Best Blender for Smoothies Effective for Nutrient Extraction 2022

The best blender is a term we use for a device that can take care of a kitchen’s overall chores. It’s a blending device that can process possibly all types of food. A good blender doesn’t bother to punish hard-soft, dry, wet, harsh, or sticky ingredients. From hard and dry spices to soft and smooth breakfast smoothies, a good blender can handle all. We have seen many people complaining about their mixers on kitchenware discussion forums. It mainly happens because people buy a random product with good marketing and apparent appearance.

Making perfect smoothies can be tricky as it contains a variety of ingredients from soft to hard. While talking about soft material, I mean bananas and other pulpy fruits. Counting hard stuff, I would like to mention ice cubes and frozen berries. So a top-rated smoothie mixer is the one having a variety of blades and efficient blade console design.

How to pick best blender for smoothies

As an official review team, it is our responsibility to provide honest and practical reviews. Our team has studied more than 30 blenders and shortlisted ten mixers offering useful utility. We have included all types of blenders available in the market. Our list comprises of less costly to expensive blenders. The idea is to make this review article relevant for different budget brackets. The low price doesn’t mean cheap quality at all. We have picked best performing countertop blenders and personal mixers.

How inconvenient it is to have fruit chunks in milkshake as it affects the overall experience. We get the richest taste when the kale smoothie is bubble less smooth. Bubble less protein shakes means that all the chunks have left flavor into the shake. The best blender for smoothies is a one that can crush ice cubes and soft ingredients as well.

By strenuous testing, we mean the tolerance test that contains food processing of hard and stubborn ingredients in extreme conditions. Let me make it simple by mentioning hot soup and ice powders. It’s vital to check the behavior of plastic countertop blenders while testing them with hot soup. It’s not just hot soups but hard and soft materials. Crushing ice is hard, but juicing delicate leafy ingredients is equally tricky because such parts stick to the blades.

What to expect from a smoothie blender?

As the blender is a combination of many parts that have a direct and indirect contribution to performance. So we have many things to while drafting the list of best blenders. Those prominent parts are blades, material, build quality, power, glass and plastic material, etc.


Blades of a blender must be kind enough to serve longer. The better is the plating the long-lasting service they’ll provide. Over time they become getting dull. Eventually, it starts affecting the motor as well because the motor has to generate extra power and RPM to mix and chop. So the motor running duration increases. Blades design is so crucial when it comes to blade console design. If the design is ineffective, the leaves are inefficient to blend and chop.

Blades have a significant role in making delicious daily smoothies. We usually see different types of leaves, from sharper to medium and then non-sharp edges. The sharper blades are best for soft or medium and hard ingredients like spinach, frozen fruits, and coffee beans. Blender service mainly depends on the sharpness of edges. The moment blades become dull; the blender loses its effectiveness.


Powerful motor generates proper RPM resulting in better pulverizing of ingredients. A perfect motor is one having balanced RPM and wattage. Neither over nor under power motor serves the purpose well. There should be an optimum power wattage to provide flawless performance. A powerful motor with pure copper hosting will provide perfect performance.

Blender base

Blender base having good design matter a lot. It provides stable hosting that prevents power dissipation in various factors like vibrations etc. The blender base should have good material so that it doesn’t wear and tear soon. The controller console should be interactive and easy to operate to avoid any confusion. If the blender base anchors the surface better, it has a firm grip so it won’t produce annoying vibrations. Blender base must have the strength to host a powerful machine to promise flawless performance.

Container material

Container material is one crucial most thing. Some manufacturers use glass while some manufacturers use plastic. There are possibilities for a drink to get shatter under extreme vibrations. It may not happen rapidly, but it can happen over time. Glass is a highly brittle material, so if it slips out of the shelf, it will break into pieces. Plastic containers are handy in this regard.

Plastic has an issue while blending hot soups. Health experts have raised many questions on the health safety of plastic blenders food. To cope with this issue, most manufacturers use BPA free plastic that doesn’t pose any threat to health. Tritan plastic is another safe option that makes it more robust and health-friendly.

