal mini Blender
Sturdy build, easy to wash and clean, best for blending, ergonomic design
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3-La-Reveuse-Personal-Size-Blender-250-Watts La Reveuse Personal Size Blender 250 Watts
Perfect bullet design, powerful mini blender, variety of parts, long lasting build
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4-Sboly-Personal-Blender,-Single-Serve-Blender-for-Smoothies Sboly Personal Blender, 300W Powerful blender, compact design, long lasting build, metallic finishing Check Price
5-Magic-Bullet-Blender,-Small,-Silver,-11-Piece-Set Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set Compact design, highly effective, good crushing capabilities, Comes with many parts. Check Price
6-Hamilton-Beach-Personal-Blender-for-Shakes Hamilton Beach Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies Nimble yet effective personal blender, Graduated cup container, User friendly.

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7-La-Reveuse-Smoothies-Blender-300-Watt La Reveuse Smoothies Blender 300 Watt Best design for fitness lovers, best for making protein shakes, quality BPA free bottle container. Check Price
8-Tenswall-Portable,-Personal-Size-Smoothies-and-Shakes Tenswall Portable, Personal Size Smoothies and Shakes One of the best handheld blender, nimble and compact design, intelligent motor, simple button console. Check Price
9-Sboly-Portable-Mini-Blender,-Personal-Blender-USB-Rechargeable Sboly Portable Mini Blender, Personal Blender USB Rechargeable for Smoothies Good wattage motor, unique blades design, Easy to clean, best for smoothies. Check Price
10-KACSOO-Portable-Blender-for-Smoothie-and-Shakes,-2-Lids KACSOO Portable Blender for Smoothie and Shakes Simple yet effective design, premium long lasting build, BPA free plastic container, Japanese tech silent motor. Check Price

1 La Reveuse Personal Smoothie Blender 600 Watts


  1. Perfect fitness companion
  2. Powerful motor
  3. Long lasting build
  4. Hygienic material, easy to wash and clean
  5. Innovative pulse technology

perfect smoothie maker

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Perfect fitness companion

La Revuse Personal smoothie blender is your perfect partner for making healthy shakes that keep you fit and healthy. It nulls the general perception of personal blenders being under power. With 600 Watt motor, its capability scope is wide which makes it a perfect companion for a breakfast smoothie making. It can even replace massive kitchen blenders because it can nicely handle mixing, blending, and chopping hard ingredients.

Normally people hesitate to spend their money on personal blenders while considering them under powered. La Revuse is the best smoothie blender 2020 to buy. Such a powerful motor on compact size blender makes it best-rated blender for personal and all-round use.

Powerful and strong build quality

Normally small blenders turn out to be under power and non-durable. La Revuse contains the basic characteristics of being a versatile and long-serving compact blender. 600-watt motor defines the power class of this compact blender. Thanks to the powerful motor and 6 edge omnidirectional blades that it delivers best blending and chopping. Utilize powerful cyclones to prepare delicious fruit slush and treat your taste bud with fresh green smoothies. Thanks to the powerful motor that can handle whole fruits to make fresh nutritious smoothies.

Perfect for frozen blending

A good blender for frozen stuff needs a relentless blend of power and sharp blades. 700-watt motor contains enough power to pulverize frozen fruits and frozen drinks. Powdering ice and making fruit slush isn’t difficult anymore. Ninja’s blender is nicely engineered to deal with tough and leafy soft elements simultaneously. Enjoy chilled smoothies with ninja blender.

Hygienic material, easy to wash and clean

The top cup container contains high-quality Tritan plastic that makes it hygienic and eco-friendly. The odor-free design keeps it clean and stink-free. Due to design, it’s easy to clean as it lacks the edges that cause hindrance while cleaning. Just rinse the cup container with warm soapy water then rinse it with simple tap water and its clean. Thanks to sturdy BPA free plastic that doesn’t break upon falling, making it a durable blender.

