10 Best Immersion Blenders making blending easier | 2022

Welcome to all of the visitors who are in quest of searching the best immersion blender. An immersion mixer has many names like hand blender, emulsifier, stick blender, and stick mixer. Structurally it looks like a stick with a small portion containing blades that cause blending and mixing. We don’t prefer to use sizeable blender from small tasks like beating cream or cake batter. For such purposes, a hand mixer is the best choice.

What is an immersion blender?

It contains two parts including the handgrip portion and the blades console. We cannot wash the motor portion that lies in the handgrip section. But we can wash the blade portion by merely detaching the lower part. Being dishwasher friendly, it is effortless to keep it clean and odor-free. Thanks to the compact size that we can store them in thin places after washing.

Hand blender or emulsifier excites us a lot because of various usage. How cool it is to stir or mix fluid in the pot without using a hand beater or mixer. That’s why hand emulsifier has a specific place in every kitchen. It’s essential to find out the best stick blender ticks all the boxes when it comes to immersion blending. In this comprehensive review article, we have drawn a comparison between the best selling mixers to find the best one.

What is an immersion blender used for?

Well, we can use a hand beater or a hand emulsifier for many purposes. We can use it to whip sauces, batters, or puree pulpy fruits and vegetables like a tomato. Surprisingly it is constructive while dealing with a sizeable amount of fluids. No doubt countertop blender has its usage scope and importance, but we cannot rule our importance of hand mixer.

A cordless hand blender is of great importance while dealing with sizeable quantity. It allows us to process all the puree or soup at once in the container. That simply means one doesn’t need to prepare small batches to pour them again and again in a countertop blender. An emulsion blender enables one-pot blending so we can easily blend soup without pour and blend in batches.

You must be wondering about the cleaning process of emulsion blender so it’s simpler than one can imagine. It is effortless to wash the blender because we can detach it into two parts. Of course, we cannot wash the motor part as washing can damage it. We can easily wash the lower portion that directly comes in contact with the food we are blending. Hence cleaning hand immersion blender is not a big deal.

How to use a hand mixer?

Let’s learn more about handheld blenders to find the best hand blender we are looking for. Stick blenders or cordless emulsion blender are very simple to use because of straightforward blender controls. It doesn’t contain perplexing controls like traditional countertop blenders. But one thing you are going to miss for sure is the pulse option that isn’t present in immersion mixers.

Let’s get straight into the usage perspective of the stick mixer. There is good news that you can make a fantastic nice chopped salad with an immersion blender. After making an elegant salad now, it’s time to make delicious salad dressing. Making salad dressing isn’t a more difficult task for a handheld food processor. Pour the salad dressing on the salad and enjoy a fresh salad.

A handheld food processor is a blessing for those looking for something that beats smoothly. The smoother is the batter, the better is the taste of cookies or cupcakes. Enjoy blending and mixing without pouring the ingredients into other pots and vessels. That the convenience and ease the best hand blender promises.

How hard is it to use hand emulsifier?

Before diving deep let’s clear a few things. Handheld blender, hand emulsifier, stick blender, Cordless immersion blender, and handheld food processor are all names of the same thing. While being practical, every device indeed has its pros and cons, so has the handheld food processor. So as a whole there aren’t such serious drawbacks except the tricky operation of immersion mixer.

In the case of personal and countertop blender, the ingredients move, and the blender blades are stationary. While in handheld blenders the situation is opposite. The ingredient stays stationary in one place, and we run the stick blender and the blades in different directions. That makes it a little hard to use and operate as it requires a little bit of expertise. Once you are regularly using it, it’s just like a fun thing to operate.

The other thing that makes it different from the traditional blender is that they have less power. It’s easier for countertop blender to powder ice, but it’s tough for an immersion blender. Stick blender nicely takes care of leafy green fibrous stuff like kale. It gives a high helping hand while dealing with stirring, mixing, and pureeing.