How do we test smoothie blenders?

Hot and cold temperature test

Most of the blenders are unable to handle hot liquids such as hot soups. A glass jar blender is the best choice to deal with soups. We use immersion blenders because countertop blenders struggle to blend hot soups. Cold ingredients mainly contain frozen fruits or ice cubes. They test and tortures the blades’ coating quality.  

Hard and soft material

The best smoothie maker is one that can easily crush frozen fruits. On the other hand, a good blender must be able to deal with soft ingredients like baby food. We usually feed babies with a soft diet. It is likely to get stick with the blades and container walls. Full leaves design can overcome such an issue.

The blenders that can deal with soft ingredients are the best when it comes to vitamin extraction. Vitamin extraction technology preserves the original rich taste so that we can enjoy a vitamin-rich creamy smoothie with natural flavor.

The flavor of the product

Not many experts notice this thing, but it’s equally important to check the shakes’ taste after blending. A good blender never leaves any carbon smell or taste in juice. Glass containers are the best because they don’t contain carbon or plastic odor. In plastic containers, there were such issues. This issue was rectified with the help of BPA free plastic and Tritan plastic. So now even plastic containers are sturdy and more health-friendly than ever.

Price and the value

From a consumer point of view, the price factor has great significance. A perfect blender is a one that justifies its price tag with all the options it provides. It might not be an excellent approach to follow a famous brand, blindly. The best approach is to study the specifications in detail before making a purchase. Popular brands charge brand royalty, so it’s better to stick to branding’s requirements and features.

Top 10 Smoothie blenders

The online market is crowded with smoothie blenders we have picked the best one for review. The list contains the best blenders of its category with different price ranges. We have drafted a list containing mixers from all possible price ranges.

Image Product Name Features Price
1) vitamix-E-310-blender Vitamix E310 48 oz. Professional Grade Blender Powerful motor, strong blades, good container capacity, variable speed control Check Price
2) Ninja-mega-kitchen-system Ninja Bl 770 Mega Kitchen system
Single serve capability, recipe guide, 1500 watt powerful motor, easy to navigate controls
Check Price
3) Ninja-countertop-professional-blender-1100-watt Ninja BL 660 high-speed Blender with 1100-Watt Base
Robust blending power, 2 extra 16 oz containers, single serve blending, BPA plastic free
Check Price
4) Nutribullet-600W-nutrient-extractor Nutribullet 600W Nutrient Extractor, 6pcs Nutrient extraction, easy to clean, effective blades design, 60 second smoothie
Check Price
5) Ninja-Professional-72-oz Ninja Professional BL 610 72 Oz 1000 watt motor, 25 recipe cookbook, easy to clean, makes smoothie in no time Check Price
6) Nutribullet-ZNBF30400Z-1200-watt NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender 1200 Watts Plenty of power, makes smoothie in no time, vented blender, BPA free plastic Check Price
7) Instant-ace-plus-10-in-1 Instant Ace Plus 10-in-1 Smoothie and Soup Blender Powerful motor, 10 speed control, versatile blending, perfect for hot blending Check Price
8) Oster-BLSTTSCB2000 Oster BLSTTSCB2000 1200 watt motor, six leaf blades, single serve capability, 3 texture mode Check Price
9) Magic-bullet-blender-small Magic Bullet Blender, Small Easy to use, easy to clean, blend and go capability, 3 cup containers Check Price
10) Hamilton-beach-power-elite Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender 700 watt motor, easy to pour and wash, Dish-wash friendly, easy to navigate controls Check Price

1 Vitamix E310 48 oz. Professional Grade Blender


  1. Powerful motor.
  2. Variable speed control.
  3. Pulse option.
  4. Blade friction heating.

vitamin blending machine

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Motor and blades

The high-performance motor makes it very easy to squeeze and crush hard materials into smaller powdery bits. Enjoy silky smooth frozen smoothies without any delay.

Vitamix E 310 contains powerful stainless steel blades that deliver relentless power generated by the motor. It results in excellent results one can expect from a blender. Enjoy perfect green smoothies with Vitamix blender.