Innovative pulse technology

Pulse technology makes blender operation very simple and innovative. There is no need to press the random RPM control button to start the magic. Starting the blender with pulse technology is so simple. Fit the container and press a little bit and the blender will start to whip and chop. Pulse technology is the best feature that perfectly fits for our fast pace life. La Revuse’s robust machine along with pulse technology can be the best combo to serve as best smoothie blender 2020.


  • 600-watt power.
  • 20000 RPM.
  • BPA free plastic.
  • Pulse technology.
  • Easy to wash and clean.


  • Try to avoid blending hot fluids.
  • Avoid blending for continuous 1 minute.

2 Homgeek MC-BL818, best mini Blender


  1. Powerful Motor
  2. Stainless steel blades
  3. Ergonomic design
  4. Easy to wash and operate
  5. Premium build

homegeek personal blender

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Powerful Motor

No wonder 300-watt pure copper winding motor delivers enough power to make a wide range of recipes. Copper consumes less power and lasts longer due to the best power conductivity. Copper ensures a long life span so it is evident that Homgeek will serve you longer once purchased. 300 watt motor generates a good RPM that can whip and crush leafy soft and hard ingredients.

Stainless steel blades

4 edge ultra-sharp stainless steel blades powered with 300 watts motor won’t disappoint you. Blades tips contain a particular angle that helps it break and tear all nature of ingredients. Sharp tip blades can take care of low and high moving ingredients while making Homgeek a best mini smoothie blender. Ultra-sharp stainless steel blades make it possible to extract maximum taste and nutrition out of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Ergonomic design

Along with the powerful motor, it comes with an ergonomic design while making it a nice aesthetic portable blender. We can easily use a tall cup container like a regular bottle hosting your favorite delicious shake. Cup container contains a handsome volume of 500 ml that can store a good amount of protein shakes and smoothies. It gives blend and goes capability. Just make your favorite drink change the lid put into a bag and now container will serve as a bottle.

Easy to Operate and wash

It’s super easy to operate a Homgeek personal blender. Just press the button for less than 60 seconds and fruit chunks will be shredded into pieces. Blades unique design doesn’t spare even a small particle while blending. All the un-blend fluid comes back to the blades consoles and eventually gets a good treatment.

Homgeek personal blender is easy to wash, all it needs is warm water rinse to clean. You can easily wash a glass container within 15 seconds


  • 300-watt power.
  • BPA free plastic.
  • 25000 RPM.
  • Blend and go capability.
  • Easy to wash and clean.


  • Unfit for hardcore crushing.
  • Fit for blending but not that good for chopping.

3 La Reveuse 250- watt, Personal Size best mini Blender


  1. Compact design
  2. Powerful motor
  3. Crystal sharp blades
  4. Versatility guaranteed
  5. Extra Accessories

la revuse mini blender
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Best compact blender, chopper

Do you want to learn about the best mini glass blender that comes with compact design and powerful motor? 250-watt motor doesn’t sound too powerful but bullet design cup container manages maximum impact on the ingredients. If you are looking for a compact and aesthetic blender then La Revuse can be your best compact smoothie blender.

Power to size ration coupled with efficient design makes La Revuse mini blender a best compact smoothie blender.

Crystal sharp blades

Indeed premium quality blades play an important role while defining the capabilities of a good chopper and blender. La Revuse contains high-quality ultra-sharp 4 leaf blades that are perfect for dry and soaked ingredients. 4 leaf high-quality stainless steel blades can handle a diverse range of ingredients including hard, soft, and dry ingredients. It is the best compact smoothie blender to have.

Normally personal blenders aren’t that useful while chopping hard layered ingredients. But La Revuse design and powerful motor make it possible to take care of blending and chopping simultaneously.

Versatility guaranteed

The best compact blender chopper is a one that contains traits of both chopper and blender. Thanks to the high RPM motor with a strong base can take care of frozen fruits and leafy soft baby food. Add your favorite fruit frozen chunks and milk in the blender, push the button, and let the magic happen. The result will be a silky smooth nutritious shake.

Want to test it more? Well, take this blending stuff to the next level. La Revuse personal smoothie blender is one of the best rates blender in the market. Take chunks of frozen fruits put it into a blender and start the cyclone action. It will be amazing to get fresh and chill shakes within less than 60 seconds.