Why consider an Immersion blender to buy?

Its compact sturdy and safe to use. Let’s have a look at the attributes of best hand blenders. Small and nimble size allows us to keep it anywhere we want, such as cupboard compartments with a thin room. Emulsion blenders are one of the safest cordless hand blenders. The blades area is not exposed, which increases the safety of the mixer. Although it isn’t overpowering as compared to high-performance blenders still it is more potent than the beaters.

Most of the handheld emulsifier blenders are made of plastic and metal. The lower portion that hosts the blades consists of metal, mostly stainless steel. The upper part that retains motor and grip consists of rubber and plastic. If we talk about durability, then a good stick blender performs nicely up to 2-3 years.

One thing you’ll miss in stick blender is the pulse option. There are many blenders in the market with different price segments. They usually start at 30 dollars and go up to 200 dollars. A handheld mixer is a must-have kitchen appliance for baking enthusiasts.

Best immersion blender 2020

Based on an immense experience, our team has come up with a detailed review of best hand mixers 2020. Our aim to provide a thorough review article to help you find a good hand blender that meets your requirements.

We have included all the blenders available on Amazon having a good number of sale orders and reviews. This review article is entirely fair and doesn’t contain biases. So let’s have a read of immersion blender reviews 2020.

ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
1-Immersion-Hand-Blender,-ContainerUtalent 5-in-1 8-Speed Stick BlenderSafe to use, Premium build, BPA free plastic, Easy to cleanCheck Price
2-stick blender by MuellerMueller Ultra-Stick 9-Speed Hand Immersion Blender
Premium Austrian build, Stainless steel finishing, Ergonomic design
Check Price
3-multifunctional 800 W immersion blenderKOIOS 800W 12 Speed Hand Immersion Blender
Titanium coating blades, Less noisy, Splash free design, Versatile
Check Price
4-german braun multiquick immersion blenderBraun MQ505 Multiquick Hand BlenderUltra sharp blades, premium build, ergonomic grip, Affordable
Check Price
5-800 watt 12 speed hand blenderKOIOS, 12-Speed Immersion Hand Blender12 speed control, titanium bladed plates, rust resistant blades,Check Price

1 Utalent 5-in-1 8-Speed Stick Blender


  1. Robust
  2. User Friendly
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Extra accessories (milk frother and beater)

utalent cordless immersion blender

Check Price

Extra power

Stick blenders are pretty straightforward when it comes to design, power, build, and capabilities. You cannot win the power duel with countertop blenders while having stick blenders. Their design makes them perfect for taking care of every possible whipping, stirring, and mixing operation.

I am delight to tell you that it serves all these purposes nicely. While keeping in mind that power isn’t the main focus while designing a stick blender. But still, the Utalent immersion blender contains a 250-watt power that produces ultra-fine results.

How can I forget the turbo mode that adds new efficiency to deliver the best satisfactory results? Along with turbo mode, 8-speed control makes it very efficient to select the intensity as per the ingredients.

Safe to use

Can I be frank with you while describing the safety of Utalent immersion hand blender? As first impression handheld emulsifiers look dangerous when it comes to safety. The bottom of the blender wand looks fierce and non-safe because of metal construction and blades presence.

It’s time to get our facts right about the safety of the stirrer. It is entirely safe for use because blade edges are completely undercover that avoids the contact. It simply means one cannot have accidental contact with the blades until or unless you poke the moving leaves.

Easy to clean

Immersion magic wand contains high-quality construction material that makes it very easy to wash and clean after using. The material consists of stainless steel and high-quality BPA free plastic. Both are durable and safe for health.

It adds a lot of ease while cleaning because of the high-quality material. Both the motor part and the metallic part can be separated so that it is easier to wash the blades with water. It’s straightforward to clean the plastic portion with the gentle wipe of wet cloth.

Extra accessories (milk frother and beater)

Utalent 5-in one immersion blender comes with an exciting offer that includes much more than just the immersion emulsifier wand. The package contains a high-quality cup with graduations to stir and blend.