Container capacity

Container capacity isn’t that massive or small. A 48-ounce container has enough space to accommodate a medium amount of ingredients. A 48-ounce box is enough to satisfy regular kitchen chores. Best for making baby food and carrot smoothies.

Variable speed control

It’s better to have variable speed control because you don’t need high RPM all the time. To whip and blend soft ingredients having more than suitable power levels will be an overkill. 10-speed blending and pulse add an impressive feature in Vitamix E 310 blender.

Friction heating technology

Thanks to the powerful motor that incorporates constant torque and power that spares no ingredient. The blender generates enough power that brings warmness in cold liquid because the blades generate tremendous friction that increases the temperature of the mixture.


  • Powerful motor.
  • Variable speed control.
  • Pulse option.
  • Easy to clean
  • High-performance motor Blade friction heating


  • Medium container capacity.

2 Ninja Bl 770 Mega Kitchen system


  1. Premium build quality.
  2. Powerful motor.
  3. 3 variable size pitchers.
  4. Easy to navigate.

ninja food processor

Check Price

Container capacity

Ninja BL-770 is such a good blender for daily kitchen use and personal shakes as well. The jar contains 8 cups and 72 ounces capacity that’s perfect for making a family smoothie. Unlike many blenders, the container has a square shape that plays a fantastic role in crushing the food particles.

Single-serve capability

Apart from the spacious container, BL 770 also offers single-serve capability. Apart from 72 ounces jumbo jar, the package contains a 62-inch food processor bowl and 16 ounces personal cup. The personal cup container is handy as it provides the single-serve capability. Make frozen carrot smoothies, flip the lid, and enjoy the vitamin-rich shake.

Speed Control

All the blenders’ accessories are dishwasher friendly. The design makes it very easy to wash the blender top containers. The best way to wash is to use liquid soap and warm water. Give it a few spins and rinse it. The blender is clean. No need to expose your fingers to the blades for cleaning purposes.

Recipe guide

Along with personal cup containers and food processor pitchers, the package contains a fantastic recipe book. Enjoy everything from kale smoothie, pesto to salad dressings, and fresh sauces. The recipe book contains fantastic recipes you can best try on Ninja BL 770.


  • Premium quality.
  • Powerful 1500 watt motor.
  • 72 oz blender.
  • 62 oz pitcher.
  • 16 oz cup.
  • Easy to navigate controls.


  • Unfit for hot liquids.

3 Ninja Professional high-speed Blender with 1100-Watt Base


  1. 72 oz capacity.
  2. Extra pair of 16 oz blender cups.
  3. Single-serve blending.
  4. Ease to clean.

ninja milkshake blender
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Blending Power

Ninja BL 660 contains all the traits a professional smoothie machine needs to have. 1100 watt base generates a suitable amount of power that pulverizes ice and extracts flavor from soft ingredients. To ensure high-quality performance, the motor has 3-speed control along with pulse.

Extra capacity

72 oz capacity is excellent to make smoothies for friends and guests. There is no need to make smoothies in parts while you can make it at once. Powerful motor and sturdy material make it possible to crush the ice cube and pulverize hard materials.

Single-serve blending

Make your favorite frozen berry banana smoothie and enjoy single-serve blending. All you have to do is to blend and take the cup container to flip the lid and enjoy. The blender contains two extra 16-ounce cups that make it a perfect single-serve mixer.

Nutrient extraction

Powerful motor with a practical design creates an excellent extraction resulting in nutrition-rich juices. Along with jumbo jug, the blender contains cup containers that reduce blending time because of efficient design. The taste preserves the best flavor and nutrients.


  • Good quality.
  • Easy to navigate controls.
  • Two extra 16 oz cups.
  • Dishwasher friendly parts.
  • BPA plastic. Single-serve blending.


  • The blender is a little noisy.