What the package contains

La Revuse produces the best kitchenware utensils. The package contains the heart , bottom motor console. Besides the bottom container, you get 2x extra 16 oz cup containers. A 4 leaf blade delivers massive torque and produces the best result. Last but not least you get extra cup lids that make the extra cup containers even more useful. All such useful stuff makes la Revuse the best compact smoothie blender.


  • 250-watt power.
  • Made of Tritan plastic.
  • High RPM.
  • Blend and go capability with variable lids.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Requires 2 minutes rest after 1-minute blending.
  • A small quantity can be annoying.

4 Sboly best mini Blender, 300W


  1. Best compact portable blender
  2. Powerful motor
  3. Safe and healthy
  4. Simple cleaning
  5. Metallic finishing

sboly portable blender
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Best compact portable blender

Let’s jump right into the unorthodox design of Sboly best portable blender. The tall and compact design of Sboly is a perfect one for a good personal blender. The top container looks like a premium plastic bottle that can host a handsome quantity of fluid. The blender base is strong enough to embrace the cyclonic action of a 300-watt powerful motor and tall container. You won’t complain about the build quality as the container contains premium metallic finishing that resists rusting. Sboly satisfies all the traits of the best small blender.

Powerful and compact blender

300-watt motor delivers enough power to make smooth bubble-free protein and fruit shake. The tall container is designed in a way that heavy particles come downwards whereas the lighter one remains at the top. It helps a lot to make sure that no particles miss a strike of ultra-sharp blades. Sboly’s sharp blade blender won’t disappoint its users while making it the best personal blender for fresh smoothies.

Safe and healthy

Build quality, design, and material makes it safe and healthy to use. BPA plastic doesn’t post any threat to health but it adds strength to the plastic that makes it durable. The best thing about the blender is that it only gets to work once locked. If you didn’t lock the top container it doesn’t get a start that ensures complete safety. Sboly Personal Blender is one of the best single-serve blenders. To provide leak-proof capability there is a high-quality silicone ring at the bottom of the blades console. In case you are wondering how to grab the blender while it’s blending. So there is a stylish handle that takes care of your worry.

Simple cleaning

Hygiene comes first when we are considering a good blender to buy. Thanks to Sboly portable blender that is easily washable and odor-free. All it needs to wash is just a rinse of warm soapy water. The bottle design is easy to shake so all the inside areas can. While talking about the bottom container, we can easily clean it by wiping wet cloth.


  • 300-watt power.
  • Made of BPA free plastic.
  • High RPM motor.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 2 BPA free bottles.


  • The container is as wide as an avocado.

5 Magic Bullet Mini, Small 11 piece set


  1. Powerful compact design
  2. Bullet design, allows rotation of un-chopped ingredients
  3. All-rounder blender
  4. Affordable price

magic bullet compact lander

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Powerful best compact portable blender

So let’s begin with Magic bullet mini blender that retains huge popularity in small blenders category. A 250-watt robust motor powers the blender that generates good RPM that pulverizes tough ingredients. Magic bullet blender is one of the few mini blenders in the market that can handle both hard and soft ingredients. The magic bullet is a less expensive best mini glass blender with an ergonomic design.

Best compact portable blender with bullet design

Bullet design makes it useful for even grinding and crushing. Bullet design incorporates a round top section that allows rotations of the ingredients, let them be fluid or solid seeds. The most encouraging signal towards making a purchase is the overwhelming number of positive reviews on Amazon. Magic bullet has one of the most reviews in the best portable blender category on Amazon. Thanks to the compact design that makes it a suitable most option for the best portable blender in the mini size category.

All-rounder best compact bullet blender

The simple truth is that compact or portable blenders cannot perform desirable mixing and blending at the same time. They fall under the category of personal blenders that mostly make protein shakes smoothies, or ice cream shakes. On the other hand, a magic bullet blender can perform mixing, blending, chopping, and crushing hard ingredients into bits. That’s the only reason that Magic bullet blenders are the best compact bullet blenders.