After that, you get milk frother to make you coffee more creamy and rich in taste. The premium egg beater will help you make a bubble-free delicate egg batter so you can enjoy good baking. Last but not least, the BPA free plastic jar is perfect to have an accessory to enables you to chop vegetables to make excellent salads.


  • 250-watt power.
  • BPA plastic-free.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Safe to use.
  • 8-speed control.
  • Contains useful accessories.


  • Taller in height.
  • Cannot crush ice or hard seeds.

2 Mueller Ultra-Stick 9-Speed Hand Immersion Blender


  1. Durable
  2. Versatile
  3. Robust blades
  4. Perfect to handle

Check Price

Better Durability

Let’s explore the best immersion blender that incorporates first-class Austrian build quality. It’s tough to find something like Mueller hand immersion blender in less than 50 dollars. Two years warranty is a promising feature that encourages spending money on this product.

As an average, it lasts three times longer than the regular stick stirrers in the market. It’s better not to equate the quality with the price tag because it delivers more than its price tag should. To give a premium feel, the manufacturer has made beautiful metallic finishing that makes it look like an expensive product.

Compact and Versatile

Frankly speaking, if you are looking for a good handheld food processor, then this can be the best stick blender for you. Mueller Ultra stick has very prominent blender control that does not confuse while using. The design is extremely compact, making it perfect to use in small-medium or big pots.

Powerful motor and sharp blades design make it perfectly versatile to use. Does versatility mean to crush ice into small powdery bits? If it does so, then it cannot handle such hardcore usage. If you want an immersion blender for better stirring, then it’s the best product to buy.

Perfect blades design

The perfect designed S shape blade delivers an awesome spinning and damage to food particles making it ideal for a job. The leaves are designed to spin faster to process the food earlier than other blenders having 4 blades. Due to S shape, the edges bear extra contact with the food particles ensuring better whipping.

The motor and blades durability makes it last 3 times more than its competitors. Blades design ensures proper safety and makes it very easy to wash. All you have to do is to rinse the blades, and the section of the blade is clean to use.

Perfect to handle soft stuff

If you are wondering about using this mixer wand for powdering ice, then it won’t serve the purpose. Mueller immersion blender is not a sound choice for strenuous usage. If you are looking for a handheld emulsifier that can handle soft food, then it’s more than perfect for serving you. As it whips and scrambles the eggs so smooth, so you are going to enjoy your pancakes. 

Whipping cream for creamy coffee wasn’t that cool. The blender allows you to whip cream without fatiguing your arm. The grip is excellent and ergonomic, which makes you feel comfortable while stirring. The minimalistic design makes the approach very easy and convenient, so you cause it in narrow neck vessels as well.


  • Premium finishing.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Best for soft food.
  • Ergonomic grip.
  • Lasts longer. Innovative S shape blade.


  • Struggles with hard stuff like ice.
  • Unfit for crushing ice.

3 KOIOS 800W 12 Speed Hand Immersion Blender


  1. Powerful
  2. Premium blades and build material
  3. Tons of Accessories
  4. Ease to operate

Check Price


Koios blenders are better famous for a high raw power that generate magical results while using them. Inevitably, you won’t face any issue related to strength with this one of the best immersion blenders. The blender has 800-watt powerful motor that drives maximum torque to take care of emulsion.

It has a 12-speed power control function which is very useful to choose an adequate amount of power. You can quickly increase or decrease the revolutions per minute depending upon the ingredient you are treating. Many of the excellent handheld blenders make a lot of noise while working, but it’s a quiet portable blender.

Premium blades and build material

Here I have something interesting to tell you that this blender doesn’t contain some ordinary stuff. It has titanium coating on blades that makes it durable so hard thing has no chance to stand long. Titanium is the same metal that is used to make jet engine parts.