4 Nutribullet 600W Nutrient Extractor, 6pcs


  1. Small end nimble design.
  2. BPA free plastic container.
  3. Blend and go capability.
  4. Effective blades design.

600 watt nutribullet blender
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Nutrient extraction

Nutribullet is famous for nutrient extraction technology. Some blenders are amazing when it comes to power and blending, but they produce carbon odor. In some blender, the taste doesn’t remain the same after blending. Nutrbullet preserves the original rich flavor of smoothies.

Easy to clean

All the components except the bottom container are dishwasher friendly; hence cleaning the blender is easily achievable. The bottom section is easy to clean. Just a gentle wet wipe cloth can clean the bottom console. Take warm water and liquid soap, give it a spin and then rinse it. The blender is clean to store in the cupboard.

Makes smoothies in no time

Do you know how much time does it take to make creamy smoothies and shakes? You can make delicious smoothies within 60 seconds. That’s how powerful and effective Nutribullet 600 is. Now you can stay vigilant and healthy during your busy routine.

Blades design

Nutribullet smoothie blender contains a six-leaf blade setup. A variety of blades makes the mixer perfectly suitable for dealing with different types of ingredients. The sharp blades are useful for leafy ingredients, the dull edge blades are there for breaking and crushing.


  • Good quality.
  • 600-watt motor.
  • Nutrient extraction
  • 60 seconds smoothie.
  • Easy to clean. BPA free plastic material.


  • Less capacity.

5 Ninja Professional BL 610 72 Oz


  1. 1000 watt motor
  2. Robust blending
  3. Easy to clean
  4. 25 recipe cookbook

best for kale smoothies

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Robust crushing

A 1000 watt mighty motor power this medium category countertop blender that serves kitchen chores nicely. 1000 watt professional standard motor generates a great cyclonic action that pulverizes hard material as ice. Enjoy icy snow and bubble less shake with the best smoothie makers.

Sauces and dips

Apart from making vegan smoothies and crushing ice Ninja, BL 610 high-speed blender is useful for making delicious sauces and dips. Processing leafy soft ingredients are much trickier than medium or hard elements. It’s tricky because the delicate ingredients get stick to the blades console. BL 610 works well with salad dressings by adding a little water to spin freely.


It won’t be wrong to accept that most of the blender purchases are materialized to make daily smoothies. It’s because making a smoothie is very easy, and it doesn’t take that long. Ninja BL 610 is one of the smoothie mixers that gets the job done nicely. It’s the right choice for the puree because we usually make a puree in a reasonable amount, especially while making soup.

Easy to clean

The cubical design with straight container walls makes it very easy to clean the blender. The container contains high-quality BPA free plastic, which is health-friendly and easy to clean. The best and easy recipe to clean the mixer is to pour a few drops of liquid soap in a blender. Give it a few blending rounds and stir it with fresh water.


  • 1000 watt motor.
  • Good material.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 25 recipe cookbook.
  • Dishwasher friendly.


  • Jar 72 ounces, capacity 62 ounces.
  • Not suitable for hot liquids.

6 NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender 1200 Watts


  1. 1200 watt power.
  2. Nutrient extraction.
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Easy to navigate controls.

nutribullet smoothie maker

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Plenty of Power

It contains 1200 watt power that generates enough power to extract rich flavor from minutest tiny bits. With 1200 watt power, there is no hurdle to pulverize almonds, peanuts, and cashew nuts, so enjoy the nutritious nuts shake. Face no issue while making your favorite frozen berries smoothie.

Nutrient Extraction

The blender supports nutrient extraction technology that produces a fantastic aroma and flavor. It does is blend in such a way that it doesn’t transfer carbon taste or odor into the shake. It extracts the shake in a way that it has rich fibers and flavor, and best of all, it doesn’t deteriorate the original taste. Enjoy large quantity smoothies with a Nutrition extraction expert.

Blender controls

Unlike other blenders, blender control is very to navigate. The buttons have a very pronounced position that makes them easy to navigate. It has 3 level speed control from low, medium, high, and pulse functions. Other than that, there is a power button, so no extra confusion in the buttons console.