That’s the only reason we find a huge number of bullet blenders reviews on Amazon. Up to 70% of the bullet blenders reviews are having 5-star rating which is a promising review percentage.

What comes in the package

If you are always in a rush and you are looking for the best portable blender then do consider magic bullet to buy. The blender comes with spare cup containers and best fit extra lids. If you are in a rush, change the lid and you are good to go with your favorite shake in hand. If your taste buds are eager to try something new then try recipe book for new refreshing recipes. 3 variable size cup containers define diverse usage of the blender. The smaller one is perfect for chopping while medium and large ones are good for smoothies and protein shakes. With many parts in the package, it is the best-rated blender for personal use.


  • 250-watt power.
  • BPA free plastic.
  • Extra cup containers.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Good for chopping.


  • Capacity isn’t that sizable.
  • It might struggle while chopping big ice cubes.

6 Hamilton beach best mini smoothie blender, Black (51101AV)


  1. Best single serve blender
  2. The compact powerhouse
  3. Blend and go
  4. Easily washable

compact personal blender
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Best single serve blender

If you are looking for a best mini smoothie blender with good looks do consider Hamilton Beach’s blender. Hamilton beach blender can serve you with delicious smoothies and shakes. Although nimble motor power this blender but still you won’t have any complaints regarding stirring protein shakes. The design and build and ergonomic and promising so buying one won’t be a regrettable experience. The graduated cup containers will help you to make delicious shakes with a perfect proportion of fluid. Under 25 dollars price tag Hamilton’s blender is a perfect candidate for the best cheap blender.

The compact power

Hamilton Beach has come up with a gorgeous compact blender having paper lightweight. A nimble 175-watt motor powers the blender but surprisingly it won’t disappoint you with performance. It can easily handle shakes and juices with medium size ice cubes. If you are planning to buy the best cheap blender then here is the best choice with a less expensive price tag.

Blend and go

You must be wondering what does this interesting phrase means. Hamilton’s personal blender gives you many reasons to consider while looking for a perfect margarita and smoothie maker. The cup container of the blender can serve as an independent plastic cup for juices. It just needs to change the lid, twist it to fit, put it in your car’s cup holder, and enjoy it. One-touch blending makes it very convenient to use because there is no confusion with the controller console.

Easily washable

Here comes the biggest concern about the blender that either it’s washable or not. Here is good news that all components except the bottom container are washable. The odor-free wide design makes it hygienic to use. The package includes a top container, motor assembly with one-touch go capability, and extra lids.


  • 175-watt motor.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Blend and go capability.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Good for shakes and protein shakes.


  • It can be under power for some users.
  • Not suitable for crushing too many ice cubes.

7 La Reveuse 300 Watt best portable blender


  1. Powerful smoothie maker
  2. Practical design
  3. Long Lasting build
  4. Easy to operate
  5. Easy to clean

La revuse personal smoothie blender
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Powerful smoothie maker

La Revuse has come up with a crazy lineup of best mini portable blenders. A 300-watt motor generates enough power to extract nutrition-rich flavor from tiny fruit bits. 12500 max RPM won’t disappoint the users with the crazy cyclonic effect it produces. Four-leaf blades oriented at certain angles takes care of hard and soft fruits. Bottle design allows heavy bits to move towards the blades and it doesn’t spare even a small bit. It nicely extracts the vitamins and natural taste of fruits.

Practical design

La Revuse’s practical design is one of the reasons for good sales and an overwhelming buyer’s response. Tall bottle container design is perfect for making smoothies, fruit shakes and protein shakes. Most of the mini blenders aren’t a good fit for chopping whereas they are best for stirring and shaking. Fitness enthusiasts will surely love this device as it contains the favorable most design for blending. 18 ounces capacity is more than enough for a single serving of protein shake.

Long Lasting material and build

BPA free Tritan plastic build makes it a feasible contender for the best mini portable blender. The BPA plastic gives significant strength to the cup container and poses no harm to the fluid inside. La Revuse’s personal blender is the best deal within its price category. A unique design bottle container provides a blend and goes capability. All you have to do is to replace the lid and take it outdoor.