The body contains 304 stainless steel material as its core construction material while making it durable and long-lasting. Apart from the metal portion, BPA free plastic is used, which is very fine in quality and contains no harm to health.

Tons of Accessories

To add extra convenience, the KOIOS immersion blender comes with crack-resistant 5 feet cable. At an affordable price, you are going to get a lot more than just a mixer wand. The package includes a 600 ml mixing beaker. The beaker will add a lot of ease to blend and whip smooth batters.

While unfolding the accessories list here comes the whisk attachment in the package. The whisk attachment is the best add on for beating and whipping does and batters. Last but not least, the package includes 500 ml chopper attachment. So overall the package contains tons of useful stuff and that too for less than 60 dollars.

Ease to operate

KOIOS stick blender is user friendly and very easy to operate. It contains an ergonomic and comfortable blender controls that make it easy to work without any issue. The blades console has a creative design that makes the cleaning process very easy and convenient. Rinse the leaves, and it will clean as the material doesn’t let the food particles stick.

The anti-splash design makes it easy to use without apron or gown. So if you are in a rush to beat the cream for breakfast coffee, you can do this without an apron. Superb finishing gives a premium feel. If you are looking for a powerful immersion device, then don’t forget to consider this one.


  • 800 Watt power.
  • Stainless steel finishing.
  • Titanium coated blades.
  • Less noisy.
  • Splash free design.
  • Versatile. 2-year money-back warranty.


  • Doesn’t fit for a long blending session.
  • More substantial than other counterparts.

4 Braun MQ505 Multiquick Hand Blender


  1. Hi-Tech motor
  2. Power Bell Technology
  3. Easy to use
  4. Ultra-sharp blades and accessories

350 watt multi quick hand held blender
Check Price

Hi-Tech motor

Braun is famous for making high-quality electronic stuff that satisfies users at its best. Braun multi quick handheld blender outperforms many stick blenders in the market, so let’s learn how. It contains high torque, powerful 350-watt motor that delivers the right amount of power to handle all possible emulsion chores.

The 21-speed level adjustment is a useful feature that helps to set RPM as per the best requirement. The turbo mode is something out of the world. It delivers massive torque that cannot be withstood by any kind of ingredient. The motor construction material is pure copper that takes less power consumption and long service life.

Power Bell Technology

It’s something special that only Braun produces to make their product prominent in the market. Power bell technology avoids splashing while blending. It utilizes the entire motor power for immersion that that of dissipation in any other form. Thanks to the turbo mode that delivers blistering torque that cuts the food particles into bits.

The motor contains a fast cooling mechanism that saves the service life period of the blender. The 5V quick hand stick blender doesn’t leave the user with complains but satisfaction.

Easy to use

It won’t be wrong at all to say that Braun MQ505 Multiquick immersion blender contains the best grip in the entire lineup. The handgrip has a beautiful and durable rubber coating that avoids slip even with wet hands. Ergonomic design and grip rubber coating make it slip-proof so you can make puree comfortably.

The buttons aren’t that hard to press and have a premium rubber coating. Button design is so practical to make sure they are easy to press while having the other hand busy. The powerful immersion blender by Braun enables with new possibilities of cooking. The stick blender is perfect for making puree or chopping off vegetable chunks in your favourite soup.

Ultra-sharp blades and accessories

It’s better not to touch the blades casually as they are super sharp and can cause a cut. Two edges single blade contains impressive torque that’s more than enough to take care of every possible ingredient. The leaves include stainless steel that ensures good service life with functional cutting capabilities.

In the package, you get a powerful motor, the immersion blades console. For baking lovers, there is a high-quality blending tool that is extremely helpful for scrambling eggs. 20-ounce beaker and whisk attachment make a perfect set of accessories to have.


  • 350-watt robust motor.
  • Ultra-sharp stainless steel blades.
  • Premium build.
  • Turbo mode.
  • Easy to wash and clean.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Affordable. Power bell technology


  • Cannot crush ice.