Nutribullet has made no compromise on the material. Let it be the powerful motor, blender base, jar container, or ultra-sharp blender blades. The jar container contains no fog while processing hot liquids like soup. It’s all possible because of the vented pitcher. The pitcher and cup include high-quality BPA plastic that leaves no complaints.


  • 1200 watt powerful motor.
  • BPA free plastic.
  • Vented blender.
  • Easy controls.
  • Nutrient extraction.


  • Non removable blades, by hand cleaning, can be difficult.

7 Instant Ace Plus 10-in-1 Smoothie and Soup Blender


  1. 1300 watt power.
  2. 26500 RPM.
  3. Tempered glass jar.
  4. Perfect for hot and cold blending.

instant smoothie blender

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Powerful motor

A 1300 watt powerful machine along with fast-spinning ultra-sharp blades delivers a high punch to the harsh ingredients. The jar shape is so favorable for making smoothies and pouring them in and out. Sharp edges nicely complement the powerful motor.

10 Speed control

10-speed control, along with 26500 RPM, delivers flawless performance in 54 ounces blending jar. The speed control is so helpful to set the RPM as per the nature of ingredients. The 10-speed control is so useful because every ingredient requires a different amount of power and RPM to be turned into a smooth powder and shake.


Enjoy versatility with 1300 watt blender that can equally handle hard and soft ingredients. Making almond, peanut, and cashew nuts shake a matter of seconds for Instant Ace Plus. Feel free to try baby food along with frozen berries smoothies.

Perfect for hot soups

No wonder why Instant Ace Plus is suitable most blender for hot soups as the 1.6 L pitcher is made of high-quality tempered glass. The eight edge hard and sharp steel blades make it easy to prepare ice slush and creamy smooth smoothies and juicing. As the container contains tempered glass, so hot and cold temperature is irrelevant.


  • 1300 watt powerful motor.
  • 26500 RPM.
  • Tempered glass jar container.
  • Perfect for hot and cold ingredients.
  • Crystal sharp blades.


  • Smaller quantity than counterparts.

8 Oster BLSTTSCB2000


  1. Powerful motor.
  2. Six-point blades
  3. Single-serve capability
  4. 2x 24-ounce blender cups.

top rated smoothie blender

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Powerful motor

Oster blender contains a powerful 1200 watt motor that generates adequate torque to crush harsh ingredients and extract flavor from fruits and vegetables. It includes exciting features such as recipes preset to provide the best quality blending.

Six-point blades

In contrast to other blenders, it has a unique and effective most blades design. It has much wider extra-large 6 point stainless steel blades that provide excellent torque. Due to extra-wide blades design, it generates a superior centrifugal force that doesn’t let food particles stick to the edges. 1200 watt Oster blender is an excellent choice for smoothies and juicing.

Single Serve Capability

Single-serve capability is so helpful for those having a tight schedule or fitness freaks. All you have to do is to out ingredients into the blender cup give it a few blends. Replace the lids and enjoy the sipping bubble, less milkshake, or protein shake. It contains 2 24 ounce capacity cup containers along with jumbo jug.

Special features

The blender has nine recipes presets 4-speed modes and three blending modes. Recipe presets helps blender to understand how much power to be delivered for the particular recipe. 4-speed modes contain low, medium, high, and pulse modes. Texture mode contains thin medium and thick texture settings.


  • 1200 watt powerful motor.
  • Nine recipes preset.
  • 2x 24-ounce single-serve cup containers.
  • 4-speed modes.
  • Three texture modes.
  • All safe dishwasher accessories except motor console


  • Smaller quantity than counterparts.

9 Magic Bullet, Small Blender


  1. 250 watt power.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Easy to clean.
  4. Cheaper in price.

magic bullet small smoothies blender blender

Check Price

Power and wattage

The blender contains a 250 watt light motor that generates handsome power to crush dry and tight spices and make bubble-free daily smoothies and shakes. This blender is very suitable for those living in compact apartments as it contains a very little room. Thanks to the blender and container design so that a 250-watt motor generates enough torque to make the job done.