Easy to operate

Easy operation saves time and enhances usability as you don’t have to get confused between different intensity buttons. To start blender you need to press and lock the top container and it starts working. Dishwasher friendliness makes the blender much more hygienic and odor-free. Rinse the container with warm soapy water and it’s clean to use.


  • 300-watt powerful motor.
  • 12500 max RPM.
  • Tritan plastic material.
  • Blend and go capability.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Unfit for hot liquids.

8 Tenswall Rechargeable, best mini hand blender


  1. Pocket Rocket
  2. Easy to use
  3. Eco-friendly material
  4. best in the category.

best handheld blender

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Pocket Rocket

Let’s talk about an interesting handy product that delivers enough power to pulverize hard and soft ingredients. Tenswall handheld blender generates ultra-boost of 40s seconds that crushes and blends every small bit of fruit making a delicious smoothie. At a peak point, the 4000mAh battery delivers enough power to generate blistering 22000 rpm which is insane for handheld blenders. Surprisingly 7.4-volt motor delivers power to 6 point ultra-sharp blades that crush and blend nicely. 2 blades contain dull appearance that is highly useful for crushing and breaking ingredients.

Easy to use

Tenswall handheld superfast blender is handy to use as you can recharge it by using a power bank. Power bank rechargeability makes it perfect for outdoor use. No need to spend extra money on rechargeable blenders when we have a 380 ml high RPM compact mini hand blender. The blender contains a perfect grip that doesn’t get a slip from hand while handheld blending. Thanks to the anti-sweat lid and motor console that further enhances the grip.

The blender doesn’t contain any unnecessary buttons. There is only a single button that makes it easy to use. Tenswall blender possesses all the significant features best mini blender needs to have.

Eco-friendly material

Tenswall mini blender contains high-quality BPA free plastic that poses no threat to the environment. High-quality stainless steel is a perfect solution for powerful blades assembly. Thanks to the Tenswall handheld blender as there is no need to spend money on expensive handheld blenders.

Why buy Tenswall portable mini blender?

If you are looking for the best mini hand blender then Tenswall blander is the best option to buy. The handheld blender ensures safety is the best one to buy. It only starts working when the bottle properly locks and in contact with the blades console. It takes 3-4 hours to recharge and single recharge can make more than 15 cups of juice. The self-cleaning process is so useful to keep the blender hygienic and odor-free. Put some water in the blender, give it a few runs and it easily cleans all the remains of small food particles.


  • High rpm motor.
  • Handy design.
  • 6 stainless steel blades assembly.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 400 mAh battery.


  • Unfit for hot liquids.

9 Sboly Rechargeable mini blender


  1. Compact but powerful
  2. Bottle material
  3. High-quality Rechargeable blender
  4. Cleaning was never that easy

sboly small blender
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Compact but powerful

Sboly rechargeable mini blender has a 4000 mAh battery that provides enough power to make fine smooth shakes. Unique 2 leaf crystal sharp blades provide extra rotation resulting in maximum contact with food particles. High RPM and extra rotations shred fruit chunks into pieces and bubble-free shakes and smoothies. Thanks to the special Italian design blades that it can handle hard and soft stuff too.

Bottle material

Enjoy 2x BPA free plastic containers, containing round edge design that doesn’t let any food particle stick into the corners. The availability of extra lids has made it so easy for outdoor and external usage. 3 inches diameter bottle container serves as a nice vessel for shakes and smoothies. 2x bottle containers give you an ability to make different flavor shakes at a time.

High-quality Rechargeable blender

The blender contains a built-in charger that makes the charging process hassle-free. Here is good news for the users that it takes only 3-4 hours to fully recharge the battery. One complete charge lasts 10-15 cup blending. With the help of USB rechargeable cable, it is very easy to charge the blender from power bank and PC. The small aesthetic design makes it very easy to carry in backpacks. So it has no become very easy to enjoy instant shakes made with beautiful and sleek Sboly rechargeable mini blender.