5 KOIOS, 12-Speed Immersion Hand Blender


  1. Ultra-powerful motor
  2. Razor-sharp blades
  3. Anti-splash design
  4. Useful attachments in the package

Check Price

Ultra-powerful motor

KOIOS blender is better known for powerful motors. KOIOS immersion blender contains an ultra-powerful 800-watt engine in a very compact design. The turbo mode creates a substantial difference as it provides an instant boost that causes blistering motion. The pure copper motor contains an excellent service life with high performance.

Ultra-powerful motor with such a super compact size makes it small and handy at the same time. Variable speed option availability helps to adjust the speed as per requirement. For example, it doesn’t make any sense to use pulse mode or high rotation mode to scramble eggs. It’s just like overkill to utilize that much torque for beating eggs. So manual adjustment helps to adjust the speed as required.

Razor-sharp blades

The blades have a sturdy and robust build that last long and provides excellent performance for years. The leaves contain high-quality stainless steel with a titanium coating that makes them very hard and tough to last long. Due to the ergonomic design and build the parts are elementary to change.

It takes less effort when it comes to beat and mix the ingredients with such durable blades. Better coating material helps to increase the strength of the blade that results in more exceptional blending performance. Apart from stiffness and sharpness, the blades have excellent corrosion resistance that improves the durability.

Anti-splash design

Anti-splash design lets you enjoy more while blending your favourite smoothies or soup ingredients. It’s a perfect tool for whipping the lentils. Splash free design helps to keep the kitchen neat and clean. It leaves no stains, so the kitchen shelf remains cleaner.

It’s straightforward to use the blender while being in a hurry because it doesn’t splash the food out of the container. Even if you are not wearing an apron, still you can perform blending fearlessly.

Useful attachments in the package

The package contains the hand blender blending shaft, whisk attachment and milk frother. Although reading through manuals has now become obsolete, but still, there is a reading manual. The milk frother is a fantastic addition to make creamy coffee.

That’s a great deal to have all such premium stuff for just less than 35 $. 8 inch long blending shaft makes it convenient to combine sizeable volume fluids. The blending shaft contains high-quality stainless steel material that doesn’t rust.


  • Ultra-powerful with 800 Watt power.
  • Titanium plated blades.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Anti-splash design
  • 12-speed control
  • Rust-resistant blades


  • Not recommended for extended duration use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is an immersion blender?

It’s a type of handheld blender or sticks blender. We use it to emulsify liquids like batters, pastes, and sauces, etc.

Q) What are uses of immersion blender?

Well, there are a lot of uses for immersion blenders. We can use them for stirring sauces, making bubble free batters, and of course to stir, mix and blend soups. Normally personal blenders and rechargeable handheld blenders aren’t a good option for stirring and mixing hot liquids. In this case, an immersion blender is so handy.

Q) Is immersion blender worth buying?

Immersion blender’s role is different from other blenders available in the market. So it will be fruitful to have immersion blender in the kitchen.
If you are making soup in good quantity so it will be very difficult to blend the whole. You need to blend in again and again.
To pour again will be very difficult and irritating. In such a case immersion blender is a blessing. You can easily blend the soup in the container and that’s it.

Q) What are the other marketing names of immersion blender?

Since it is different from standard shelf top or tabletop blenders so it has different names. Stick blender, handheld blender and emulsifier blender are all different names of an immersion blender.

Q) Can we make batter with an immersion blender?

Well, it will be ideal to beat the batter with immersion blender. It contains more power than beater so it can make smooth batter than the beater. Bubble free smooth batter will help to make perfect recipes.

Q) Are immersion blenders dishwasher safe?

To simplify this first understand the structure of the blender. An immersion blender has two parts. One that has controls and the other one that contain blades.
The lower portion contain blades is dishwasher friendly because it deals with the fluid. On the other hand, we cannot wash the upper portion as it can cause damage to the blender.