Easy to use

Eleven pieces in the package increase the ease of operation. The package has 3 cup containers with different sizes and little different shapes. The smallest one is perfect to use for chopping and grinding spices. The medium one is good to use for making salad dressings shake while the cup having grip is ideal for breakfast smoothies.

Easy to clean

The blender components are designed in such a way that there is no difficulty while washing and cleaning. All 3 cup containers contain round and edge design, so food particles cannot get stuck. Just a rinse can clean the cup after using, but undoubtedly it includes the aroma of blended food, so it’s better to use warm water and liquid soap to wash it before placing it on a shelf thoroughly.

Are you in a rush?

Nothing to worry about while you are in a rush. Put all the ingredients in the container, gently blend it; when you are done, twist the blender container replace the lid and take it with you in the gym or park and enjoy a smoothie, or delicious protein shakes. The cups are nicely designed so that they can be placed in car cup holders.


  • 250-watt motor.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • 11 pcs in the package.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 3 cup containers.
  • Suitable for compact places.


  • Unfit for heavy-duty usage.

10 Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender


  1. 700-watt blender motor
  2. Easy to clean.
  3. Perfect smoothie maker.
  4. 12 blending functions.

hamilton beach smoothie blender

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Powerful motor

Hamilton Beach elite blender contains a 700-watt powerful motor that doesn’t annoy at all. It handles soft and sturdy material because it has a 40-ounce small blender container. Typically, the same league’s blenders have 1000 or more than 1000 watt power, but Hamilton beach has 700. It still works well and doesn’t disappoint because of its container size and design. For 40-ounce container volume, 700-watt blender works smoothly.

Multiple blending functions

It can be tough to manage too many buttons for 12 blending functions, but it has five buttons. Five buttons add ease and convenience while operating the blender. Initially, it might be difficult to understand 12 functions being controlled by five buttons, but the user will soon become familiar. All five buttons are easy to navigate and easy to manage. The control panel is nicely designed, so it’s easy to read and navigate.

Easy to Clean

It’s convenient and straightforward to clean as it has no frustrating edge, so there are no such spots where food particles can stick. Straight, smooth walls make it easy to wash and pour. No mess while pouring and cleaning make it easy to use and wash. Except for the motor console, all parts are dishwasher friendly. There are no extra directions to wash and clean the blender, just a few drops of liquid soap and warm water get the job done.

For smoothie lovers

From price to value, this blender is the sane most choose to buy. If you want some heavy duty blender, then you can revisit your purchase plan. Hamilton beach power is a sound blender under 50 dollars that can nicely handle ice cubes and frozen berries. It’s a perfect companion for fitness geeks and smoothie lovers. Enjoy scrumptious salad dressings with a 40-ounce capacity blender and have great fun.


  • A very reasonably priced
  • 700-watt motor.
  • Easy to pour easy to wash.
  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • 12 blending functions.
  • Easy to navigate controls.


  • Unfit for heavy-duty usage.
  • Unfit for hot liquid blending.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Name top 5 smoothie blenders?

1) Vitamix E310 48 oz. Professional Grade Blender.
2) Ninja Bl 770 Mega Kitchen system.
3) NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender 1200 Watts.
4) Nutribullet 600W Nutrient Extractor, 6pcs.
5) Oster BLSTTSCB2000

Q) Which one is the affordable smoothie blender?

250-watt magic bullet blender and Hamilton beach power elite blenders are the affordable blenders.

Q) Can a 250-Watt blender crush ice?

250-watt blender might crush small ice cubes but it’s not recommended for crushing ice.
It’s better to have at least 600+ watt blender for crushing ice.

Q) Name the best blender for hot and cold blending?

Instant Ace Plus and NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z are best for hot and cold blending.
Instant Ace Plus has high quality tempered glass jug container so it faces no issue while blending hot soups.
NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z has vented jar container that makes it perfect for hot blending.

Q) Name a quick Smoothie blender?

As claimed by the manufacturer, Nutribullet 600W makes smoothies within 60 seconds.