Cleaning was never that easy

Many of the blenders have an edgy and boxy design that makes it difficult to clean. Sboly mini blender has round cup containers like only a few making it perfect for cleaning the blender. All you have to do to clean is to pour some warm water and give a few gentle spins. Wide cup container makes it perfectly odorless and clean.


  • Compact, easy to transport.
  • Unorthodox design.
  • Efficient 2 tip high spinning blades.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 4000 mAh battery.


  • Accommodates small quantities.
  • It cannot handle hot liquids perfectly.

10 KACSOO handheld Blender for Smoothie and Shakes


  1. High RPM motor
  2. Blades technology
  3. Food graded material
  4. Smart safety feature

kacsoo mini blender
Powerful compact blender by Bella.

Check Price

High RPM motor

Normally handheld blender has 2000-3000 mAh battery. Kacsoo portable blender hasn’t compromised on their motor power and it contains 4000 mAh battery making it powerful in its category. The motor contains super silent Japanese technology that provides optimum power without annoying noise. Efficient Japanese technology doubles the life of battery twice than normal batteries. Japanese technology and efficient motor in such a price tag make it the best single serve blender. The blender’s battery provides more backup than regular handheld blenders.

Blades technology

In the presence of 6 edge ultra-sharp blades, the survivability of chunky pieces is not possible. As different ingredients have different characteristics, some are dry some are hard some are small so it needs to have different blades that can take care of all sorts of ingredients. Sharp blades take care of pulpy fruits. 6 edge blade technology makes it the best personal blender as it can provide bubble less smooth shakes and powder ice. Hard and dull blades perform crushing and breaking of hard ingredients. A variety of blades make sure the maximum extraction of nutrients, vitamins, and rich taste.

Food graded material

The usage of BPA free plastic is encouraging as it poses no threat to health. Easy to wash characteristic makes Kacsoo blender much more favorable for buyers. Because of quality material, you won’t face any burning stink or unpleasant odor. The best part is the free availability of one extra lid that can be taken to the office gym or park. With the help of 2 container bottles, making different flavor smoothies becomes very easy.

Smart safety feature

By the way, personal-sized blenders normally pitch the idea of making perfect Smart safety feature ensures the safe working of blades. The motor will start motion when the container is intact and properly locked otherwise it won’t start blending. Smart safety feature has made its best mini blender to use.


  • Powerful motor.
  • Less noisy motor.
  • Extra cup container
  • USB rechargeable


  • Can’t handle hot water.

Pro Purchase Tips

The best mini blender is one that justifies its value to money. A blender must be having eco and health-friendly material that means it needs to have BPA free plastic. Purchase a blender with a comparatively powerful motor. Never compromise on the build quality of the blender. Don’t expect too much from your mini blender as it isn’t designed to perform heavy-duty tasks. Handheld blenders can lead to accidents while washing so never choose a blender with no safety.

Last but not the least, never forget to read the customer reviews while buying anything from the digital marketplace. Certainly, it applies to blenders purchase as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is the difference between mini and normal blender?

Mini Blenders are small, compact, and less expensive and perfectly tailored for personal use while normal blenders are the regular heavy duty blenders for kitchen use.

Q) What is the biggest advantage of having a portable mini blender?

Well, portable mini blenders are paper light in weight and are handy to use. You can enjoy fresh beverages while camping. Thanks to the USB recharge capability so you can easily charge your mini blender from a power bank.

Q) Are mini blenders powerful?

Sadly crushing hard ingredients can be difficult for personal blenders. Although corded personal blenders are powerful, even there are 1200 watt personal blenders too in the market. So we can easily achieve fine blending and mixing with personal portable mini blenders.

Q) Is plastic cup container blend food good for human consumption?

Thanks to BPA free Tritan plastic that cup containers are more durable and contain no harm to the food.

Q) How efficient are mini blenders?

Although mini blenders contain little less capacity but still they can make nice smooth shakes. Due to the advanced design mini blenders are good for blending chopping and mixing.